I feel like my thoughts are too personal so i never know what to write here

Chapter 18

Yesterday my darling little boys turned 18. Not sure how they made it, or more precisely how we did it… but here they are, from boys to young adults!

They spent the whole afternoon til midnight partied out with their friends yesterday. One went to the winery and the other one was pub hopping. Celebrating the legal age to drink properly, I guess 😝😝

Well boys, happiest 18th birthday to both of you. Never forget that your Dad and I love you much. And while I don’t have as much control of your life as I would like to, my opinion still matters. I will never stop being your sounding board. Your safe place. Someone you can turn to for support. And the person who loves you most and unconditionally in this world.

Welcome to the real world. Life is filled with good times and hard times. Learn from everything you can. Be the men I know you can be. 💙💙

Love always.

6 responses to “Chapter 18”

  1. I hope they didn’t have a bad hangover now. And those Australian Tim Tam, aduh!!!

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    1. They didn’t and surprisingly they came home at reasonable hours!😀😀 Dsana ada Timtam juga ga Ai?


      1. Ah they are very good. Unfortunately engga ada TimTam di sini. Mesti bawa dari Indonesia. Dulu kalau mudik Aku suka bawain buat temen2 yg pernah tinggal di Oz & ofc rasanya ga kayak yg Oz punya. 🤣


  2. All the best for the twins 🙂


    1. Thank you Franny 😍

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