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living with plants

Hello friends!

Let’s talk about plants! Because at the moment, looks like every single person that I know, is into plants!

I noticed, since the covid-19 lockdown, people are into plants so much. Some people that I know, used to not into plants before, now they have almost every plants on the planet😀 Which is good tho, as long as they keep looking after their plants and don’t abandon them after normal life resumes.

As for me, I started to have interest in plants perhaps since about 3 years ago. My first plant was Fiddle leaf fig. I remembered I bought it in IKEA for $10 and it was just about 30cm tall. Now, it has reached almost to the ceiling!

I first thought gardening was only for older people, you know like when you have reached 60 and above, like my mother. But geez I’m wrong. Nowadays even as young as teenager they are into plants!

I used to buy fresh flowers to add some aesthetic in to my house. But then they are quite expensive for my wallet and they only last two weeks max, so I thought I didn’t want to spend my money on plants that not gonna last long. So, I started to buy ‘real plants’.

My second plant was monstera and it grew beautifully and big, until I got bored because it was so big it took so much space inside the house. So, I moved it outside. It still alive, surprisingly.

I bought my plants from every where, I cannot visit a nursery or garden centre without taking home a new green friend. I probably have nearly 100 plants now. But I try not to make my house look like an out of control jungle though. I put the plants to every room of my home, including bathroom. I also try to prevent my home from looking too full on planty, so I add shelves and hang the plants from the ceiling.

I also have killed few plants, oh yeahh! It is not the end of the world if you kill a plant, it’s an excuse to choose a new one!

If you are just into plants, there are several easy to care plants that won’t die easily such as; devil’s ivy / pothos, monstera, spider plant, snake plant, peace lily, and aloe vera. The most important thing to look after your plants in my opinion, is first light. Get to know if your plant likes direct or indirect light, indoor or outdoor, if outdoor shade or no shade. Then second, water. I don’t water my plants every day. In winter I normally water them once every 10 – 14 days, in summer once a week. Some plants tend to go dormant during winter, so less water is better. It is better underwater than over water as the latter can cause root rots. Every plant needs a different kind of care, and I usually just touch the soil to find out if it needs water.

I believe there is no such thing as a black thumb tho. If you are willing to invest a bit of TLC (time, love, and care) to your plants I am sure you will have a healthy and beautiful plants.

So, if you are plants mama/dad what is your favourite plant ? Mine at the moment is begonia, I’m obsessed with any kind of them 😍

Before I forget, couple weeks ago my friend Noni asked me to chat about plants on her podcast so below is our conversation about anything plants, if you would like to listen. Apologise it’s in Indonesian and there are lots of giggles. But mostly what we were chatting is what I am blogging here.

And if you haven’t followed my plants account on Instagram, please do so @ohdearplants . Thank you pretty people 😍

Til next time!

10 responses to “living with plants”

  1. A house without plans is not a home 😉
    Very beautiful! My apartment is very small but I have a few plants 🌱 I like especially herbs for my cooking like: sage, rosemary, mint, basil, parsley 😉

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  2. Agree with you😍 I’m not good with herbs, especially basil, it always ends up dead 😟 Thank you for dropping by😘


    1. Hi mba Ria, hehehe, saya silent reader sudah lama, baru kali ini memberanikan tulis komentar 😆 salam kenal sebelumnya. Ngomong-ngomong, saya juga suka sekali plants sebab dari kecil ibu saya sering mengurus plants jadi ketularan suka. However untuk mengurus plants sendiri baru mulai beberapa tahun ke belakang itu pun dibantu oleh mba di rumah 🙈

      Plants kesayangan dan kesukaan saya tipe monstera, tapi yang kecil mba, sering disebut janda bolong kalau di Indonesia. Hehehehe. Terus saya envy mau punya monstera sebesar yang mba Ria punya 😍 hihihihi. Ohya satu lagi, sewaktu saya pertama kali settle di Korea, tanaman pertama saya persis sama seperti tanaman pertama mba Ria. Belinya juga di IKEA hahahaha. Tapi anehnya nggak tumbuh setinggi yang mba punya, apa karena baru ya? Atau disebabkan potnya kekecilan? Mba Ria ada ganti pot jadi besar, kah? 😁

      Terima kasih post-nya mba, suka bacanya 💕

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      1. Halo Eno! Am I right to call you Eno? I can’t find your real name😛

        Ma kasi uda mampir dan komen. Seneng ternyata kita sama ya tanaman pertama fiddle leaf fig dan belinya di IKEA juga??? Great minds think alike, hahaaa! Punya aku itu cuma aku ganti pot sekali aza dari yg original ke pot yg sekarang. FLF aku uda sekitar 3 tahunan umurnya, jadi lumayan uda tinggi. Mungkin kurang cahaya matahari kah?

        Janda bolong disini disebutnya cheese plant karna bolong2nya itu, lain ya namanya dengan di Indonesia😝😝

        Thank you Eno, semoga aku bisa rajin blogging lagi. Senang kalo ada yg suka baca tulisan aku. Aku follow yours too yah. x


  3. Akhirnya ketik-ketik dsini, hahaha..I love that name TLC (Time, Love and Care) ini kaya’nya berlaku untuk semua mahluk hidup dan hubungan sepertinya ya mba, hahhaa…
    Love all your plants, my idol 💚

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    1. Thank you darling Morris🥰 I didn’t know that you had blog too. Gonna follow😍🙌🏼 I loved your plants too, hope everything is ok at your new place. x

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  4. Asrinya rumahmu 😍😍


    1. Thank you darling 😘


  5. Halo Mba Ria, salam kenal 🙂
    Koleksi tanamannya udah banyak ya mba, takjub sayaa kayak di pinterest2.
    stlh nyimak podcast, ternyata kabar serum nobrandplant udah sampe australia yah 😀 denger2 saat kohbund asoka diwawancara di cnn, serumnya berasal dari pupuk kompos cair.
    out of curiousity, tanaman apa yg pernah mati di tangan mba ria?
    anw, cant wait for your next post about house plants!

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    1. Halo, ma kasi uda mampir blog aku dan follow me on my plants’ insta🥰🥰

      Ohh serum plant itu ga ada di Australia, so far si aku belom perna liat or dengar ya. Itu aku taunya dari temen aku Noni yg di Medan. So I knew nothing about that serum.

      Taneman mati di aku so far taneman2 yg harusnya hidup di humid climate seperti di Indonesia. Seperti Caladium dan beberapa jenis ferns. Karna disini kan climate nya cenderung dingin dan kering kalo summer jadi ga lembab gitu.

      Thanks I will write about plants soon 💚💚🌱🌱


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