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the abnormal beauty

Firstly, I’m not a beauty blogger what so ever and second, this post is not paid.  All products I bought by myself, not a sponsor post.  This review is based on purely my own experience and I’d just like to share it with you all because I think it might be useful or helpful.

Have you ever heard about The Ordinary ? If you are into skincare you probably already know about The Ordinary by now.  It’s a Canadian skincare and make up products brand that offers good skincare at affordable and honest prices.  Their skincare products put exactly what’s on the label in the bottle, think about serums, face oils, and acid toners.  The design is pretty simple which I love.

I am one of the not so lucky people in terms of good skin.  I used to have bad acne as a teenager and even adult.  I used to have oily skin when I lived in Indonesia, and since I moved to Australia my skin has changed.  In winter it tends to be dry and in summer it’s oily in the T area.  I also have scars from acne that have faded, but I think I still have uneven skin and pigmentation that I would like to improve, if possible gone.  I don’t mind my freckles, le hubby thinks they’re cute anyway 😜

I used to be insecure about my skin that I felt ashamed to talk about it.  Then I educated myself and I talked to doctors to do something about it.  I had treatments and regularly went to the facial clinic.  I have used expensive products and not so expensive skincare on my face. All those combinations worked ok on my face.  At least now, except of hormonal acne, my skin is much better than before.

When I found out about The Ordinary I was sceptical because you know reading all those words like lactic, acid, AHA, BHA, etc etc was doing my head in and made me nervous, because what are all those chemicals gonna do in my skin?!  I then did my researched and read a lot about the products from many sources.  Then I decided to try two of their products, which are the Lactic Acid and their moisturiser and I LOVE IT!

So far i have been using five of their products;

  1. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 5% + HA : is the mildest acid exfoliator that contains five percent lactic acid plus Tasmanian pepperberry to reduce irritation.  I use AHA instead of glycolic acid since it’s gentler and hydrates on my skin.  I use this PM only after cleanser and toner.
  2. The Ordinary Hylauronic Acid 2% + B5 : is the best hylauronic serum I’ve used so far.  It really does the job, hydrates and plumps the skin.  I used to have dry skin on my neck that looks so ugly but since I’ve used this serum I’ve never had that problem again and it really hydrates my skin well. It penetrates and improves hydration level on my skin.  I am into my second bottle now.  I use it AM mostly before moisturiser.
  3. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA : is the least expensive moisturiser that actually works wonderfully on my skin.  It has light non greasy texture and is silicone free, which I like.  It hydrates the skin and targets sign of ageing.   I use this AM and PM after my serums.
  4. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% : is also one of my favourites from The Ordinary.  It can reduce pore size and oil production and also smooth skin texture that I aim for.  Not to mention, it’s good for acne treatment as well.  If I have acne and I use this serum the next day my pimple reduces in size and is gone by the following day, without making my skin dry.  I use this serum PM only.
  5. The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil  : it hydrates the skin and may brighten its tone.  This oil is a cheaper version of Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Oil and also Josssie Maran pure argan oil.  I’m a big fan of Jossie Maran 100% pure argan oil, but for much a cheaper price I give this Marula Oil a go.  It’s a bit heavier than argan oil so probably not really suitable for acne prone skin.  I only use one or two drops when my skin is really dry.  I also use it on my hair, after washing.

Those are five products from The Ordinary that I’m using at the moment.  What I like about their products are; paraben, sulphate, mineral oils, silicon free, and all formulas are vegan and cruelty free 👏🏼 I would still like to try their Squalane Cleanser and Mineral SPF 30.  In Australia you can get The Ordinary from Priceline, MYER, and David Jones.

So, what about you….have you tried anything from The Ordinary? Which products have worked / not worked for you? I’d love to hear from you.

Til later!


12 responses to “the abnormal beauty”

  1. I used those products as well. For some times it’s hard to fid these products at Myer. I found out lots of empty stock on the shelf 😢
    I have read your blog and I thought we have lots of things in common 😁


    1. Holaaaa mu fellow blogger! Ahh seneng kamu pake juga yak. They’re good arent they and friendly for our wallet as well! Myer and Priceline usually have good stock, darling 👌🏼


  2. Hi Mba. Aku juga pake ini, cuman hanya pake niacinamide dan tonernya, yang belinya pun dari Shopee. Both works fine! Perhaps should give a try to other products as well.

    Karena jarang ngikutin update skin care product, seneng juga ktmu yang pake ini. 😀. Cuman memang agak susah beli di sini kayaknya, Mba. Online juga was2. Belum dijual di either drug store atau supermarket dan sejenisnya pun.


    1. Hi 5 dwonk kitah! Ohh kalo dsini lumayan banyak dan gampang utk belinya. Ada banyak di Target, dan department stores gitu. Skimcare murah meriah but worked kl buat aku jadi senang 😍 Cobain moisturisernya deh, so good👌🏼

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  3. Whoaaaaa menariqueeee! aku so far cuma pake Niacinamide mba, ktnya yang The Buffet juga bagus mba, aku jd pengen beli Hyaluronic Acid serumnya 😍


    1. Yg ngetop emang si Niacinamidenya dsini yg aku tau. Aku lom coba yg Buffet soalnya takut kebanyakkan🤪 Coba Hyaluronic deh kl kulit kamu dry cucok banget kl buat aku ya.


  4. Jujur aku lg coba beberapa produk skincare tp hasilnya belum yang cetar gimana. Trus produknya bukan yg internesyenel macem skincare korea. Lokal aja dan harganya juga gak yang jutaan. Sesuai kantong. Menurutku masih di taraf pemeliharaan kulit biar gak kering aja krn kulitku kering. Nanti kalo kulitku udah skinglass mirip artis korea baru deh aku review 😂😂😂


    1. Ini juga ga bikin cetar si Fran tapi biat kulit aku yg tadinya dull dan banyak pigmentations nya menolong banget sih ini.

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  5. I use their Hylauronic Acid and it works fine. Not sure it is the effect of this product or the other products that I started using at the time. But overall I love it.


    1. Same here! I use Hylaurinic too and it works good for my skin. Less dry and much hydrate especially during the winter my skind tends to dry.


      1. I am gonna try the Marula oil next.

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  6. Hi great readding your post

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