cooking at home or eating out?

Hello Monday!

Here I go again, once Monday comes it means grocery shopping for the whole week meal. I’m trying to do weekly grocery shopping as much possible as I can. Since I’m working on Monday, I either do it on Saturday or Monday after work (which is a bit tricky). It’s not easy to organize the whole week meal plan, actually. But by doing this, it saves my time back and forth to the supermarket and also saves money. Since we have a weekly budget I’m trying to stick with it. To be honest, it doesn’t always work. It needs discipline and strong will…hehehee…

But, I save money when I stay home and cook. Also, I eat healthier. But then I don’t always have the motivation to cook from Monday to Friday, seldom the motivation goes somewhere I don’t even know where 😛 Especially on the days I work, after the whole day at work cooking dinner is such a hard chore 😜 Then the option to eat out or take away is more tempting, let alone in summer when the temperature gets to 40 degrees cooking is the last thing in my mind. Although in the summertime I cook a lot of salad and steak or fish since it’s the easiest and less effort meal to prepare. To cook not only for myself but the family isn’t easy either. I can’t always cook their fave meals, let’s say. And often if I ask them what for dinner, what you feel like to eat for dinner…. most of the time the answer is just “I don’t know” Then if I cook something that I think it’s healthy (like lots of veggies) they don’t like it and it makes me upset. Because I have tried hard to save money, stick to the budget, to provide healthily and nourish meals…and it’s only me who eats it. Or they will eat it but a very tiny portion! 😤

I’m not an expert on cooking. I can cook just because I have to. When I was single and living in my hometown, I never ever cook a dish since we have a maid to do the chores. I miss living in Asian countries where food is cheap and more variety, and they have food delivered to your place anytime at the day (and again it’s cheap). I miss restaurants that open till late, unlike here by 8.30 pm their kitchen is closed so you can’t even order take away, even though on their door it said closed at 9 pm. Small city problem!

We mostly eat out on Saturday and on Sunday just whatever is left in the fridge or make your own meal yourself. And if we eat out we usually go either for Asian or Italian food or burger 😆 And I’m grateful that DH and my sons are not too fussy about food and they can make their own meals when I’m too lazy to cook or if I’m going out with my girlfriends.

What about you, how often do you eat out or take away food? And what kind of food that you choose if you dine out, do you often go to a fancy restaurant?


6 responses to “cooking at home or eating out?”

  1. Di Bandung selama pandemi ini, restoran hanya buka sampai jam 9 malem, jadi ga bisa duduk lama kalo makan di luar Mbak Ria. Aku lebih suka makan di luar dari pada di take away dan lebih suka makan bakmie/asian food dibandingkan western food.

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    1. Sama dsini juga resto rata2 tutup jam 9 Ira. Cuma sebelnya kadang baru jam 8.30 kalo sepi kitchen mereka uda tutup jadi ga bisa order lagi. Aku juga lebih suka makan asian food si kalo dine out.


  2. Kami biasa masak sendiri hari hari kerja Senin-Kamis. Kadang kalau wiken (Jumat-Sabtu-Minggu) bisa makan diluar. Kami justru jarang beli takeaway macam pizza atau sushi, kalau makan diluar ya makan di restoran “beneran” haha.

    Kadang memang suka hilang ide mau masak apa, makanya kadang membantu banget punya abonemen ke mealbox, udah dapet ingredients, dikasi resep tinggal digarap, ngga pakai mikir haha

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    1. Iya Va dsini ada juga mealbox spt itu tapi I find it quiet expensive and the portion is little. Maklum I have 2 young boys here 😅😅 Nowadays when it’s only le hubby and I, we often go to ‘proper’ restaurant every now and then. Eating out is quite expensive here tho.

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  3. Toss. Sama, Mbak Ria. Aku gak expert masak tapi karena ya sebagai ibu2 mesti masak, gitu aja. Inspirasi menu masakan dari instagram masakan rumahan aja sih, soalnya kadang suka bingung, masak apalagi ya? Paling kalo maleeesss banget, antara take away / gofood.
    Kalau sekolah offline aku harus dan pasti masak. Tapi kalau sekolah online kayak sekarang, pasti mengungsi ke rumah orang tua. Sudah pasti ibuku yang masak. Hehe.

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    1. Enak kl di Indo Franny ada gofood dan murmer 😜

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