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  • on kombucha

    on kombucha

    Hi everyone!  Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a while on this space.  But I’m back today with a new recipe!  So, have you ever heard about Kombucha? Or have you tried it?  Kombucha, it sounds a bit hippy according to my friend’s daughter tee hee….😁 Well, kombucha is basically a fermented drink consisting of black… Continue reading

  • how organic are you?

    What factor do you take into account when you’re doing your weekly groceries?  Do you try to eat healthy? And by healthy does it mean to be organic? I’m not really into organic things but when I shop for food, especially for my kids, I always make an effort to read the ingredients in its… Continue reading

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Hello… I’m Ria

I’m a mother of two boys. Yoga and dogs are my best friends. Plants and travelling are my addiction. I’m a lover of all things darling based in Perth, Aus.

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