I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here

this mama’s life

  • diary of the retail mama

    diary of the retail mama

    Her love and hate for working in retail seem to continue for a while. Some days she doesn’t mind some days she hates it with all her heart. Sometimes she wonders, maybe she works too quick so there’s nothing left to do? Or maybe where are thou, dear customers?? Or maybe this kind of job… Continue reading

  • it’s ok not to be ok

    it’s ok not to be ok

    Last week was R U OK day in Australia, a day that you got a reminder to spare a bit of your busy life to check in on your mates, your neighbour, your colleagues, your best friend or your loved ones, check in on those around you. It’s anyone and everyone you may encounter in… Continue reading

  • this mama’s life

      Oh hello!  Yes, it’s me… I haven’t blogged in forever because…. well, first of all, life. Being a solo parent definitely drains all of my energy! 😜 . Second of all, I’d like to write in the morning when I feel fresh and have lots of ideas.  But it never happens, because you know morning… Continue reading

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Hello… I’m Ria

I’m a mother of two boys. Yoga and dogs are my best friends. Plants and travelling are my addiction. I’m a lover of all things darling based in Perth, Aus.

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