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glamping @ bellwether

So, at the last part of our Christmas holidays we decided to do glamping. I’m not sure glamping is the right term but you know what I meant right, it’s camping but way nicer and/or extravaganza in my opinion.

We came across to this glamping site called Bellwether.  The owner Sue Bell created Bellwether at the shearing shed in Coonawarra, South Australia.  It started as a winery and then she established a place to share life with wine in it.  If you glamping at Bellwether you also can enjoy the wine tasting and dine a six course meals cooked by the chef.  We didn’t do the six course degustation though, first it was a bit pricey for us, second with two 13 years old we didn’t think we can really enjoy the whole process of dinner, seated around an old wool sorting dinner table in an 1868 stone shearing shed.  So, instead we dined out at the Italian restaurant in Penola, which is about 17 km from Bellwether.

Bellwhether has a boutique campground only 10 sites.  Four with gorgeous tents to sleep up to 12 people, 2 in each tent or 6 sites if your bring your own gear.  If glamping is not your style you can opt for camping!  They made a special arrangement for us, since there were four of us meanwhile only 1 queen size bed and 1 single bed in the tent, so they provide us a single foamy kinda mattres for my other son.  It felt so luxurious to us, slept in a bed with fresh linen and beautiful blankets and not to mention a heater inside the tent!

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The bathroom area is very nice.  It’s clean and cosy.  The shower is also good, it’s a fresh rain water! Fresh towels are given upon our arrival and in every shower cubicle there is white fluffy bath mat!  Heaven! Me, love glamping so much!

Our own sink near the tent, how cool is that!

They also provided us with fresh bread and eggs for our breakfast and free coffee from the restaurant. And oh man, the coffee was pretty delicious too.

Of course all these luxuries come with a price too, nothing free in this world!  For a night glamping it cost AUS$250, they also have family tents which is AUS$350 per night.  So, that’s why we couldn’t stay any longer than one night glamping! 😜

It was a good experienced for us, we enjoyed it so much and wish we could stay another night 😅  If you happen to be somewhere near Coonawarra in South Australia, and would like to spoil your partner/wife/husband/etc book a glamping site at Bellwether, you won’t be disappointed.  The place is beautiful, the surrounding scenery is pretty instagramable and romantic enough.  Valentine’s day is nearer…hint…hint…hint! 😜 . By the way this is not a sponsored post, I just like to share it with you all.

IMG_9856IMG_1605I think I don’t want to do camping anymore after this, but glamping all the time, tee-hee….it just won’t happen, trust me!😝

Hope you all are having a good break and well rested week-end!


14 responses to “glamping @ bellwether”

  1. Looks so “glam” mbak! The beds all look so cosy! 😍


    1. The beds indeed were so cosy and very comfortable, Gy👌🏻👌🏻


      1. Iya banget, Franny😜😍


  2. omg aku selalu ingin glamping banget, apalagi yang pemandangannya bagus dan malemnya bisa liat bintang. seru!


    1. Ayo glamping Manda mumpung msh berdua😜😜


      1. hihi iya mbaa musti di atur pas trimester 2 ini nih mumpung enak


  3. wow! looks so beautiful and instagramable… *kodekodepacar 😛 haha


  4. Kenapa tidak mau camping lagi mba? Ah glamping itu impian banget hihihi


    1. I was just joking of course we love camping. Plus, we can’t afford to do glamping all the time, too expensive!!🤪


  5. Kak Ria, that looks like a warmmmm nice tent! Bahkan ada heater nya ya hihi ❤
    Glad that you had a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed Sharon it’s very glamping👌🏻 Yup, we even needed to turn the heater on that night just for an hour or so because it was pretty cold, hence it was summer!


  6. 1st time coming here
    glamping maksudnya glam camping?
    kalo dilihat dari tenda dan interiornya mah
    ini kayak camping tapi fasilitas bintang 5
    mantap nih getawaynya

    Liked by 1 person

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