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First of all, happy new year to all of you! May 2021 will be a better year than 2020, let’s hope!! I know I’ve been hiatus for such a long time on this platform. Not much to catch up tho.

If you follow me on my Instagram you’ve probably known that I am doing self quarantine for 14 days. A week ago we went to Cairns for holiday and to visit my brother in law. It was our first flight in 2021…yay! In Australia, our states border just recently open after almost 9 months I would say we could not fly anywhere out of Western Australia. So, to be able to finally having holidays outside of Western Australia was a blessed.

Though while we were in Cairns, we got news that our premier dear Sir McGowan, closed our borders to Queensland in less than 24 hours after there was one case of covid-19 in Brisbane. Since Brisbane and Cairns are in the same state, so we who were in Cairns not in Brisbane, mind you Cairns and Brisbane is about 1700 km away 2 hours by plane and 19 hours by car, have to self quarantine for 14 days and also do covid-19 test. Our test came back negative, and we are now into day 6 of 14 days. Sucks.

Yeah, we are lucky that we don’t have to quarantine at the hotel ( I can’t imagine!) and our house is comfortable enough that we can avoid each other if we want to 😜 My boys so far are coping okay. One is always occupies with his Netflix and YouTube and games. One is building an aviary together with le hubby. While I am just pottering around the house, did my re-potting, done all the washing from the holidays, reading book and also Netflix binge 😇 My morning will be, get up around 8 or 8.30, breakfast, do my yoga and/or HIIT, swim, pottering around the house, make lunch, mucking around the house again, or doing laundry, tidying up my closet, re-arranging my pot plants, cooking dinner, eating dinner, washing up, shower, and Netflix or reading my book again….and repeat!

I have to admit I do get bored though, and often losing my motivation and just lying around scrolling up and down on social medias. And it is still 8 more days to go…..OMG!! 😫 I find it hard when you just need ham or something little that it would take ages if you do online and you have to rely on your friends/neighbours. I am blessed and lucky that I have friends and neighbours that are so willing to help with groceries. Thank you to each of you. You are my golden angels! Groceries and food delivery are something that I’m so looking forward these days! 😅

Even though it kinda sucks that we have to do 14 days isolation at home, on another note I can see some positive points, for example; we eat out less, less junk foods, boys are doing their exercise together every day and I also noticed they’re less arguing. Maybe I speak too soon, it’s just day six anyway… will update you more later😜

I may blog more often during this time of isolation, I think 🤔 Not so sure yet 🤓. Yesterday I spent almost half of the day re-construction my blog. I decided that I just gonna use the free wordpress from now on. Therefore I have to delete lots of photos since I was out of quota and just do the basic. It’s probably not as pretty as I want, the lay out etc, but it’s OK.

So, I hope you all have a nice holidays/breaks and that you are healthy, happy and safe. I know it’s hard to be happy when the world is not so healthy at the moment. But then life goes on so all we have to do is keep going and trying as best as we can.


6 responses to “twenty21”

  1. Welcome back! Hoping all is well with you. 🙂

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  2. Wah kamu kena karantina ternyata.. Semoga tetap semangat ya, Ria.. Tau kamu di Cairns, aku samperin deh.., 4 jam berkendara dari Townsville. Tadinya aku mau ke Sydney awal Februari buat bikin paspor tapi Jetstar membatalkan penerbangan, terus Sydney sendiri jadi area hotspot lagi. Batal berangkat deh..

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    1. Ohh iyaa kamu di Townsville ya. Aku pas ke Port Douglas liat tanda ke Townville, masih mayan jauh lah nyetir 4 jam Em. Aku lupa kalo kamu di Townville😜
      Iyaa aku kena karantina thanks to pak McGowan 😬😬 Iya Sydney kmarin kan ada case ya. Mending jalan2 sekitar Qld aza deh Em, bete kalo harus 2 weeks karantina kayak gini🤪


      1. Iya WA saklek banget restriction-nya.. Aku sebetulnya gak pengen ke mana-mana. Hanya karena perlu paspor baru aja sih. Apalagi di Queensland karantinanya harus di hotel yg ditunjuk dan dengan biaya sendiri. Biaya satu orang 2800 dolar, keluarga 4 orang sekitar 4000 dokar.. Males kan.. Makanya tunggu kelar semua aja deh..

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        1. Wowww mahal betul ya Em! Untung gw cuma karantina dirumah aza, ga ngebayangin kalo di hotel dengan kamar hotel yg segitu doang, omg bisa gila kali gw!!🤪👌🏼


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