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girls trip —> bangkok

Hello everyone!

I’ve been neglecting this space for over a month, I know it’s bad of me!  And suddenly now it’s September already!  Gosh, time does fly so quick doesn’t it!?  Only three months to go before Christmas, seriously???

Anyway…….I went to Bangkok two weeks ago with my girlfriends.  We had planned this trip three months ago, but just finalised every thing perhaps about two weeks before the due date.  Aaaandddd……a week before my departure, darling husband told me that he had to work away!  Oh for heaven sake, panic attacked me!  So, what would I do with my children, my dog, chook, birds and fish, you named it!

Fortunately, I have a good friend who didn’t mind for my boys to stay at theirs while my darling husband and I were away.  Thanks so much dear friend!  And lucky me (again) to have such a good neighbour who is always willing to help looking after our animals while we’re away.  So, kids and pets were sorted!  Yay, Bangkok here I come!


We flew out with Thai Airways at 4.20pm and landed in Suvarnabhumi airport around 10.30pm.  It’s my first time ever to Bangkok!  By the way, I like Thai airline!  The service is so good, and even their economy is pretty roomy.  Though, I didn’t enjoy the almost 1.5 hours turbulence!

We stayed at Double Tree by Hilton in Sukhumvit area.  I think Double Tree by Hilton is part of the Hilton Hotel which is located just behind it and share the common area which is separated only by a garden patch.  Our room was ok, clean, and roomy enough for three of us.  They even gave us a folding bed with no extra charge.  In front of our hotel there are little cafe that open til midnight called Queen Bee and a massage place and 7 eleven, so very handy.

My first impression of Bangkok city is kind of like Jakarta, but less traffic, much cleaner, better public transportation, and Thai people don’t stare at you when you’re wearing short and tank-top! I love love love Thai food so much!  Every where we ate from the food court or bought something from the cart near our BTS station, let alone in decent restaurant, they were all yum yum yummy!  OMG, heaven on earth!

Food every where


Day 1: Wat Phra Kaew and Grand Palace

After a good night sleep and hearty breakfast at the hotel, off we went to see some temples.  Most of the time while we were in Bangkok we took Bangkok Sky Train (BTS) as our main transportation.  It really saves our time from the gridlock Bangkok traffic.  We bought the BTS Rabbit Smart Pass for 200 baths (AU$8) that allowed us in and out around Bangkok anytime of the day.  Taxi is cheap enough but Tuk Tuk is a bit dearer, but is still worth a ride at least once.


on the wooden boat on the way to the temples

From our hotel we took sky train and continued with wooden boat to see Wat Phra Kaew.  The temple area is so big and attached to the complex is the Grand Palace.  It is very impressive and beautiful, but many parts of the temples were closed for public that day, for people used it to have ceremony/praying for Thai’s King who passed away last year.

Here we could see the 66cm tall Emerald Buddha.  The Emerald Budha is draped in monastic robes.  There are three royal robes; for the hot, rainy, and cool seasons. Taking photos are not allowed inside  this temple.

The Grand Palace was a former royal residence that is today only used on ceremonial occasions.  The palace has an European inspired structured, again we could not enter the palace due to a ceremony.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho or the temple of reclining Buddha is located behind the temple of the Emerald Buddha.  It’s one of the largest temple complexes in the city and famed for its giant reclining Buddha that measures 46 metres long and is covered in gold leaf.  We walked from Grand Palace to Wat Pho, it was an easy ten minutes walked, though it was very hot!

After the temples visit, we went to have lunch and a bit window shopping at Platinum.  Oh my Lord, shopping in Bangkok especially in that Platinum place is so freaking cheap! We wanted to buy the whole Platinum, hahaaa…!! 😝 We had dinner at our local Queen Bee since we just arrived back at the hotel a bit after 8pm and were lazy to go out again.

Day 2: The Upside World and River Cruise

We got up a bit late today and took our morning slowly and easy.  Today’s agenda was to go to The Upside World in Slayan, which is about 20 km from Bangkok.  First we took sky train as usual then continued by taxi to the Upside World.  We had so much fun there, sometimes the world does seems better when you’re upside down! 😜

In the evening we went to have dinner on the river cruise boat.  It was a lovely and relaxing evening, Bangkok looked pretty sparkling at night.

There was a bit funny story about this river cruise.  So, when we got to the building we went to the concierge to ask where is the cruise located.  We got a piece of paper but it was all in Thai language.  My friend asked the man who looked like a ladyboy at the concierge desk where actually the place was, and showed him/her the paper.  He/her refused to read that for us, even after we told him/her that we are not Thai we can’t speak Thai (he/she can speak very good English, by the way) so after a while my friend, frustrated, asked for the manager because clearly he didn’t want to help us, and especially his attitude was so rude.  Then he started to use F words toward us.  After back and forth exchanging F words and people started gathering to watch, finally a man from our cruise appeared and told us where to go.  The ladyboy I think was still not happy with us, so he started to chase us and saying, ‘you all die you all die’ …. we just gave our middle fingers and walked away.  Yup, fighting with a ladyboy, checked ✔️ 🙈😂 We really didn’t understand why he got so upset and from the start wasn’t willing to help us while we asked him politely.  He should not work at the concierge if he doesn’t wanna help people!

Day 3: Chatuchak Market, Rooftop Bar, and fine dining

Today we got up early for Chatuchak market.  Tried to get there as early as we could to beat the crowd and the heat! I love this market too, I wish I could bring it home every thing there, especially the housewares decors and handicrafts! We got there around 9.30am and wandered around until almost 3pm!  The coconut mango ice cream was so so so delicio!!  I could eat them forever 😂 Our lunch was also very yummo.

Back from the market, we went to have Thai massage nearby our hotel.  I’m not a big fan of Thai massage though.   Then we went back to our hotel to get ready for some cocktails  at Vanilla sky rooftop bar.  Half way into our drinks, suddenly Bangkok got flushed by a heavy rain!  Damn!  But we managed to have a very nice dinner at the very nice restaurant that I forgot what was the name of the restaurant!  I only remembered it was in soi 33 in Sukhumvit area, pardon moi! Ok, I remember now the name of the restaurant is Sri Trat restaurant & bar! Bangkok got heavy flood that night.  We were lucky that we could get an uber driver to return as back to the hotel.

Day 4: Karmakarmet, Wat Arun, last time shopping 

Today is our last day in Bangkok.  We went to have brunch at this cosy place called Karmakarmet.  I love this place!  Besides its restaurant/cafe, Karmakarmet also sells aromatherapy candles, body oil/lotion, and cosmetics.  Their candles and body spray smells soo freaking good!  The atmosphere and surrounding in this hidden place is so calm and green.  Food is pretty good too.  Highly recommended 👍🏻

After our tummy was full, off we went to see Wat Arun.  Wat Arun is the most stunning temple in Bangkok, I reckon!  My fave.  The design is very different to the other temples, it is made up of colourful decorated spires and stands majestically over the water. Disappointed that the spire of the temple was closed due to renovation so we couldn’t climb the tower.  But walking around the compound was interesting too.


We had lunch at Siam Square food court and again the food is never failed!  Then, it was shopping time until our hands were full and shops were closed 😅  We took a Tuk Tuk back to our hotel.  And it was raining again in Bangkok.  The rest of the evening we spent packing our bags and for the last time ate dinner at our “local” Queen Bee, then bed time since our flight back home was very early in the morning.


Bangkok itself is amazing.  I had a great time with my friends.  I loved the food very much.  I enjoyed the shopping experienced and pretty amazed by all those gorgeous temples.  But, I think if I ever go back there again I would love to explore more to  the western shore and northern side of Thailand.

Hope this post won’t be too long and bored you so much!

Til next !!



15 responses to “girls trip —> bangkok”

  1. No, not bored at all gw sih kalau ada foto dan cerita tentang makanan. Nice girls trip Ria 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Lo, thank you. How are you? Lama ga kedengeran kabar berita😍


  3. Wah seru yah, mbak Ria, akupun ngikutin IS kamu hehe.. And upside down world itu bener2 meras otak deh.. yg pernah aku pergiin untung ada yang nemenin dan ngasi tahu plus bantu fotoin, di bangkok gitu juga kah?


    1. Hahaaa iya ya Inly ikutin Insta story aku pas di BKK ya 😆 Kemarin pas kita kesana karna lagi sepi jadi tanpa diminta mereka yang foto2in kita bertiga jadi mayan deh kesannya kayak punya photographer pribadi hahaaaa….


      1. Hahaha.. i see, berarti rata2 sama yah..


  4. Ahhh Bangkok selalu seruuuu ya. Makanan, belanja2, huaaaa. Skr pengen papaya salad deh haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iya Non, tau gitu dari dulu aku ke Bangkok dweh 🙂

      Aku selama disana hampir tiap hari makan kalo ga papaya salad, mango salad, or corn salad…enakkk semuanya!!


  5. Thai Airways aku pun suka banget, pernah terbang ke Jerman dari Jkt pake Thai ini ,semua serba ungu dan fucshia ya, dan dikasih bunga anggrek untuk semua penumpang, sweet banget, sayang dari Brussels seringnya mahal kl ke Jkt pake Thai Air.

    Seru bgt girls trip nya, Bkk emang asik buat seseruan, murah meriah muntah hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iyaaa Feb, dikasi bunga anggrek dan makanannya enak2 juga 🙂 .

      Ihh…sumpi itu makanan dan belanja koq murah meriah bener yaaaksss, rasanya pengen borong semuaahhhh! 🙂 🙂


  6. Makanan Thai emang enak banget yaaaa. Waktu di Bangkok kerjaanku cuma makan aja hehehe.


  7. wihh, seru banget.. jadi pingin cepat2 kesana juga 😣😣


    1. Sekilas mirip Jakarta ya si Bangkok ini. The weather, the traffic…


      1. iya, kata teman aku sih gitu.. aku rencana kesana sih next year..
        termasuk murah ngak mba dsna kalo untuk kulinernya?


        1. Murah meriah bangetsss! Makanan dan shopping murah2, dan makanannya enak2 semua mau itu dari gerobak pinggir jalan sampe ke fine dining😋😋 You must go to Bkk at least once!😘


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