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  • chocolate banana bread

    chocolate banana bread

    Hi friends, I probably have more than one banana bread recipes so far 😝 The other day I was craving something chocolatey and something banana. I looked at my fruit bowl I had couple of very ripped bananas. So, the searching for chocolate banana cake or bread recipes were on. And I found this recipe… Continue reading

  • chilli crab (singaporean style)

    Originally posted on The Shallow Kitchen: Firstly, Happy New Year Internet! 🙂 Secondly, this is my first ever post in 2013.  Been busy during this school holidays that I (again) neglected this blog. But, I am back now with bit spicy recipe of crab.  It’s just the season of crab in my household.  Hubby and… Continue reading



    I haven’t blogged any recipe posts for such a long time!  Pardon moi!  I had lots of fresh blueberries (they are in season at the moment) so yesterday I decided to make this blueberry pie bars. It’s so easy and quick, with no mixer or rolling pin needed.  If you know me well enough, I… Continue reading

  • kale salad with strawberry and granola

    Hi everyone, it’s been a very long time since I post about my cooking/baking recipe.  Honestly, most of the time I can’t be bothered to cook, write the recipe, take proper pictures, and blog it!  It’s so time consuming, I’m not that good in multi-tasking you know!  Especially when I’m not the expert in the… Continue reading

  • on kombucha

    on kombucha

    Hi everyone!  Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a while on this space.  But I’m back today with a new recipe!  So, have you ever heard about Kombucha? Or have you tried it?  Kombucha, it sounds a bit hippy according to my friend’s daughter tee hee….😁 Well, kombucha is basically a fermented drink consisting of black… Continue reading

  • crispy parmesan garlic chicken with zucchini

    Hey everyone, what’s for dinner?  Well I have this easy and quick recipe to make, and of course it’s delicious!  This dish is pretty good for week-day when you are busy and tired from either work or just being a mum’s driver.  Serve with some roast veggies, or mashed potato or rice.  If you have… Continue reading

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