country carnival

Over the week-end we traveled to Esperance to attend the Surf Life Saving Club Country Carnival.  My boys and another 15 kids from our Fremantle club, were competing against 16 clubs from every where in Western Australia.  The event was quite full on.  We were there since 7.30 am until about 4.00pm.

That Sunday morning the weather was gloomy and bit windy with temperature only around 20C, it was a bit unusual for summer in Esperance.  The sea looked rough and choppy.  Despite all these not so bright and sunny weather, the children were excited and pumped up.  First event was Beach Run 1km and 2km.  As Under 11 years old (U11) is the youngest they only did the 1km run.  My twin #2 was in the race while #1 saved up his energy for Surf Swim, which he came 4th out of 16 kids.  When the Board Race was up, the sea turned pretty nasty with big wave and very choppy.  Few U11 boys got dumped to the shore, and I heard a lot of screaming from the water, and lots of surf boards were flying free up in the air! My stomach hurt watching my twin #2 out there in the water, couple times got hit by the big wave (for God’s sake they are only 10 years old!). But he survived “the graveyard” as he called it, and came 5th!  Well done kiddo, we were so proud of you.

Even though us, parents, were not competing, but watching them, running here and there to get dry towel and warm jumper, feeding food into their mouth, bringing water, giving support and cuddle, at the end of the day we were as exhausted as them too!  But we all were very proud of our children for their team spirits, friendship, sportsmanship, and they learn from each other and gave support to each other too, while they were still having fun with their mates and the competitors.  My son told me in that Board race, one of the Fremantle boy was struggling with his board and almost fell when the other boy from another club grabbed his hand and put him back onto his board.  Blessed whoever kid was that!

If you are wondering why we wanted to travel for 7 hours more less to do this Country Carnival, I could say for the adventure and the team support and the kids wanted to do it.  Also maybe because we are mad and thrill to do the road trip! We always love traveling either by car, plane, domestic or international destination.  Tee-hee 🙂

Next Sunday, there will be one more Carnival and we are done.  At least our club will be hosting the carnival and we don’t need to travel that far, only 15 minutes driving from home 🙂  After this I think I’m done with beach carnival, otherwise I would have nervous breakdown hehehee….. 🙂 🙂

Now, let me share some pictures and video from the event, hope you like them.

IMG_4330The Club Parade – each club bring their own club flag.

IMG_4254U 11 Boys and Girl getting ready for 1 km Beach Run

IMG_4252Twin #2 in Beach Run

IMG_4277Boys U 11 Surf Swim

IMG_4274Surviving the Board Race

IMG_4286Beach Flag

IMG_4272Freo Boys U 11 in Cameron Relay – they came 3rd yay!

IMG_4288Twin #1 in Cameron Relay

IMG_4287Twin #2 in Cameron Relay

IMG_4273My two little champions 🙂

IMG_4256I am a lucky mummy! IMG_9079Having fun after the carnival

Have a great day everyone, stay warm and safe where ever you are ! Here in down under we are having a very hot days and bushfire are happening in some areas.  Stay cool fellow Australians and don;t forget slip, slop, slap!








13 responses to “country carnival”

  1. Duuhhhhh stunning banget pantainya Mba!! Pengen nyemplung airnya biru gitu yaaa 🙂
    Sama Mba pas kemarin kita ke bronte juga rough banget airnya tapi seru si splish splash. Aku baca cerita si the boys di air gitu ikutan deg2an Mba. Mereka berani banget. Kerennn 🙂


    1. Iya Nis, terus pasirnya itu saking halus dan putih sampe kalo kita jalan squeaky gitu loh bunyinya😀

      Iya itu si Dylan yg ikut board, entah berani or like mister said have no fear hehehee…. lumayan bikin aku sakit perut liatnya!


  2. wow.. hebat!!! congrats ya…
    kagum ama anak2 lu yang sangat ateltik…


    1. Hahaha gw juga kagum sm anak2 loe yg pinter2 nyanyi dan main piano Man!😀 Thanks Man😘


  3. Baru tahu kalo Kembar. So cute ^^. Aktifitas pantai selalu menyenangkan ya. Dan keren banget mereka dengan prestasinya. Foto-foto pantainya bikin pengen nyemplung 🙂


  4. cute banget ya kaosnya pink hehe


    1. Hehehe itu uniformnya dari club Non, so shocking pink ya😀


  5. Well done, boys!!!!
    Ngeliat Nisa update pantai, lu update pantai, smntara dsini angin kenceng bgt ditambah ujan. Pindah ahhhhhh *ngimpi*


    1. Thank you Vem! 🙂

      Beach is the summer trend Vem hehehe…


  6. The boys are so healthy, it must be really nice to grow up in that kind of environment.


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