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Oh hello!  Yes, it’s me… I haven’t blogged in forever because…. well, first of all, life. Being a solo parent definitely drains all of my energy! 😜 . Second of all, I’d like to write in the morning when I feel fresh and have lots of ideas.  But it never happens, because you know morning is always busy between picking up from swimming, dropping off to school, walking the dog, yoga, groceries shopping, appointments, etc, and etc.

Anyway, I’ve missed hanging out here, so will slowly try to write more.  Fingers cross!

Okay, a little update on this mama’s life…

These past two months we’ve been pretty occupied with school activities.  Especially now that my boys are in year 10, the year when they are starting to get introduced to what career paths they would like to take for their future.  For example, are they going to university or they want to take alternate university entrance program or courses, pre-apprenticeships, or workplace learning?  So many things to digest, both for the boys and us as parents.  Endless meetings with school teachers and special teachers made me even more confused!  I guess, the boys are lucky that they have more choices and options than in my era! Wow, that makes me sound so freaking old!! 😐

The father of my children got a new job and this time he’s FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) on 3 by 3  (3 weeks on 3 weeks off) to New Zealand.  Despite being a bit lonely especially in the evening and weekends, I am doing fine so far.  This first hitch has been going so fast.  Maybe because I’m all pre-occupied, been busy from 5 am until I hit the sack. Managing the boys, being their driver, nutritionist, arguing with them on a daily basis, it’s not an easy job.  Some days I feel like I can’t do it anymore but then it’s not fair to le hubby.  He works hard for us, it would be so spoilt of me if I give up.  It’s not that hard but it’s not easy too, sometimes.  The hardest part for me is the week-ends and night times.  Because I’d like to share my days and talk about my feelings which I can’t really share it with my girlfriends.  Well, depending on who I talk to I suppose.  But more often they will have wrong perceptions about my whinging of life….while all I want is a little empathy.  So yeah thank God there’s Face Time and text messages to NZ.

Anyway, enough about feelings.

On another note, I had blogger catch up with Adele Scarlet couple weeks ago.  She visited Perth and we managed to meet up in the city.  We had lunch and coffee after and of course endless pictures taken.  If you read this Adele, I hope you’re not traumatised by our first catch up 🤣  I also met up with my girlfriend who just moved here from Jakarta.

Winter is here officially.  Lots of rains and gloomy days so far.  I don’t mind tho. Winter for me is time to hibernate, to slow down a bit, and just go with the flow.  Although, too many wet and dark days occasionally make me feeling even mellow.  Thank God for yoga, otherwise, I probably would go insane already tee heee……

If you read this I hope you are doing good and take care of your health.  Don’t stress too much over anything. Because your mental health is more important than your career, money, other people’s opinions, your partner’s mood or your families wishes. If taking care of yourself means letting someone down, then let someone down.  Because self-care is not selfish at all.

A week ago I lost my childhood dear friend from a sudden heart attack.  It’s so sad.  Few of my high school friends have gone to heaven, still so young…. Please look after yourselves my friends, life is precious.  Eat moderately, exercise regularly, rest if you need to, and love truly and count your blessings.

Gotta go to bed now, good night from this part of the world.



10 responses to “this mama’s life”

  1. Semoga sehat2 terus ya Ria buatmu dan keluarga. Kadang aku juga merasa kok kerjaan di rumah ga ada habisnya. Tapi selalu ingat kalau suami juga di luar sana bekerja bukan bersenang2. Akhirnya adem lagi pikiran, wong dia juga kalau di rumah, kayak gimanapun lelahnya pasti sama2 bareng saling bantu urus rumah. Jadi kami sama2 bekerja pada ranah masing2 dan saling dukung.

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    1. Thank you Den🥰 kerjaan rumah tangga itu kalo dipikir2 ga ada beresnya ya. Sehat2 juga buat Denny dan kelurga ya.


  2. I feel you, girl.. M yg FIFO 1 on 1 dan lokasinya masih di North Queensland aja kadang bikin aku bete jadi temporary single Mum..🙄 Padahal si Bear belum sekolah.. Tapi untung aku orangnya cepat sembuh dari kebetean.. Yang penting ada koneksi internet 😂 Tetap semangat, mate..😀👍


    1. Bete si ga cuma ya namanya juga manusia kadang feel so unbearable but so far I managed it good💪🏼


  3. Semangat mba…Wah sama kita ide nulis lebih banyak pagi ya. Padahal banyak job.


    1. Hahaaa iyaaa kalo pagi masih fresh yg ada di pikiran krn blom ribet dengan urusan ini dan itu 😜


  4. Semangat! ❤ and yes I agree that self care is not selfish at all…

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  5. I had a blogging carreer break as well recently, and always threatening myself to start blogging again. I guess the secret is to hang in there and carry on 🙂


    1. Exactly!👌🏼 if you can do it regularly it’s fun-tastic!


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