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how to survive a girltrip

Hey hey everyone!

How’s every thing? In my part, life is back to hectic normal routine again. School holiday was way over, my boys are back to school and so I am back to lunch box lady,  mum’s taxi, and cruela de ville tiger mum mode on 😛😅…. so I’m in need for a short break vacation or even staycation? Ahahaaaa….the father of my children would kill me if he reads this!

Anyway speaking of holiday, it’s always  good to go with your family, or sometimes by yourself or a bunch of your girlfriends.  Because, it is not always, but sometimes…the more the merrier, right? So, this time I’d write about going on holiday with your girlfriends aka girls trip.  Well, though I am a mother of two and wife of one hubby, every now and then I’d still like to have a “me” time by traveling with no demanding kids and whining hubby in tow.  And can do whatever I want without being told off (staring too long at those gorgeous shoes at the window display, or just want to eat rice all the time! 😆), or I can do  things that only fun when you doing it with your female friends!  And  you know what, girls trip are somewhat different from the usual ones.  Travelling with a girls group is something you should never miss!

In order to stay intact, alive, and most importantly is still be friends with your girls after the vacation is over, here are some of my thoughts that may (or may not 😜) help you surviving the girls trip!



  • Choose your travel companions wisely and it is OK to be picky about WHO  you’d like to spend your holidays with and be your roommates. Remember, your friends whose you always having lunch or shopping together are not always your best match.  Instead, join some like-minded girls with whom you are comfortable. If you  like to spend your holiday doing beach thingy such as; swimming, snorkel, or even just sun-bathing at the beach, but your friend/s is/are more into city sleeker or not an outdoorsy kind of persons then there’ll be a friction.
  •  Choose place wisely that everyone in the group agreed.  Select a place that’s not very far away, so it will not strain you much and the journey will be fun.
  • Plan and book your trip a couple months ahead. Get together and discuss every thing up front and honest. If you can’t afford a 5 stars accommodation, or you rather save your flight by going economy class than business, tell your friends straight away. It’s better to be up front and honest rather than you’ll regret or not satisfied later. Once everyone agreed and happy with the transport and accommodation, book and secure the payment.  It’s better if one person book the transport system and the other does the accommodation.  Finalise all the payments couple weeks before the D-day.
  • Be cautious and safe.  Sometimes when a bunch of women travel together, they get teased or worse stalked by some guys.  It is better to avoid it and stay away from such scene.   Also, be cautious with the hygiene. Try to find some hygienic place for food and accommodation.  Don’t stay at the the hotels just because they offer a cheap rates.  Choose some moderate quality place at least.  And always carry a mineral water with you.
  • Stay together and enjoy your trip.  Don’t make any arrangements with another group since it’s a girls trip so you suppose to spend time together.  If each of you have a different agenda or want to do your own thing while you are together, then maybe a girls trip is not for you.  Beside, it is safer when you stay together as a group, refer to the “be cautious and safe” above mentioned.
  • Last, girls trip is more enjoyable if there’s a balanced group. It is always better to have a good number of girls for the trip, try to include at least 3 – 6 people, but not more (in my opinion). Don’t give in for silly fights, instead solve the problems there itself.  Better not ruin the happy mood and have a good time!

If you have any other tips that you can add, please share in the comment below I am more than happy to know.  And how about you, have you been on girls trip yet?  Would love to hear your stories! 😍

Til later!




16 responses to “how to survive a girltrip”

  1. bacanya jadi ingat aku jalan2 bareng “my girlfriends” juga..
    dan yap! pastikan untuk mereka punya hobby yang sama, untungnya kemarin kami semua punya kegemaran yang sama jadi ngak ribet waktu traveling bareng 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup it’s handy right if you are in the same interests, less stress too😜


  2. Kalo aku sejak nikah gak ada lagi girls trip, adanya beberapa keluarga liburan bareng. Biasanya sama keluarga sahabat2 suami.
    Lagipula kayaknya gak bisa, aku dan teman2 cewek, anaknya masih pada kecil2. Hihi


    1. Mungkin nanti Franny kalo anaknuda lebih besar lebih bisa di tinggal tana pake ribet bin repot ya.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sejak nikah belum girls trip lagi mba huhuhu palinga pas kmren aja sahabat datang keliling2 kota HK berduaan mayan pengobat rindu heheh


    1. Ga usa trip keluar kota yg penting ada waktu jali2 dengan teman or alone cukup buat ngilangin kebosanan kan ya.


  4. Sebelum nikah sering girls trip, terakhir ke Vietnam. Setelah nikah, girls trip yg bener2 nginep sampai 4 hari waktu ke Berlin. Tapi girls trip yg cuma sehari, hampir setiap bulan. Untungnya suami memang tipe yang santai, sudah tau istrinya suka pecicilan sendiri sebagai bagian me time. Dia juga senang kalo kami berdua meluangkan waktu sendiri2 untuk beberapa saat. Bagaimanapun, kami juga pribadi yang butuh waktu sendiri, ga bisa selalu runtang runtung. Trus kalau sudah me time gitu, ketemu jadi kangen2an haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Setuju banget Den!👌🏻 Biar uda menikah kan bukan berarti tiap pergi harus selalu dengan partner ya. Justru kalo abis me time sendiri or dengan teman2, pulang2 jadi lebih baik hati dan ga jutex sama suami ya hahaaaa….kalo aku sih itu Den😛😛


  5. Setuju Ria dengan yang di atas. Pengamalan gw pribadi tiap tahun girltrip sama ipar – ipar cewe dan temen-temen cewe gw adalah ngga apa sih kadang pisah sebentar. Misalnya si a mau shopping di toko tertentu sementara gw mau ke museum tertentu. Pisah beberapa jam terus ketemu lagi. Apalagi kalau hanya satu weekend, waktunya pendek banget.


    1. Iya, agree loe kl pisah sebentar misalnkita maunke toko ini yg itu mo ke toko lain it’s ok. Maksud gw, ada yg girltrip tapi tiap hari pergi sendiri2 krn ada yg hobinya nge-mall mulu yg lain nyalon mulu😝😝 Cuma ketemu kalo malam di hotel. Terus, ada yg girltrip tapi janjian terus sama teman2nya yg lain 😳


  6. Very nice to read, jadi inget jaman dulu single.. excited banget Sama girls trip Sama group yang beda beda, dan beberapa kali dengan group yang Sama . Mulai dari ke Puncak, Bali, Anyer, Sukabumi, Pandeglang sampai kita kita pernah nyupir terjauh ke Jogjakarta lewat Wonosobo. Mulai dari satu Mobil bareng, satu pesawat bareng, plus satu villa bareng.. gak terlupakan moment nya.. senam bareng pinggir Pantai, dinner bareng, sampai nge lihat hantu bareng pula. Tapi semenjak nikah, terpisah jarak, mulai dengan pertemanan baru. Girls night out bareng sering, create New year party, Disney party, mask party, Christmas party, ets. Buat nge trip bareng… masing masing Susah dapet ijin dari Suami.. Hahahaha.

    Anyway,.. Thanks for sharing girls trip tips.. for me, very enjoyable to read. Love it dear Ria.


    1. I suppose when you’re still single it’s easier ya. Now that we are married, kids husband sometimes it’s not easy but gotta make some effort, cos a little bit break from our loved ones will do good for them and ourselves. Thanks for reading and comment darling😘


  7. My last girltrip was few years ago, before I moved to Ireland. I haven’t found the perfect group of people, just not yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just foun mine at the last girls trip to Bkk to Ai😜


  8. I wish I have a girl vacation:)


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