perth garden festival

So, my girlfriend and I went to Perth Garden Festival 2019 this morning.  It’s my first time to visit this event.  The weather this morning was pretty good, warm enough for autumn season in this part of the world, that you still need to slip, slap, and slop ☀️

We bought our tickets online with special 50% off discount because we are a member of Kleenheat.  But you also can buy ticket at the gate.  If you don’t want to queue then I suggest you better buy it online.  Although being the first day of the festival plus it’s week day, there was not that crowded when we got there. $5 fee for parking so get your coins ready.

There are massive live plant market, stunning show gardens, loads of gorgeous succulents collection as well as indoor plants and the price is pretty good too.  My girlfriend and I scored some adorable  and rare plants in reasonable cost.  That made us so happy! Big grin on our face 😁

If you love plants you must try to go to this garden festival.  Wear your comfy shoes because the area is huge.  And don’t forget to bring hat and water.  There are many food stalls too so you don’t need to worry about your tummy.

Since tomorrow is the last day of school, I think this festival is a perfect way to kick off school holiday fun with the kids with free entry for the under 18’s and loads of daily activities in the Go For 2 & 5 Kids Education area .

So, Perthians don’t miss this event, four huge days ahead ending this Sunday, April 14 at McCallum Park.



plants make us happy 💚
plants haul 😜





7 responses to “perth garden festival”

  1. Cakep2 banget sih tanamannya 😍
    Kalau di Jakarta ada mirip acara itu, namanya Flona (flora dan fauna) di lapangan banteng, Jakarta Pusat tiap setahun sekali.


  2. Kalau di Jakarta taneman2 ini murah2 banget pasti harganya Franny karna kan memang taneman tropical. Kalo dsini mahal deh🤪


  3. Aduh cakep-cakep banget. Ini cuaca di sini udah mulai membaik, saatnya bercocok tanam lagi, tapi paling mentok nanam lavender yang banyak buat ngasih makan lebah.


    1. Iya cakep2 pengen beli semuaaaa😝😝 Kalo di Iteland taneman tropis hidup ga Ail? Mungkin jadi indoor plants ya?


      1. Kecil banget kesempatannya untuk hidup. Nanam cabe tahun kemaren aja jadi kerdil, gak mau gede.

        Tanaman winter di halaman juga banyak yang hancur karena tahun kemaren banyak storm.


  4. Wow this looks awesome I had no idea it was on! I will have to keep an eye out for it next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t miss it next year!😘

      Liked by 1 person

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