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reminiscing the old days

So, I guess it’s not too late yet to say Happy New Year everyone…may 2016 will bring peace on earth, happiness, and good health to all of us! I hope you all had a good time during the festive season.

Now, where do I start?  Well, I start 2016 with traveling around England and Scotland. Today is marked our first week of three weeks traveling. Just a week ago we left Australia and after eleven years we are back to this wet, grey sky, and gloomy England! It hasn’t changed a lot huh!

Our flight was pretty smooth and right on time. We landed at 7pm UK’s time and checked in to the hotel near the airport for the next day we were gonna catch a train to Reading, where we stayed with my good friend. My friend lives in the village called Buckleberry, I like the name!

We did London in a day. My husband and I decided to skip some touristy places,  but we took the boys to Westminster Abby, the Natural History Museum, and sight-seeing around London area. Personally, I find London is too crowded and over-rated. Perhaps, it’s the holiday season as well.  

 The following day we spent our time around Reading and Buckleberry. The boys had fun ice-skating in the rain! They didn’t wanna stop even though the rain got heavy and heavier. We had a lovely NYE’s dinner at local tapas bar.

 The highlight was when we got back to the village we used to live for four years. We showed the boys the house, the pub I used to work  (and we had lovely lunch there), the hospital where they were born, and the places we used to go. It’s so nice to be able to get back and show it to the boys. It brings back the good memories. We also caught up with few of our friends. So lovely! Some of the places don’t change much, so are the people.

We are now up in Edinburgh but staying at our friend’s place at Burntisland (don’t you like the name!) a little town near the beach.  Part of traveling is you catch up with good friends, or meet up new people, exchange stories over meals or coffee, and complaining about the weather, of course, they are not us!😀 Well, the weather had been pretty much wet and grey. Not too cold (yet) but often can get very windy.  At the moment I can hear the wind blows so strong outside.

 I need to end here. I will write more later. You can see some pictures on my Instagram if you follow me.

Good night from this part of the world!


25 responses to “reminiscing the old days”

  1. Selamat tahun baru Ria. Sehat dan bahagia selalu untukmu sekeluarga. Senaangg baca cerita ini. Semacam napak tilas ya jadinya buat the boys. Have a nice holiday 🙂


    1. Happy new year to you too, Den. Ma kasi uda selalu mampir sini, baca ceritaku ya😀 Iya, England always brings good memories for us. xx


  2. Enjoy your holiday! xx


    1. Sure I do, Chtista😘


  3. Happy New Year! Have a wonderful time with your family in Europe.xx


    1. Same to you, Sas…and thanks for the wish😘


  4. Happy New year mba Rii!! Seru banget adventure di Englandnyaaa


    1. Happy new year to you too Jo. Iya seru tiap hari kerasa mau kebawa angin muluuu❄️❄️☔️☔️


  5. Selamat tahun baru mba Ria dan keluarga. Semoga menjadi tahun yang lebih baik. Enjoy your holiday ya mba. Great post!


    1. Met tahun baru juga Wien. I am enjoying my cold winter holidays hahaaa👌🏻😛😘


      1. You should! Enjoy it mbaa..


  6. Happy new year Mbak Ria xoxo
    Sekarang memang sayang yah cuacanya di Europe berangin dan dingin tanpa salju 😥

    Enjoy your holiday! x


    1. Iya nih Steph, apalagi di Edinburgh omg anginnya serasa mau ikut kebawa terbang!


  7. Selamat Tahun Baru mbak Ria.. I never knew before that you lived there. Seru ya jadi napak tilas gitu. I do really enjoy your photo di Instagram. Sukaaaaaa..
    Enjoy your holiday there.. :*


    1. Iya Gi, lumayan 4 tahun di gloomy England dulu. Thanks daghling😘


  8. Happy holiday mbak Ria sekeluarga. Berdingin2 ria disana 🙂


    1. Halo Adhya! Lama ga muncul di dunia blogging😛 thank you Adhyaaa😘😘


  9. Suasananya begitu dingin ya, jelas terlihat…..tapi foto pertama bagus sekali, ekspresif….:) semoga jadi tahun yang baik ya bagi mba sekeluarga…


    1. Ma kasi Fee, amin untuk wishesnya. Iya dingin aza pake anginnpula!❄️❄️☔️☔️


  10. Ah makanya aku nggak di London saat New Years, it is unbelievably hectic. Males. Memang hari2 biasa pun penuh, tapi bearable.


    1. Kita di London pas siang menjelang sore aza Ndine, aduuh manusianya buanyaaak aza! Malemnya balik ke Buckleberry , countryside 👌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Seru mak baca cerita napak tilasnya. Have wonderful 2016 ya darjeling. xo


    1. Darjeliiiiing….seneng ihh liat komen loe lagi beb😜😘😘 Iyaaa kmarin UK napak tilas buat the boys, biar mrk liat tanah kelahiran mereka😍


  12. Salam kenal mbak Ria, saya senang baca cerita blog nya. Selamat menikmati tahun baruan, dan, kebersamaan dengan keluarga.


    1. Hi salam kenal balik Denina! Terima kasih uda mampir sini ya. Selamat tahun baru juga, belom telat kan…January blom habis 🙂


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