diary of the retail mama

Her love and hate for working in retail seem to continue for a while. Some days she doesn’t mind some days she hates it with all her heart.

Sometimes she wonders, maybe she works too quick so there’s nothing left to do? Or maybe where are thou, dear customers?? Or maybe this kind of job not really suits her? Personally, she loves fashion. She loves merchandising and helping women to find their style and make them feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful with the clothes they choose. She just needs to be busy, to be occupied, to have customers.

She is mostly designated on “miss and hit” days, (Sundays and Mondays). Mostly miss rather than hit so far. On those “miss” days, no matter how many times she tidies up the clothes, count the stocks, again and again, does as many admins jobs like sending reports, consolidation, etc, etc, she still has plenty of time to kill until the end of the day.

Boredom is her number uno enemy. She’s not good at handling boredom at all. It often makes her very frustrated and feels like she wants just to shoot herself. Not to mention, standing on her feet more/less for 8 hours. Half an hour break time doesn’t feel long enough for her poor feet. Plus, it’s almost impossible to find shoes that are both cute and comfortable for her 8-hour shift. Thanks to Covid, she also has to wear a mask while she is at work. The break time is the only thing that keeps her sane.

She’s in limbo, not sure what to do next. She understands that every job has a plus and a minus. If the plus is more than a minus it’s not too bad but not the other way. She loves the place she works at. It is very convenient from where she lives. She likes her co-workers. And the pay is good. Her only problem is just the b o r e d o m. She needs people to come and try and buy not people returning the items or….. stealing 😜

Oh well, life is full of surprises. Let’s just hope that this pandemic is over soon, there will be more weddings, engagements, parties, etc. Let’s hope that life is back to its normal like before the pandemic. Hope and a positive attitude, that’s all she needs. She just needs to focus and be grateful. At least she still has a job, the rest let the universe decide.

9 responses to “diary of the retail mama”

  1. Semangat Riaaa! iya ya semua kerjaan ada plus minusnya hehe, aku juga merasakan hal yang sama nih!


    1. Ma kasi Ta. Iya every job after a while pasti ada plus minus nya. I’m working 2 jobs so I can tell πŸ˜…


  2. Kayaknya emang begitu yaaa. Semua ada negatif dan positif nya ☺️. Semongkoooooo


    1. Hahaa semangat kalo gajian doank Non! 🀣


  3. Semangat Mbak Ria….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Semangat 45 Ira πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼


  4. Sebagai ibu2 yang dobel job kayak aku. Toss dulu sama Mbak Ria. Alih2 bosen, bawaannya semua kerjaan mesti cepet selesai, malahan gemes kalau nemu orang yang suka menunda kerjaan. Bosen di pekerjaan, kayaknya tuntutannya justru kerjaan mesti cepet selesai semua. Tapi kalo bosen di waktu luang, aku biasanya drakor sih. Hehe. Tetap semangattt, Mbak Riaaa.

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  5. Aku kerja 2 tempat juga, Ria. Tapi dua-duanya dapur. Sejak Covid malah tambah sibuk, sampe kadang gak sempat minum air. Untung shift-nya cuma 3 sampe 5 jam.


    1. Dan jarak dari rumah cuma 5 menit berkendara.


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