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dear bali you make my heart smile

Hello friends!

This is my first blog post in 2020!! Although a bit too late but still I wanted to wish you a happy new year😜😜 May 2020 will bring better luck in everything we do and also a good health 🙏🏼🙏🏼

The boys and I just recently got back from the island of paradise for some relax and chill time before school and all the chaos of life start again next week. Le hubby couldn’t come for he has to go offshore.

Bali is always a good idea. It’s not too far away to fly from Perth, so the flight is much cheaper. I actually wanted to go home to Jakarta. But flights were still so insanely expensive!! Also, this was the first time we flew with Citilink. The outbound flight was pretty good and smooth. Citilink is Garuda’s sister company. It’s a budget airline with 20 kg free baggage and meals are provided. Pretty good I reckon.

We stayed in Ubud for the first 3 nights and then moved to the Seminyak area. In Ubud we stayed at Adiwana Svarga Loka, check it out if you’re after some peace and quiet and jungle vibes atmosphere 💚

Even though the heat is still killing us, especially after climbing so so many stairs at Nungnung waterfall. But at least the traffic was very good, no traffic jam at all. Actually, the weather in Ubud was much cooler than in Seminyak, love it!

We also found our fave beach in Bali, finally. The water was so clear blue, white sand and it was not crowded at all. Well, I hope it would remain like that.

Amed beach was disappointing. The beach is very dirty with rubbish. At one stage I was swimming and there was dirty nappy floating near me. That put me off.

Thomas beach in Uluwatu was good too. Not as good as our fave beach tho 😜 There was no crowd at all when we got there. It felt like our own private beach.

The Uluwatu Cliff beach club was very nice too. Price was moderate not as expensive as other beach clubs I’ve known. The view and the service are excellent.

We drove about 2 hours from Ubud to Lempuyang temple, in the hope to see the magical and instagrammable so-called “the gate to heaven”. I won’t say exactly what I think here because I fear for my life😂. But, in my personal humble opinion, it’s not worth the drive, though. Or maybe I have high expectations about this temple, I still think Besakih Temple is way cooler. The temples around Lempuyang are actually more interested than ” the gate to heaven “. I couldn’t care to wait around 2 hours to get my pictures taken by the official Lempuyang photographer, so I asked my own personal photographer to take one for me. Just so that I can say, I’ve got the picture at Lempuyang!😃

Left: Instagram version Right: not so Instragrammable. Mount Agung was covered with cloud.


Instead, Jatiluwih is impressive enough. Maybe I’m more attractive into real nature than a man-made one 😛

Despite all the sight-seeings what I most love whenever I come to Bali is the food! Nasi campur, sate ayam, nasi goreng, babi guling, all the fresh juices and smoothies and coconut juice are all my favourite. Since we were always so hungry often I forgot to take pictures of the food we ate. Here some pictures that I managed to snap before they’re all gone to our hungry bellies.

So yeahhh…. Bali never fails me so far.

A short video made by my son capturing our fun-tastic time for you to watch. If you’re interested in his other vids, you are more than welcome to subscribe to his video channel 😍

How about you, do you love Bali as much as I do too? What do you do when you’re in Bali? Are you the type that just lazing around, shopping and eating? Or you like to do some adventures or sightseeings then chillax in the evening, or both … adventure and shopping like me 😜 Share, please 😍

With love,

8 responses to “dear bali you make my heart smile”

  1. Transportasinya naik apa Ria? Nyetir sendiri? And where is the favourite beach? Thomas beach? 😊


    1. Aku ada driver Ga, uda langganan😁 tiap ke Bali selalu pake driver ini kalo perlu pergi yg jauh2 aza. Fave beach is located in Katangasem, is called Virgin beach😍😍


  2. Foto2nya bagus Mbak, look so peaceful. Bikin jadi pengen liburan hehe. I like a little bit of everything for holiday, ada santai2, jalan2, shopping2 :p


    1. Thank you Dixie. Bali always bikin kangen, ga perna bosen buat aku dan keluarga 💙

      Iya sama aku juga gitu ada adventure (it’s a must for the boys🤪), santai2, makan, dan shopping 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaaakh foto-fotonya bagos. Bikin ku pen liburan lagi dan lagi.


    1. Trima kasih🥰 trima kasih juga uda mampir😍

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Bali emang selalu bikin kangen pengin balik lagi ya… tak peduli udah berapa kali ke sana, kalau libur tuh pengin ke Bali lagi. Kok sama sih, terakhir aku ke Bali juga 3 hari pertama di Ubud dulu baru di area pantai di selatan…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Missing Bali and travelling so much atm…


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