what we did last summer

Hello peeps!

How have you been doing?  I’ve been very busy with life so far, and summer is gone in a blink of an eye!  Well, it’s autumn in this part of the world, though the temperature hasn’t dropped yet, we are still in our 20nish so far but at least it’s much cooler in the evening now.  And longer days become short, light turns dark and we move from outdoors to indoors.

Anyhow, this is a late post but I thought before summer is really gone I must publish it.  So, in January we went to Albany for couple days.  The main purpose was for my boys to do the surf life country carnival which was held in Albany’s main beach the Middleton.  Albany is  about 4 hours drive from Perth.  We stayed in a cottage at the caravan park, no camping this time! 🙂

We had lotsa fun playing and exploring the area, swimming, fishing, snorkling, and hiking.  My highlight was when we had to hike Porongurup National Park.  The hike or walk wasn’t that easy, it required scrambling over rocks and climbing a ladder to finally get to the Granite Skywalk.  But it ‘s worth it because the view from the top of the Castle Rock is spectacular!


Attached is a vlog about our fun time in Albany and some pictures as well. Warning, it’s a bit long and it may bore you.  Apologise for the shaky movements as I was trying to balance between walking on the rocks and recording, I’m not that pro yet!  Personally, I think vlogging is very time consumed from uploading, editing, etc, etc, that sometimes makes me wonder what the heck am I doing.  So, please like, comment, subscribe, etc, yessss….I’m bullying you into it!  Hahaaaaa……of course not, I’m only joking!  But I would appreciate much if you do though 🙂


Hope you all have a good week!

Take care,


13 responses to “what we did last summer”

  1. Wow! Keren banget Mbak… kalo vlognya kasi lihat kaya gini, bakal saya pantengin dah…
    langitnya, warna airnya, batu-batunya, wuih kerennn abis mbak…
    (langsung nyari tau Albany)


    1. Thank you Denina😘 If one day you happen to be in Western Australia do visit Albany area, the beaches are gorgeous👌🏻


  2. bagus pemandangannya ya…


    1. Indeed, Man👌🏻


  3. Ya Allah cantik banget mbak Riaaaaaa ❤️❤️. Udah kaya foto2 di kalender lol


    1. Iya Dila pantainya so pretty, hahaaaa jadi model kalendar 2017 yaks🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wih keren banget mbak pemandanganya jadi pengen kesana hahaha


    1. It is indeed beautiful. Kl pas ke western australia jalan2 deh ke Albany, it’s worth it👌🏻


  5. Oh wow it looks like a stunning place! 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed Dixie😘👌🏻


  6. Aaah keren banget mbaaaak…..
    Vlogging is very time consumed from uploading, editing, etc, etc —> hahaha iyaah bener banget ini, geregetan aku juga but actually it’s fun though. That’s why i don’t do vlogging or maybe i’ll try one day instant vlogging without editing.


    1. Iya Shin aku juga suka gregetan dan ga sabar kl bikin vlogging. Blom lagi kl pas mau upload i ternet lg bermasalah ughhh rasanya pengen ngamuk2 ga jelas deh!


  7. It looks stunning. Great post 👍🏼


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