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  • the abnormal beauty

    the abnormal beauty

    Firstly, I’m not a beauty blogger what so ever and second, this post is not paid.  All products I bought by myself, not a sponsor post.  This review is based on purely my own experience and I’d just like to share it with you all because I think it might be useful or helpful. Have… Continue reading

  • glamping @ bellwether

    So, at the last part of our Christmas holidays we decided to do glamping. I’m not sure glamping is the right term but you know what I meant right, it’s camping but way nicer and/or extravaganza in my opinion. We came across to this glamping site called Bellwether.  The owner Sue Bell created Bellwether at… Continue reading

  • a piece of paradise, kalimaya

    a piece of paradise, kalimaya

    It’s spring in Australia. But here in western australia we are having very wet wintery weather at the moment. I still need my sweater and jeans and we light the fire almost every night. Sometimes we light the fire  just for the ambience, while it’s actually not really cold 😀 In the wintery spring weather… Continue reading

  • cosy and friendly baha baha

    Baha Baha villa is a boutique resort located just a stone away from Yoyo’s white sandy beach.  It’s about 50 metres to the Rantung Bay river mouth. I really love this cosy boutique villa.  Upon our arrival, which was already almost dark, the staff greeted us nice and friendly and arranged our rooms and luggages.… Continue reading

  • are you a bad mom?

    are you a bad mom?

    if you are, continue reading please..😜 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Couple weeks ago I went to see Bad Moms the movie with a bunch of my bad moms girlfriends.  The movie is really really funny according to my sense of humour. Yeah it has a lot of swearing words, that’s why it’s called bad moms😜 and it’s not… Continue reading

  • { review} on bb cushions

    disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post but I just  like to share my review about these products based on my personal experience. If you love cosmetic or follow beauty products I’m pretty sure you all know about BB Cushion product  that at the moment is in trend.  Almost every cosmetic brand has their own version… Continue reading

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