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[ road trip ] beautiful esperance

As you know from my earlier post about Country Carnival, we had our first road trip in 2015 to Esperance over the week-end.  It was only four days, the main reason we went to Esperance was for the Esperance Surf Life Club Country Carnival, read the story here if you are interested.

A little history about the this town called Esperance.  French explorers were first landing in Esperance in 1792.  The town itself was name named after a French ship, the Esperance, which is French for ‘hope’.  Aboriginal people have been in the Esperance area for over 200 000 years, and the Aboriginal name of the area is ‘Kepa Kurl’ which means ‘the place where the waters lay down like a boomerang’.  In 2014 Esperance has a population of approximately 15,000 people, and has a number of key industries such as mining, fishing, and agriculture.

We left Perth on Thursday evening, stopped over for a night at my husband’s brother’s house in William.  From William to Esperance took us about 7 hours drive.  From Perth is 8 hours.  Summer is a magnificent time to visit Esperance, with so many beautiful beaches to choose from, you can have an entire beach to yourself.  Esperance has beautiful summer weather with an average temperature of 28 degrees, just nice!  Though the last two days we were there the temperature dropped to 22 and bit windy.  This time we didn’t take our tents, instead we stayed in the holiday cabin at the caravan park, Pine Grove, which I don’t recommend you to stay there.  The holiday unit has two bedrooms, it is pretty small, but is a bit old and for $217 per night we don’t expect a torn couch and wobbly door handle do we?! We didn’t have much choice when did the booking as everywhere else was already fully booked due to the Country Carnival.  I rather stay at my tent then in that cabin, honestly.  At least the shower and hot water are clean and strong, beds are comfy.

We only had the whole day on Saturday to explore, as on Sunday we were spending most of the time at the carnival.  We headed back to Perth on Monday.  Here are some pictures from our short trip to Esperance.  We are planning to go there again, but next time we are going to camp!

IMG_4033On our way to Esperance, we went through the salt lake it’s called Lake Grace.  Those white stuff is not sand but salt.

IMG_4059Having chips and beer (not pictured) on the top of the big rock at Twilight BeachIMG_8917Beautiful evening

IMG_4103My mother and I at Cape Le Grand



White sand, beautiful beach

IMG_8928 IMG_8929





 IMG_4235  Cape Le Grand

IMG_8947 IMG_8952Hellfire Bay

IMG_8989IMG_4206IMG_9003Thistle Cove

IMG_8983The Frenchman’s Peak

IMG_9067Can you see three people climbing up to the peak?

IMG_4224IMG_4234 IMG_4231 IMG_4233  IMG_4240On top of Frenchman’s Peak

IMG_9034While we are having lunch we got a visitor! But you are not allowed to feed them!

IMG_9025Cuteness overload!

IMG_9026Kangaroos at Lucky Bay, they appreciate the sun and sand.  They regularly are spotted lazing on the beach and keeping visitors at the nearby camp ground entertained.
IMG_9044Lucky Bay , voted the whitest beach in Australia.  The sand here is so fine and clean that it squeaks under your feet.

IMG_9057 IMG_9061Beautiful Lucky Bay!

I think I bore you enough with all the pictures, sorry guys! 🙂  Last but not least….enjoy this little video!

Til later Esperance!

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13 responses to “[ road trip ] beautiful esperance”

  1. Ria, panas banget gak itu dipantainya?


    1. Well, hari itu sih temperature berkisar di 20C Non, plus angin dan aga2 gloomy so buat gue sih ga panas ditamba airbya dingin aza kyk air di kulkas…kalo kata laki gue dan anak2 gue sih, just perfect😀


  2. pantai nya cakep banget dan bersih banget ya…


    1. Iya, bersih dan pasirnya haluuuus banget!


  3. ih seraasa kaya lagi dibelahan dunia mana si Mba bagus bangettttt !!!!!! take me there doongg..tapi jauh yaks ;p


    1. Hahaha dibelahan dunia bagian barat of western australia Nis😃 pantai di NSW juga cakep2 kan…. Ini 7 jam drive aza dwonk, kl dari Sydney namba lagi lamanya hehehe


  4. Seru bgt ya mb, bisa hiking n ke pantai di area yg deketan. sampe didatengin kangguru pula 😍😍

    Btw salam kenal mb ria *silent reader* 😄


    1. Halo salam kenal balik Rosa😀 Iya ini depan pantai belakang hills dan bush 😀 ma kadi uda being a reader meskipun silent 😘😀

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful photos, I lived in Australia for 3 years but never really explored. I will go back there somedays with my kids and will explore as much as we can:) thanks for the post.


    1. And when you go back here, if you are in Western Australia please visit me😘😀


  6. Riaaaaaaa, gw sirik abis sama itu pantaiiii!!! Smntara Warren kyknya bakal sirik sama pemandangan dr atas itu 😂😂😂 Do’ain biar gw nyampe ksana yak! *ngarep*
    Ngomong2 ttg squeaky/whistling sand, gw pernah yg di Wales n noraknya keluar dong! Gw ngikik2 tiap jalan bunyi, kyk pake sepatu anak kecil yg bunyi2 itu 😂😂😂


    1. Gue doain dey Vem one day loe sekeluarga bisa jali2 kesini yah😃 Ah toss! Sama dong, gue juga kemarin dipasir itu sampe bolak balik jalan cuma krn seneng denger bunyi ngik ngik dari sinpasir, Vem🙈🙈 Sampe d boys sebel hehehe😛


      1. Aaminnn, mdh2an yaaa.
        Hahahaha, lega rasanya dngr gw gak sendirian. Tp emang lucu bgt yaaa 😂😂😂


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