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this mama’s life

Hey everyone,

Finally, this mama gets time to blog again!

It has been a very full on and hectic life of this mama lately.  That’s why I haven’t been able to update this blog since my last post.

My boys have finished school last week, yup it’s early, and it’s not good because I still have to work while they don’t go to school anymore.  To leave them alone at home the whole day make me feel so uneasy.  Lucky, the other day when I had to work they had sleep over at their friend’s house, so at least kept my mind in peace knowing that they were not alone the whole day at home.  I know my boys are 12 years old now, few people say it’s ok to leave them home alone, but this mama still feels not so comfortable with that.  Is it just me being an over protected mother  or if you are in the same situation like me, are you ok leaving your pre teenagers kids home alone while you are working? Please do share.

I feel like this year flies so fast, it feels like just yesterday they entered the new phase of their life, high school, and now year 7 has finished and on to year 8 next year!  Reports from school got sent home early this week and I am very very pleased with their results.  I couldn’t help but feeling so proud, happy, and made me teary eyed reading at their results.  Well, if you let me brag a bit on the results, twin 1 got almost A except B for math, bugger…otherwise he would be a straight A student :p While twin 2 also done pretty good, mostly B with little bit C scattered here and there 🙂  All the hard works, tears, late night studied, labelled me ‘monster mummy’…are paid off!

Anyhow, enough of bragging and I do apologize if you think I am showing off….which is probably I am, but as a mother, when I read the reports while I was on my 15 minutes lunch break, after standing up since 9.30 am, I couldn’t help but feeling so thankful and grateful.  As this year is the transition year for the boys from primary to high school, and it was not always smooth and easy, we got rough time, tantrums, and little bumpy road here and there but in the end we have survived!

This week is the last week of all the surf and swimming competition they had to go through.  On Saturday my little fish came 3rd at the Long Course Pentathlon 2016, it was also his last competition for 2016 before the State Championship next year.  Phewww….now we can enjoy the holiday!  I will have one more day working this week and then….I’ll be home for Christmas, yaay!  🙂

To end this post I just uploaded a new vloging on my you tube channel.  It’s my second vlog so far.  I am still not too sure about vlogging though, I find it too time consumed!  Anyway, if you follow me on my channel please subscribe, comment, and like, will ya! 🙂  Thanks in advance 🙂

Happy Sunday!


10 responses to “this mama’s life”

  1. It’s okay mbak Ria to leave them alone at home, sometimes, hihihi. Anyway happy welcoming holiday! ^^


    1. Ahahaaa ma kasih Ge masukannya😜😜
      Happy holidays to you too, eh libur ga Natal/New Year?


      1. Aku skarang kuliah mbak nglanjutin yg kmrn.. Hehe kampusnya gak libur 🙂 Tgl 26 aja

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Mbak, serius lunch break cuma 15 minutes?


    1. Seriussss Shin….padahal aku kerja dari jam 9.30-5 loh 😕


      1. Laaaah kok tega banget.. aku aja dikasih break 1 jam masih suka curi2 waktu tambahan…


  3. congrats ya… pasti bangga dong kalo anaknya berprestasi gitu… 🙂

    di sana grade 8 itu udah termasuk high school ya?


    1. Thanks Man, I believe you have the same feeling too for your so talented kids 😍😘

      Year 7,8,9 sebenarnya sit masih dibilang middle school tapi in general sekolahnya dibilang high school.


  4. Lunch break 15 menit itu ngunyah makanannya gimana yak ..apa nggak keselek kak?


    1. Bahahaaaaa😆😆 Exactly Wi! According to the law seharus ya kalo kita kerja more than 7 hours, we should get an hour or at least 45 minute!!


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