Hiiii friends!

I really don’t know how to start this. I have not been updating this blog since September, and while I was in hiatus mode a few things were happening. You know life, ups and downs, as usual.

I hope you all are good and healthy where ever you are.

First, I would like to tell you that I’m no longer a mother of a schoolie. Yaay! Finally, my boys have graduated from high school. No more school fees and no more lunchboxes to make. Although the latter is not really done yet. I still have to do a lunch box for one boy who’s working now.

It’s a kinda mixed feeling to me, how time flies so quick. They’re growing up fast, from boys to men or young adults at the moment I would say. I have this funny and weird feeling, that none of them is going to school anymore. No more school uniforms boys in the household! And it means I’m old now!

One boy is already starting his apprenticeship and he’s enjoying it even though from Monday to Friday he has to start work at 6 am and finish at 5 pm, what a long day! The other is going to uni next year, meanwhile now he’s enjoying his time not to study, but working part-time, going to the gym and socialising with his mates.

Today is the first day of summer in Australia. The temperature is still mild, it’s just nice. I dislike it when it gets into 40 degrees, fingers crossed there won’t be so many hot days! Though Western Australia has been covid free for 18 months or so, our border is still closed to international and inter-state. It is nice to live life like normal so far. But also kind of frustrating that you can’t really travel out of Western Australia nor your nearest and dearest can’t visit you. Often I feel like we living in a bubble. Personally, I’m in no rush to travel, except to visit my mother in Indonesia. But I will wait I think, as much as I miss my family dearly but I don’t wanna jeopardy my life here too. And even tho I’m green with envy to those who already galavanting around the globe, there’s nothing I can do at the moment. The Australian policy still does not allow us to travel. Hopefully soon.

Christmas is approaching, if you are celebrating, have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I’m almost done, only a few little things I need to add. We haven’t put our tree up yet. That will be another duty that I’m not so fond to do so. The older I am, I found I’m not so keen to put our Christmas tree up. I find it quite tedious work and then after a couple of weeks gotta put it down again. Am I weird? But I love Christmas carols! Also, it means I have to move quite a lot of my pot plants to accommodate the Christmas tree, and I have no idea where I’m going to move them! But funnily enough, my boys love Christmas trees and they actually help to put it up.

I think I’m going to finish this here. I still have a lot to blog for, but it’s getting late now. I have work tomorrow as early as 8 am πŸ˜… so need to hit the sack soon. Maybe, this is just maybe, I will do “blogmas” during this December month, like the YouTubers doing vlogmas, what ya think πŸ˜†



8 responses to “Holla!”

  1. Welcome back, congratulations, and happy holidays in advance! πŸ˜€

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    1. Ahahaaa all at once, thank you!!

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  2. Welcome back Mbak Ria!!
    Aku pun baru mula ngeblog lagi sejak hiatus dari Agustus.
    happy holiday Mbak Ria!

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    1. Thank you Ra, semoga kita kembali rajin ngeblog yaaah 🀩🀩

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  3. Wow time flies I cant believe your boys finished school already! Congrats Mama!

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    1. I know righttttt…..😝😝 Thanks Ta😘😘

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  4. Time flies so fast Mbak, the boys are growing too fast I guess.

    We just had our Christmas party today, it’s kinda earlier but at least it is done and dusted. I can relax until next year then. 😍

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    1. Merry Christmas to you and family, darling πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

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