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  • are you a bad mom?

    are you a bad mom?

    if you are, continue reading please..😜 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Couple weeks ago I went to see Bad Moms the movie with a bunch of my bad moms girlfriends.  The movie is really really funny according to my sense of humour. Yeah it has a lot of swearing words, that’s why it’s called bad moms😜 and it’s not… Continue reading

  • eleven

    Dear my darling Boys, Today you are eleven years old.  Happy birthday to both of you.  As cliché as it is, but time flies so quick, it just feels like yesterday I was bringing my two bundle of joy back from hospital to our home. It just feels like yesterday when you two started crawling… Continue reading

  • double digits

    My darling boys, On the 24th of April you two turned ten years old, the first two digits in your life. Somehow I felt a bit sad, purely just because I don’t want you to grow up too fast.  It’s cliche but also true.  Ten years ago you two came into my life and turned… Continue reading

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I’m a mother of two boys. Yoga and dogs are my best friends. Plants and travelling are my addiction. I’m a lover of all things darling based in Perth, Aus.

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