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n a m a s t e

Hi everyone…

How’s your Saturday so far? I have to work today but don’t worry I’m not blogging from my work place 🙂  I went to my yoga class this morning at 6 am.  Now that the temperature is starting to get warm, if I could I would prefer to do my yoga in the morning, especially for Bikram.

Speaking about yoga, yoga is every where you look at the moment, from yoga pants becoming fashion to new yoga studios scattered every where.  And yoga cafe too!

I have been practising yoga since a long time ago, but becoming religiously going to class at least three times a week  since May this year, when I join a yoga studio near where I live.  I love my yoga practise so far.  Mind you, I used to go to the gym to do pump class and Zumba, but I didn’t go regularly.  I didn’t know why, perhaps it was just me, or I didn’t really like the club that I had joined, but I didn’t really felt ‘fit in’ in the classes that I did.  I enjoyed Zumba pretty much, but that was about it though, it’s not challenged me enough.  I found that the hours was not flexible and when I turned up five minutes before it started, I mostly didn’t get a space, didn’t get the equipments that I needed, and few people ‘booked’ or ‘marked’ a space for their friends which was annoyed me to the hell!  So, I quit my membership and choose yoga now and so far I’ve been pretty happy and content.

I know for some people yoga is not a form of physical exercise, because they said it doesn’t make them swear and more into “relaxation” exercise and meditation.  Well, I was exactly had the same opinion long time ago too.  Then I joined a small group of yoga class near my boys’ school and since then it has changed my perception about yoga.  Unfortunately my lovely and very good yoga teacher at this small yoga class moved to Trinidad 😦 But I’m lucky now that I can find a yoga studio that has amazing and helpful yoga teachers.

It may surprise you that there’s more than just stretching in yoga class.  There are a number of different styles of physical yoga, each with their own benefits and differences.  For example in Vinyasa yoga, we’ll move through postures in quick succession creating heat in the body through movement.  Vinyasa is more physically challenging form of yoga practise (core strength, high plank, etc ) and because its rapid movements and changes in stance elevate the heart rate and get the blood pumping, resulting in more calories burned, which is good :p

I normally do Vinyasa and Bikram yoga, bikram is a hot yoga style practised in a room heated to 40C.  It consists of 26 Asanas (postures) including two breathing exercises.

Anyhow, I’m happy with my yoga routine so far, the only exercise that I can commit and do pretty much REGULAR, not like before when I joined the gym, there were more days I didn’t go than I did, if you know what I mean.  And the benefits that I can feel so far, I have never got back pain any more, fingers cross!  Because in my work I am mostly standing and walking around from 9.30am til 5pm.  It improves my flexibility and postures and also reduce stress and keep me calm and stay grounded, huh!  Even my husband noticed…I’m more zen these days bahahaa…:) 🙂

pic from Pinterest

What ever exercise forms  you choose, do it properly and commit to it, then you can see the result.  And of course it’s not gonna happen in a day or so.  Every thing needs persistent and patience.  I exercise to stay healthy, get in shape and tone, if I can loose a kilo or two that’s a bonus.

Yoga, walking my dog to the river, being a driver for my kids, working part-time, and of course doing house chores, there are my exercises this day.  I’m happy and content with my life even though life is not always kind to us lately, but above every thing else I’m grateful for a good health of all of my family and I, a roof over our heads, and food on the table.

Have a great week-end everyone, and….Namaste!

note: featured image photo is from Power Living Yoga. 






18 responses to “n a m a s t e”

  1. aku jg lagi suka yoga nih Ria hehehe. Seru ya


    1. Ikut kelas apa aza Non?


  2. aku juga suka yoga Mbak Ria…


    1. Ikut yoga kelas juga Ira?


      1. ikut Mbak Ria..kebetulan temen aku yang jadi instrukturnya 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Do it properly and commit to it –> need to be my worship words I think, hehehe. Aku masih seneng Zumba dan Dance Workout sih mbak, so far, tapi ga rutin hehe. Happy welcoming weekdays! 😉


    1. Aku juga seneng sih Zumba Ge, kdg aku msh suka ke kelas Zumba juga buat selingan. Pokoknya, apa pun jenis olahraganya yg penting, being active and not being potato couch deh👌🏻


  4. namaste…

    gua belum pernah ikutan yoga… 😀


    1. Hahaaa di kelas gw ini byk juga loh cowoq2 Man, dari yg muda sampe yg uda sepuh ada juga😜😛


  5. Kalau yg religious kuikuti lari dan karate, Ria. Lari sejak kecil smp sekarang. Kalau sedang lari, berasa kayak lagi meditasi. Berasa tenang dan setelahnya pikiran jadi nyaman. Kalau karate karena memang suka olahraga bela diri sampai sudah jadi guru waktu di Jakarta. Pernah ikut kelas yoga, tapi memang kayaknya bukan panggilan hati. Renang karena kebutuhan terapi punggung yg skoliosis. Benar, apapun olahraganya, yang penting konsisten dan tujuannya untuk sehat.


    1. Wah, sampe sekarang masih karate Den? Aku dulu juga ikut karate waktu smp tapi ga lama. Betul, apapun jenis olahraganya, yg penting bergerak dan konsisten👌🏻


      1. Selama di Belanda sudah ga pernah lagi Ria. Latihan sendiri di rumah, ga ikutan komunitas. Tempo hari kepikiran ambil ujian kenaikan tingkat di sini, tapi maju mundur mikir kayaknya badan sudah ga segesit dulu lagi haha dan agak jiper juga kalau musti tanding sama orang Belanda. Jadi ya sudahlah kayaknya sementara puas sabuk coklat aja. Naik ke hitamnya kapan2 kalau niat 😅


        1. Jadi guru karate aza Den😜 aku cuma sampe kuning doang Deeen🙈🙈😝😝


  6. Yoga, belum pernah nyoba dan jujur agak skeptis, karena nggak suka sama meditasi2an, mungkin harus nyoba yang cardio yoga yang kamu bilang Ria.

    Aku sendiri ikut kelas pilates reformer, mungkin gerakan2nya juga ada yang mirip, tapi lebih “power” menurutku, dan fokusnya ke pembentukan core, bukan mind relaxation. So far sih addicting banget ini kelas pilates, sampe sekarang dari bulan Mei masih rajin 3x seminggu, cm libur klo pas sakit / vacation.

    Itu sama lari juga 2-3x seminggu, biar tetep bisa makan-makan terus :p


    1. Sama Va, dulu juga aku ga suka yoga krn mikirnya cuma maditasi doank. Tapi so far yoga yg aku ikut skarang ini, Vinyasa dan Bikram more to core strength ga ada meditasinya segala. Iya beberapa gerakan pilates ada yg mirip Va.
      Tul Va, karna suka makan jadi kita perlu membakar-bakar si carb ya biar ga jadi fat dan bisa tetap enjoy good food, agree 100%👌🏻😘


  7. Aku lagi rajin ikutan body weight training Rii macamnya Kayla Itsines itu pernah denger ngga hehehe.. udh 6bulanan dan so far so good walaupun suka bolong2 sih hehehe


    1. Aku juga Ta, tapi aku beli programnya aza terus do it at home. Jd biasanya abis bawa Sammy jalan ke river sekalian aku jogging ringan, pulang langsung doing exercisenya si Kayla😀 Di Jkt si Kayla programme ini ada di gym2 juga kah?


      1. Well aku ada kelompok olahraga gitu bareng temen2 SMA ri, kita tiap minggu kumpul di lapangan SMA kita terus olahraga bareng.. ada temen kita yg jadi trainer soalnya lumayan deh dia yg nge-coach. Terus sisanya aku dirumah sendiri setiap hari 3 reps. (Idealnya hahaha), tapi suka bolong2 jadi seminggu 3 kali lah 😀 😀


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