much needed get away

So….about two weeks ago I went on three nights yoga retreat at a secluded peaceful place somewhere down south in Yallingup. The place that we stayed was called Premalaya Yoga Retreat. I went with my girlfriend from college back in Jakarta and we just recently rekindled our friendship after she moves back here, to the city where I live.

The yoga retreat was organised by my yoga place. I shared a twin room with my girlfriend. You also can choose a single room without having to share. We arrived around 3 o’clock on a nice Thursday afternoon, after 2,5 hours of driving. The apartment that we also shared with other ladies is pretty comfortable, clean, has its own kitchen and we have our own bathroom. Breakfast and dinner were provided. At 4 o’clock we gathered together at the yoga room, introduced ourselves and the reasons why we wanted to do the retreat. Then we had an hour of yoga practice followed by dinner at 6.30 pm and closed the evening with Yin yoga before we hit the sack.

I always wanted to do yoga retreats for a long time, but just can’t find the right one. It is either too expensive or too far away or just not at the right time. So when my yoga studio posted on their website that they were going to host a retreat I jumped on. The price was reasonable and the timing was good. On top of it, I really needed a break from all the hustle-bustle of city life. I had been working two jobs and was very busy with my boys’ graduation ceremony etc plus hubby was away too. I felt a bit burnt out.

I needed time off from my boys and le hubby. I love them dearly, but every now and then, this mama needs to be alone to recharge and refresh. This mama also needs to love herself and look after herself mentally and physically, so she can be present for her loved ones. Personally, I think it is important for us, mama, wife, to be away from our family once in the blue moon, for a couple of days. To be ourselves before we back again to our role as a wife to someone and/or a mother to our children.

In one of the programmes in this retreat, we learned about Ayurveda. At first, I thought what’s the correlation between yoga and Ayurveda? If you don’t know yet, Ayur means life and Veda is knowledge/science. Ayurveda is considered the sister science of yoga, as both derived from India, known for mind, body, soul and healing benefits. Another way to look at it is that Ayurveda is the Science and Yoga is the practice of that Science.

Dining Table
Hangout area

According to Ayurveda, there are three types of the biology of the body: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. I’m not gonna elaborate in detail about each type here as it can be very long. But basically, once you find out your body type (either Vata, Pitta or Kapha) it helps to determine the lifestyle that will benefit your health and longevity. For example, I’m a Vata which is Energy of Movement (Space and Air). Vata people are often described as – slight, thin build, often lean. A quick mind, grasps concepts but forget just as quick, restless, walk, talk and moves quickly. Can often feel unstable and ungrounded. Earn and spend money quickly (true!). Due to air element, craves stability, needs routine, self-care…. which is true πŸ˜ƒ A Vata body type diet should consist of; meat, soft fruits like banana, papaya, coconut. Grains, milk products, spices and herbs. Apparently, Vata person has to avoid foods that are bitter or pungent. I’m not sure I believe wholeheartedly about this tho. But it’s good to know.

While we were there, breakfast and dinner were mostly Ayurvedic food. So, lots of vegetables, legumes, nuts, fruits, but no meat at all and not even eggs… Only tea and water, no coffee. It is hard for me not to have coffee in the morning! Lucky, the Yallingup bakery is only 5 minutes drive. So every morning before the meditation my friend and I drove to get our coffee (and warm almond croissant) at the Yallingup bakery β˜•οΈ After two days of not eating meat at all, the third day on lunchtime we went to Dunsborough and ate the whole burger, delicio!! πŸ˜›

We have free time around lunchtime until 3 o’clock during the retreat. So, we used it to roam around the Dunsborough town centre, did a bit of retail therapy and drove around to some beaches. I love my time there. It was just what I needed, a little space for myself. To reflect, refresh and relax.

Have you been to the yoga retreat? If you do, do you enjoy it or regret it? Share your stories, please! 😍 Meanwhile, I gotta go to bed soon. Although I doubt if I can sleep since it’s soo hot today! Even now the temperature is still 31 degrees at 10 pm! This is why I don’t really like summer in Australia. Thank God our aircon is working!

Where ever you are,

I wish you happy,

I wish you safe,

I wish you peace,

I wish you live your life in ease.


2 responses to “much needed get away”

  1. Aku lihat igstory Mbak Ria aja seru bangett. Baca cerita ini jadi lebih lengkap infonya.
    Temenku baru2 ini juga ikutan yoga retreat di Ubud, Bali. Semacam berkontemplasi karena batal nikah Agustus lalu. Pada akhirnya semua orang butuh pengalihan yang positif bukan?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Waah aku mau thu ikut yoga retreat di Ubud, Fran! It’s my wish list dari dulu. Yup, positive vibe is the best! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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