city of perth library

So, this school holiday is pretty busy for us. With swimming competition on the go, one boy has to stay home for training while his brother went to Rottnest Island with friends for couple days. I know, it’s tough life for a swimmer hey!

On Thursday I thought I would take the boy to the city for a bit sight-seeing after his morning training. It was a bit cloudy day but at least it didn’t rain. We very rarely venture out to the city, I can’t be bothered with parking and traffic. This time we took a train which is only 10 minutes to the city.

As per his request, we visited  City of Perth Library. This library is located in Hay St next to the Perth Town Hall. The library has a circular design with seven floors, glass façade and stone clad columns. This new brand library, opened at 1st March 2016.

I really love this library. It’s so cool with all the books displayed very neat. At the ground floor is a little café selling food and drinks. Then there is mezzanine and terrace floor. At the terrace, you can sit outside overlooking the Swan River and Elizabeth Quay. There is one floor especially designated just for DVD/video collection where you can lend or watch there. And at the mezzanine floor there is room special for mums and their little kids, complete with bean bags, changing room for babies, etc. How cool is that!

  view from the terrace, look at that cloud!

The building includes the 13 meter tall vertical garden, the tallest in Perth, with more than 3500 plants. I wish I was back to my student life again, because I think it’s so cool to study in this library or just reading books in peace and quiet atmosphere!

     inside the library 


14 responses to “city of perth library”

  1. Keren banget ya library nya…


  2. Yup, ala2 modern contemporary gitu tapi cozy😍


  3. Duuhh, keren abis perpusnya.


    1. Iya sungguh keren 👌🏻


  4. Hai Mba, salam kenal.
    keren sekali library-nya ya..saya termasuk yg suka baca, jd seneng bgt lihat library sebagus ini. Sayang di Indo, apalagi Medan, tempat tinggal saya, belum ada library sebagus itu.


    1. Bagus ya😀 Dan semua buku2nya rapi banget, suka liatnya😀 Di Indonesia harusnya bisa ya bikin perpustakaan keren krn labour kan ga semahal disini😅


  5. Gede banget perpusnya, mba Ria.. Pasti komplit yahh.. Dan interiornya keren.. di Wellington juga dari luar kelihatan gede banget tapi gak sempat masuk.


    1. Iya lumayan komplit buku2 sampai ke dvd/video segala. Satu lagi perpustakasn yg besar juga di Perth adalah WA State library tapi bangunannya aga kuno tapi lebih besar dari city of perth library😀


      1. Iya ya, di kota aku tinggal di NZ, kota kecil pdhl, juga ada peminjaman dvd juga di library nya.. Keren yaa.. Penasaran juga sama library yg besar2, isi nya pasti banyak banget, betah dehh disana hehe

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Riaaa, perpustakaannya keceee banget. Aku pastiii betah disini. Di Den Haag aja aku kalo lagi ga ada kerjaan dirumah suka nongkrong di perpustakaan kota. Cinta banget aku dengan tempat yg banyak bukunya, apalagi bentuknya seperti difotomu😍


    1. Iya Den, sungguh bikin betah deh berlama2 disini. Dekornya keren tempatnya nyaman, fasilitas lengkap, pengen camping di library aza kalo bisa Den😜😛


  7. duh, ngiler lihatnya mbak… nyaman dan cantik lagi interiornya…


    1. Nyaman banget Den dan lengkap juga fasilitasnya sampai untuk ibu2 yg punya toddler/baby pun ada ruang sendiri, jadi ga mengganggu yg lain.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. itu yang saya salut dari negara maju ini dalam mendesain mbak. keren! senang saya melihatnya.

        Liked by 1 person

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