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plants styling

Hello again!

There’s a special feeling you get when you walk into a room filled with greenery and it will make you calm and smile. Don’t you agree? I personally love to decorate my home with pot plants and other cute items!

For me, home is my happy place, the place where I get to be myself, where I feel relaxed and is my sanctuary to retreat after a long day. Do you know that there is a deep connection between home decor and well being? You can create a vibe in which you live better, more effectively and happy in your home.

No matter how small your house/apartment/room you can add plants to make it more homey and cozy. Plants also add softness and warm and make us feel close to the nature.

There’s a bit things to consider when you style your home with plants. First is to know your vibe. What’s your vibe, modern, earthy, eclectic, minimalist or romantic…. etc. In my opinion your home should reflect who you are and what you love. Example, I love blue and white and kind of modern boho style. So my home decorations are mostly filled with blue and white homewares and to add bit colour and also quirkiness I’d love to mix with bohemian rugs, chunky wooden bowls or some thrifty items.

Indoor houseplants are so popular right now. I’m not surprised, because so many advantages you can get from having plants inside your home as well as outside. It can be beneficial to your health, well being and environment. Plants also act as air filters, reducing household toxins like in the carpet and furnitures. Also you don’t need to have expensive plants to decorate your space. Not at all! Cutting plants for propagation and put them in the glass bottle or jar can be a pretty display too.

Basically you don’t have to be a genius to style your place with plants. I go with my feelings. Or you also can browse on internet, Pinterest and Instagram are good to find some ideas. There’s no rule when it comes to plant styling, other than keeping them alive of course. Learn what works and also consider the condition, like how much sun in that room. If something doesn’t look right, move it (this is my fun part 😜) Because, honestly it’s all about having fun and try and error 😉.

Basic knowledge for plants styling I think is to understand what plants need. Plants need light, temperature and humidity and food. Example, good plants for sunny spots are, spider plant, snake plant, succulents and cactis. While any types of caladium and begonias they need right temperature and humidity.

When it comes to plant accessories like pots, if you can, always choose pots with good drainage to avoid roots rot. You also can be creative with old teapots or pretty jars to grow your plants. Just give the media a good drill at the bottom so water can flow easily. Grouping plants make it really cute display too. I like my outdoor pots in all terracotta and indoors ones vary between blue and white tones.

At the end of the day, your house your style. If this style make you happy go for it. Like most things in life with a little practice and some Pinterest ideas, you’ll be styling your space and plants like a pro. Just trust your instincts and stick to your own personal style.

Hope this will help you a bit in making your home sweet home cozy and beautiful. Just remember, style is not a display of wealth, but an expression of imagination 💚💚

Happy plants styling beautiful souls 🌱

2 responses to “plants styling”

  1. Spotted begonia beside the blue couch! begonia katanya tanaman paling tricky dan gak semua houseplant lovers bisa rawat, itu membuktikan Mbak Ria bertangan dingin xD
    out of curiosity, bagaimana family member yg lain menanggapi rumah yang distyling dengan begitu banyak tanaman? as for me, di awal2 suami suka protes ntar banyak nyamuk yadda yadda hahahaha


    1. Begonia memang susah2 gampang si, apalagi disini climatenya emg bukan utk begonia jadi hrs lbh extra looking afternya. Don’t get me wrong, I also killed some begonias🤪
      I’m lucky my family is into plants and they don’t mind at all sepanjang ga menggangu sirkulasi traffic dalam rumah😜


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