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Hi everyone!  Sorry, I’ve been MIA for a while on this space.  But I’m back today with a new recipe!  So, have you ever heard about Kombucha? Or have you tried it?  Kombucha, it sounds a bit hippy according to my friend’s daughter tee hee….😁

Well, kombucha is basically a fermented drink consisting of black tea and sugar ( or you can use honey, fruits, etc) that contains bacteria and yeast that are responsible for initiation the fermentation process once combined with sugar.  Also known as the “immortal health elixir” by the Chinese and originating in the Far East around 2000 years ago. Kombucha is a beverage with health benefits for your heart, brain, and especially your gut.  Because of the fermentation process the bacteria in kombucha known as probiotics.  These bacteria line your digestive track and support immune system.  Since 80% of our immune system is located in our gut, and the digestive system is the second largest part of our neurological system, our gut is considered the ‘second brain’ according to the article I have read.

Now, you can buy kombucha at the health shops or supermarket but you also can make your own.  I make my own kombucha, it is very easy and save me a lot of money too.  Here, I’d like to share how to make your own Kombucha.  If you’re interested, keep reading!

How to Make Kombucha

This recipe makes about 4 litres of Kombucha.  First, you will need SCOBY disk.  You can find a Scoby disk in health food stores or online, but I got my first SCOBY from my friend and then from there I grow my own SCOBY.

You need:

  • 1 large glass jar or bowl with a wide opening.  Do not use plastic jar as the chemicals in the plastic can leach into the kombucha during the fermentation period.  Look for a big glass jug/jar/bowl and make sure the opening is wide enough to allow a lot of oxygen to reach the kombucha while it ferments.
  • 1 cloth or dish towel
  • 1 SCOBY disk
  • 4 litres of water
  • 4 tablespoon black tea and 2 tablespoon green tea ( I use loose leaf tea) I add the green tea for extra antioxidant
  • 1 cup of raw sugar or you can use honey
  • Plastic strainer (not metal one)


Mix  black tea and green tea (if you use one) and a cup of sugar/honey and 1 litre of hot  boiling water and stir with wooden spoon until sugar dissolve .  Let the mixutre cool down to room temperature.

Once it’s cooled, strain the black tea mixture into a 4 litre glass jar/bowl and add 3 litre of tap water.  Throw away the black tea.

Drop in the Scoby disk and cover your jar/bowl with fresh cloth or dish towel. Secure the cloth with rubber band or some sort of tie.  The cloth has to cover the wide opening of the jar but thin enough to allow air to pass through.  Keep it in the the dark place for 10-12 days.

After 10-12 days, take the jar out, pick out the Scoby disk and put it in the glass bowl/container.  Stir the mixture, it will become fizzy.  Transfer to sterilised bottles and keep it in the fridge.

To make it again, repeat the same process


  1. The longer you ferment the mixture the stronger the taste. I personally think 10 days is  the perfect one.
  2. If you don’t want to make another batch of Kombucha, put the Scoby in the glass container  add half cup of already made kombucha and keep it in the fridge, this means the Scoby is asleep or non active.
  3.  As the fermentation process happens, you will notice that the Scoby disk grows a second Scoby disk.  I call the second one as the ‘baby’ and the first one as the ‘mother’.  The mother Scoby is located on top of the baby.  You can use the baby Scoby to make a whole new batch of kombucha, so don’t throw away the baby disk.
  4. You can keep the mother Scoby up to a month after its first use then it will become inactive and should be thrown away.

So, that’s it….it’s pretty simple right?  My boys and I like Kombucha, we drink it every day.  It’s boosted immunity, support a healthy gut, powerful antibacterial agent, helps maintain a healthy liver, and may help improve mental state….which I need it!✌🏼

Give it a try, there is no harm if you like it keep doing it if not, at least you’ve tried!

Happy Kombucha!🤛🏼


21 responses to “on kombucha”

  1. I like to try making this, I hope I get it right!


    1. Have a go it’s very simple. Just need to sterilise your bottles and jars.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is new to me. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Di kantor disediain gratis, tapi aku gak gitu doyan.


    1. Aahh lucky you! Is it homemade or store bought?


      1. store bought Mbak, but from a local brewery (not sure if this is the right term). They have few different flavours as well.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. baru tau soal kombucha ini, mungkin bisa di coba 😉
    thanks for sharing kakak 😀


    1. Sama2😘 Di Indonesia mungkin blom ada ya? Kalau disini byk dijual di supermarket etc. Btw, how’s your visa?


      1. ohya? sepertinya bs dicoba kalo ksna lagi 😉
        ini lagi sementara collect dokumen2 yg di perlukakn kak,, jadi nanti tinggal di submit..


        1. Good luck ya🙏🏻😘

          Liked by 1 person

          1. thanks Kak,
            Anyway I added you on Instagram 🙂


          2. Ok thanks I’ll add you back👌🏻😘

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  5. hihihi aku baru tahu Kombucha ini dari IG mu dulu2 itu lho mbak :))


    1. Iya Feb aku bikin dan minum Kombucha uda dari lama sih, eh di Europe sana lagi hits ga Kombucha😜


  6. Oalah, selama ini penasaran dengan Kombucha, katanya minuman sehat gitu kan. Tapi emang dasar males, belom pernah browsing juga sih tentang kombucha, hehe.
    Cuma pernah nemu kombucha ini di cafe2 yang jual makanan sehat gitu, tapi belom pernah pesen hihi.
    Pingin coba bikin, tapi di Indoensia, scoby disk beli dimana ya 🤔


    1. Hi Sharon, nah itu Scoby disk mungkin bisa dibeli di health shop giru kali ya? Kala aku pertama dikasi sm teman yg bikin kombucha juga terus abis itu Scoby aku beranak pinak so aku bagi2 ke yang mau bikin Kombucha deh. Bikinnya ga ribet koq sebenarnya✌🏻


  7. I love them also and been planning to make it myself but never have the time to do it. How do you grow the SCOBY?


    1. My first Scoby I got it from my friend, she gave it to me for my starter kit making Kombucha. Ftom then, my mother scoby has child, so after a month I replace the mother Sciby with the child, then this child will grow another child (scoby) and repeat. I gave away about 3 Scobys to my friends. If we are neighbor I’ll just drop it the Scoby to your place, Gaareal😜👌🏻


  8. Like the detailed instructions. Have you tried with honey or fruits?


    1. Yes I mostly use honey now instead of sugar. I haven’t tried with fruits as my family like the original one👌🏻


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