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  • dear bali you make my heart smile

    dear bali you make my heart smile

    Hello friends! This is my first blog post in 2020!! Although a bit too late but still I wanted to wish you a happy new year😜😜 May 2020 will bring better luck in everything we do and also a good health 🙏🏼🙏🏼 The boys and I just recently got back from the island of paradise… Continue reading

  • bali baby!

    Bali seemed like a good idea for this school holidays.  It just fitted our time frame perfectly. Since le hubby couldn’t get much time off, so 8 days in the island of paradise was just what we needed.  We actually didn’t really plan to go to Bali again, since our last visit was in February,… Continue reading

  • bali get-away

     Saat menulis ini saya sedang berada di Bali (yes, again!) kali ini hanya berdua dengan pak suami saja😉  Seperti yang pernah saya tulis disini, beberapa bulan lalu saya mendapatkan hadiah free return ticket dari Garuda dan juga free akomodasi selama di Bali.  Jadi, sekalian dalam rangka merayakan our belated wedding anniversary, kami memutuskan untuk menggunakan hadiah… Continue reading

  • who let the mums out

    Hello Monday! Today I have day off work and I suppose to do house cleaning and running errands here and there.  But I hurt my back yesterday (from cooking up the storm, tried to lift something bit heavy from the oven in a wrong position) so today I end up with stiff back and a… Continue reading

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