the secret garden that’s not so secret anymore

How are you people?  How was your week end? It”s been a beautiful summer weather here in Perth.  Average temperature is just below 30 celcius, until yesterday it reached 38C OMG…hot…hot…hot! But I think it will go down to around 30s, which is still bearable for my liking.  Good time for some beach actions, I reckon.

Over the week end, on Saturday precisely my son and I went to explore the place that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time, but always got cancelled for so many reasons.  While other son went for motor-bike riding with a family friends, we finally made it to….Gwelup Secret Garden!

Gwelup Secret Garden, is actually located in the suburb of Gwelup, right in the residential area.  It’s just like a normal park or bush from outside, the area is not very big nor fancy.  So, don’t be too excited.  According to some people who live around this park for such a long time, the secret garden was still “secret” and stunning until 4 years ago the place got blogged about, and since then the place has degraded so much due to thoughtless people who leave rubbish, hold photoshoots, bring picnic chairs, etc.  Now, I feel guilty blogging  about this secret garden too 😟

Gwelup Secret Garden is just a garden at the end of the street.  I think the garden will look more magical and wonderful in winter time.  My son and I got there around 12.30 at noon.  Noone was there except us.  Which was good.  I can see the impact of some careless people to the ecosystem.  Let’s hope that the council will do something to reduce the impact 🙏🏻

Without further ado, here are some pictures that we took in the secret garden.  Some of the trees will look spooky at night, I think 😜 But during the day somehow they look like a bunch of dancers, am I right or just my imagination? 😀




I hope your Monday goes as quickly as your first cup of coffee!😘


6 responses to “the secret garden that’s not so secret anymore”

  1. Secret gardennya menarik 😍
    Aku termasuk yang jarang banget jalan2 ke hutan, kurang adventurer anaknya. Tapi lihat secret garden ini, sulit buat nolak jalan2 di situ. Cantiikkk.


    1. Ini semacam hutan kecil ditengah-tengah residential area, Franny. Kecil koq hutannya, jadi ga takut nyasar😝

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  2. spooky for sure mbak…….. but beautiful also…


    1. Kalo malem pastinya spooky ya Shin🤓🙄


  3. I can totally see why it’s called a secret garden. I think it looks magical, like a portal do Alice in Wonderland 🙂
    Too bad people are so careless about it!

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  4. Yesss that’s right Aggy, like the one in Alice in Worderland, well the very small version of it 😜 Yup, I’m hoping the council will do something to protect the eco system. Would be interested to go back there in winter!


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