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  • cooking at home or eating out?

    cooking at home or eating out?

    Hello Monday! Here I go again, once Monday comes it means grocery shopping for the whole week meal. I’m trying to do weekly grocery shopping as much possible as I can. Since I’m working on Monday, I either do it on Saturday or Monday after work (which is a bit tricky). It’s not easy to… Continue reading

  • life update

    life update

    Hard to believe we are already half way through 2021! Although covid is still here, uncertainty of mostly every thing, like travel and even job employment are still high, the year seems to be passing by so quickly. It’s currently winter where I reside now. Lots of rains so far and cold. Sweater weather and… Continue reading

  • twenty21


    First of all, happy new year to all of you! May 2021 will be a better year than 2020, let’s hope!! I know I’ve been hiatus for such a long time on this platform. Not much to catch up tho. If you follow me on my Instagram you’ve probably known that I am doing self… Continue reading

  • a little update on this mama’s life

    Hello blogospheres! Gosh, it’s April already! 2019 goes so quick. Please slow down a bit. Well, life’s been hectic enough for us. As you probably know that summer’s finished in this part of the world. We’re entering autumn, though the weather is still a bit warm for autumn I reckon. Summer sports (rowing and basketball)… Continue reading

  • this mama’s life

    Hola everyone! I’ve been MIA for quiet a while on this blog. Well, I was hibernating during the winter season 😜  Actually my laptop went crazy so needed to bring it to the Apple doctor to get checked.  Thanks God, every thing is fixed now! Also, I can’t make a comment on the WordPress through… Continue reading

  • this mama’s life 

    Hello everyone! I apologise for being missing in action for a while! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I was on holiday in Indonesia for almost three weeks. I love holidays! Whose not!!?? When I’m on holidays my life is so easy and simple. I don’t need to think about job,… Continue reading

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