I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here

i’m restless

Hello internet ….

It has been so long I’ve never written on this platform. Even though so many things I would love to post, somehow I feel hesitant and lazy 😅😅 The latter one is probably the most reason! But I will try to write more regular, hopefully, fingers cross 👌🏼👌🏼

I’m restless lately. I feel not content and somehow challenged. I don’t like the work situation I am in at the moment. I don’t like having to succumb to feed the egos of some people. But I also feel trapped since I have no perfect solution or backup plan. I have a backup plan but it’s not perfect and I’m not sure if that is the path I wanna pursue in the future.

So, for a time being, I just have to swallow my pride, and keep doing what I am asked to do. Until one day, hopefully not too long, I will get better opportunity and saying sayonara.

Meanwhile enjoy your beautiful weekend everyone. I hope you appreciate the time you are able to spend with your loved ones, I hope you can recharge and relax on Sunday and feeling fresh and energetic to start your Monday 🤩

Till later! Promise will blog more interesting post rather than whinging one 😅


2 responses to “i’m restless”

  1. Hugs to you mbak 🤗🤗


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