double digits


My darling boys,

On the 24th of April you two turned ten years old, the first two digits in your life. Somehow I felt a bit sad, purely just because I don’t want you to grow up too fast.  It’s cliche but also true.  Ten years ago you two came into my life and turned my life upside down. There were lots of tears and tantrums, from the three of us 🙂 but all of it was worth.

We had been through the rough path and we survived. Nowadays you two are much easier to handle.  You two become my friend, my little helpers, my company and my commentators.

Naddy boy, I think you got my “Monica from Friends” tidy no messy, and organized attitude. Though you also are much a thinker and cautious boy like your father. You are still a bit shy and quiet person, but you have come out of your shell a lot lately.  You’re very discipline with your training and I am very proud of what you have achieved so far in swimming. You always say that you want to be a professional swimmer and carpenter. But you also want to be an artist, you love drawing so much, I always amaze with your choice of colors! I hope whatever you want to be, whatever you want to do in your life, that is something you love and enjoy.

Diddy boo, you are a very cheeky boy and you can be a bit challenge to handle.  Though you are a sensitive little boy who wants lots of cuddle and love being cuddled. You and I are often clashed because I think we both have the same personality. We are headstrong, impatience and don’t like being pushed hard. Your love for surf and basket ball are very entertaining to watch. And of course, you always like to beat your twin brother in swimming race 🙂 You love your friends and if we let you, you can play for the Australia! I can see that you are going to be the life of the party. You are also very caring to an elderly people and you love little babies.

I love you both with all my heart. I am hoping and praying that you two will grow up as a happy, healthy and balanced young men. I would love you two to travel as much as you can and enjoy life to the fullest. As your mother I will be always worried that you would do something really stupid and regret it in your life.  But no matter what happen to you two, I will always be willing to help you, to listen to you, to comfort you, I will always be here and I will always love both of you unconditionally.

My dear boys, happy 10 years old. I hope you enjoyed your party with your friends.  I am blessed to have you two in my life and I love you both dearly.



Love always,


18 responses to “double digits”

  1. Hi mba Ria…kenalan dulu deh
    Btw aku udah orang keberapa mba yang bilang anak2mu super ganteng?

    Happy Birthday boys :)))


    1. Hallo Joeys, hahaha….ma kasiiih😘 Tapi bandelnya itu nek, ga tahaaan😛😉 Ma kasi uda mampir, salam kenal balik😘😘😘


      1. Aku dah lama mampir2 sini dan baca postingannya…dan ngefans ama ur 2 boys…..tipe2 heartbreaker dimasa mendatangdeh kayaknya 🙂

        *mamanya bisa tambah pusing* 🙂


        1. Oh ya..aduuh maaf ya ga ‘ngeh’ slama ini kalo suka mampir😍 Btw, aku follow your blog lewat wordpress ya. Heartbreaker yg bikin heart attack…lol!


          1. Aku baru kali ini kok komennya mbak….tapi baca-baca journalnya udah lumayan lama 🙂

            nice to know you 🙂


          2. Ahhh, you’re my silent reader😍


  2. NisadanChicco Avatar

    once again happy birthday buat the boys ya mba, pokoe all the best ya.
    asli itu kuenya keren amat mba buatnya hihihi…


    1. Ma kasiih tante Nisa, kata the boys 😍 Iya dan ternyata jelly dan choc cake enak loh rasanya, baru tau juga! Kue-nya sih gampang Nis bikinnya, ga pake mixer, tapi dimasak.


      1. NisadanChicco Avatar

        Lho itu ada jellynya mba?? Enak yaa aku belum pernah nyobain huhehehe

        And macam apapula itu gak pake mixer tapi dimasak? Bingung aku mbaa tapi aslii keren mamak satu inii buatnya 👍👍👍


        1. Iya cinta, kolam renangnya itu airnya yg biru itu pake blue jelly, rumputnya yg ijo2 itu dari desiccated coconut campur dikit pake green coloring, orang2 yg berenang or lagi leyeh2 pake permen 🙂 Resep kue ada disini : Yah gitzu dey kalo punya anak byk requestnya, dan emaknya aga2 males rempong, jadi bikinnya yg se-praktis mungkin hehehe…😀


          1. NisadanChicco Avatar

            Mba aku gak bisa buka link food blog mba ria deh, drtd nyoba terus gak kebuka. Huhuhuhu


          2. Hmmm…aneh, koq ga bisa ya? Barusan aku coba sih bisa. Eniwei ini aku copy-in ya. Otherwise di kanan atas blog ini sederetan dengan about wishlist ada The Shallow Kitchen, nah bisa click disitu, cari di cake. Gampang Nis, buat bekal ntar kalo uda di US😉

            this is a very easy cake to make, and doesn’t need mixer at all…

            1/4 cup cocoa

            1 cup water

            150g butter

            1 1/2 cup sugar

            1/2 tspn bi-carb soda

            2 eggs

            1 tsp vanilla essence

            1 1/2 cup SR flour


            blend cocoa with a little water to make smooth paste. place in a saucepan with the rest of water, butter, sugar and soda. stir over medium heat until butter melts. allow to cool. add eggs and vanilla and beat well. sift in flour. bake in moderate oven for 40-50 minutes. allow to cool 5 minutes before turning out. let the cake really cool before you put the icing.


          3. NisadanChicco Avatar

            Awww thankyu baik banet dicopy in hihihi. Sudah aku copy paste ke note recipe ku mba. Bahanya trnyta gampang2 yaa mba.palingan yg ribet decornya doang huehehhe. Once again thankyu sexy momma !! 😃👍😘


          4. No worries cutey mama😘 Decor-nya bisa suka2 aza, kalo mo simple pake butter icing aza. xx


  3. Happy Birthday untuk si kembar kesayangannya Mommy Ria 🙂


    1. Tee-hee….thanks Feb!


  4. So sweeeeet mummy Ria, happy belated Birthday for your gorgeous twin boys ya… 🙂


    1. Thank you tante Shinta😘😘


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