I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here


  • hello jakarta!

      Last December my family and I went to Indonesia, Jakarta precisely, to spend Christmas with my mother and brother.  I know it’s a bit late to write about this, but as life gets a bit busy  here I finally managed to post this now.  Like the saying, better late than never…. Anyway my boys… Continue reading

  • and so this is christmas…

    If you ask me what I want for Christmas my answer will be; first let peace be with all the human being in this earth, no more war, no more killing, no more terror, no hate, and let us be kind to each other no matter who you are or where you come from. Second,… Continue reading

  • christmas in down under

    In the spirit of the festive season and as requested by Andiene I want to share a bit of what Christmas feels likes in Australia. Well, unlike the rest of the world who celebrates Christmas in winter, here in Australia Santa Claus comes in a Ute wearing short, singlet, and a pair of thongs😀😀 Instead… Continue reading

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Hello… I’m Ria

I’m a mother of two boys. Yoga and dogs are my best friends. Plants and travelling are my addiction. I’m a lover of all things darling based in Perth, Aus.

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