I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here

welcome twenty23!

Happy new year blog friends! Sending you all so much love for the new year, I hope 2023 will be as you wish for😍

I feel 2022 was like a blink in the eyes, it went so fast! Twenty22 was a colourful year for me. It filled with lots of good things but also a bit of sadness. I have lost my dear friend tragically and also my uncle who was like my second father passed away at the age of 90. And just two months ago, my beloved fourteen years old golden retriever died so sudden. I knew he was old but still I didn’t prepare myself to have to lose him that quick. He was my therapist when I was feeling blue, my walking buddy, my beach companion and forever my loyal kitchen helper. In the end I was glad that he went peacefully calm and untroubled. But to this day I still miss him so very much.

Despite the sadness part, we also had fantastic time travelling in our new camper trailer for two whole months. It was a great experienced and we had such sweet memories to remember forever. I am so looking forward to another dusty long road journey this year!

I thanked 2022 for giving my family, my nearest and dearest a good health and job. May this blessing will continue on. I’m also grateful for new and old friendship, may our relationship keep going strong and stronger. I’m so grateful that I wasn’t involved in any toxic relationships and dramas that I don’t need it in my life. I’m glad I have chosen my right circle, it’s small but fuss free 😛

As for new year’s resolution I normally have none. But this year, for the sake of myself I would like to have some which I’m hoping I can do it! So my 2023’s resolutions are;

  • I will have to cut down on buying plants, instead I just have to keep maintaining the ones I already have, unless they die then I can get a new one.
  • I would like to join gym or pilates class. I need more consistent with my exercise.
  • I need to eat more healthy and cut down on sugars and carbs.
  • I need to try to understand and accept that some people are born arrogant, competitive and a liar, and I can’t change them That’s the fact. I either ignore and avoid them or try to tolerate their antics. I think this is the most hard resolution I ever commit to. Let’s see how it goes 😛
  • I have to save more and spend wisely.
  • Less screen time more reading books.

Thank you 2022 for the ups and downs, it’s been good. I would like to say thanks to my family and friends who have my back and my DH who are my sanity ❤️

Thank you blog friends who have been following my rants for this long, let’s keep blogging together!

Happy New Year! May the tears you cried in 2022 water the seeds you planted for 2023 💙💙



6 responses to “welcome twenty23!”

  1. Happy New Year Ria!

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  2. Happy new year Mbak Ria!!

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    1. Happy New Year to you too Ira 🥰


    1. Happy 2023 Puji 🤩


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