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My oh my…it’s Friday again already!  Time does flies when you’re busy for sure…well at least that’s what happened to me.  This week has been very hectic for our family.  Wednesday evening we attended the annual award presentation night at Perth Concert Hall, as the boys had to participate in singing and one of my boys got an award for Visual Art for year 7.  He’s one of 8 boys from year 7 that receiving awards that night.  Yes, this mama here is very happy of course!  As this year is the beginning of high school for my children, and it’s not always a smooth transition from primary to middle school.  Lots of things changed, they need to be more independent and organise themselves without as much help from us, it wasn’t like when they were in primary.  The presentation night went pretty nice, some singing and dancing, musical act, speeches, and so on and lots of clapping hands (until my hands were hurt 😛 It ended at almost 10 pm.  And of course school was still on the next morning.  I just wondered why didn’t they have it on Friday night, for example.

my (little) boy receiving an award

Anyway, enough bragging about that.  Today I started my day as early as 4.45 am.  Made brekkie for my son and woke him up, and 10 minutes later we were on the way to his swimming club.  Then, back home I had a bit time to make coffee and toast and some quiet time, before waking up the other one, made him brekkie again, and took him to his swimming club.  Mind you, the boys at the moment are swimming in two different clubs.  One is swimming with the school club so that’s why we have to be back and forward, just for Friday though.  Then I went to my yoga class and after finished my vinyasa straight away went to pick my son up from the pool.  Are you exhausting just reading this? 😀Let alone me! 🤓🤓 Then I gotta drop him to the school, then I go to work!  Blaahhh….by the time I got to my work I feel like I’ve been running a marathon!

In the afternoon, after school one has to go back to swim again (after his rowing at school) and sometimes I have to wait a bit longer for the other one to finish his basket ball game.  The boys choose different sports at school during this summer.  One is rowing and one is basket ball.  When I finally can get my basket ball son to the car, we go straight to his (another) basket ball training…. I know….I roll my eyes too!  I usually wait at the basket ball  stadium because it’s only take an hour 15 minutes training, then from there we go fetching number one from swimming.  Then back home.  Phewwww….. see now you know why I wish I had a driver and a maid, right! 🙂 🙂

When my husband is in town, it’s a bit easier because then we can share the drop and pick up thingy.  But if he has to work in the office it’s again I gotta running around like a loose chook 🙄Usually our Saturday is a bit less drama.  We can sleep in a bit and have our breakfast in relax atmosphere.  The only sport we have on Saturday afternoon is basket ball game (again!) Sunday for this summer time we have surf life in the morning.  When I said we, I meant the boys…😊  But we still have to take them to the beach and wait there, and also sometimes we are rostered for canteen or bbq, or beach helper.  And I don’t mind spending the morning at the beach, sometimes while waiting I would pop in to the cafe shop nearby for a caffeine intake or I have my morning walk and dip in the sea as well.

On Sundays I usually will bake some things for the boys lunch box and make dessert for us too, plus also cleaning, vacuuming, dusting the house, and of course do the laundry!  Well, that’s a little bit of my day to day life in words.  It does drive us crazy sometimes.  But again, it’s life and it’s good to be active and busy rather than being a couch potato.  The most important thing, we do this because the boys like being active and love their sport.  We try to balance and limit between sports activities and school academic.  Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to juggle, but as parents we always support whatever they want to do in their life, rowing, surf, painting, or even a bmx ride like my number 2 is crazy about every thing bmx bikes at the moment!🙄

Anyhow, I hope you all have a good and relax week end with your loved ones.  Thanks for sparing your time to read my rambling of not so important post 😘

Happy Friday!💜

19 responses to “this mama’s life”

  1. Kalau baca gini jadi keinget dulu mama papaku juga pasti ribet banget ngurus aku sama adikku. Dulu juga selalu rajin renang dan latihan field hockey, dan sll dijemput mama or papa. Pastinya your boys are very lucky to have you as their mama mbak ❤️

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  2. Ahahaaaa Aggy aku jadi merasa tuwir banget dweehhh….emak2 banget gituh yaks! Emang juga sih uda emak2…dan tuwir😜😜
    Ma kasi ya Gy uda main2 ksini😘😘


  3. Mbak Riaaaa, anak dua udah gede2 tapi ga kliatan ih 😉. Btw aku kadang suka bayangin kalo anak udah gede, gimana ya dia sama aku.. semoga hangat terussss sampe nanti udah punya anak istri huhhahhaa ngayalnya jauuuuh ;). U raise them so good mbak Ria 🙂

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    1. Hahahaaaa….aku uda tuwir niiih🙈🙈 anak kl uda gede uda bisa jadi spt teman Dila, maksudnya bisa nemenin ke mall or resto bisa diajak ngobrol atau diskusi. Ma kasi darling😘😘

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  4. Super kereenn. Baca post ini, yes! Anda butuh supir dan mbak ART. Luar biasa banget manajemen waktu dan aktivitasnya. Salut 👏👏👏 aku mesti berguru nih.


    1. Ala bisa karna terpaksa Frany😜 Yaah gitu deh kalo hidup merantau harus pinter2 ngatur waktu kalo ga, bisa ribet bin tempong😝 Ma kasi ya Fran, nanti lama2 juga bisa koq, sering2 latihan aza😘😘

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  5. kadang kangen banget masa2 diurus sama mama yang sebagai anaknya ngikut aja, gak usha mikir apa2.. walopun belum punya anak, aku dah sempat ngelewatin masa2 kayak gini juga, mbak Ria.. so i feel you.. tetep semangattt.. 🙂

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    1. Aahh bener Inly, aku juga mikirnya selama mereka masih ‘perlu’ diurus dan duanter sana sini ya why not. Bentar lagi kl uda bisa driving sendiri munhkin ga perlu lagi minta dianter sana sini😉🙄 I’m enjoying motherhood as long as its last👌🏻😘


      1. yesss.. setuju banget mba Ria.. kalau udah mulai abg dan gak pengen kelihatan jalan sama mamanya, yah udah deh, mama pun hanya sama papa saja.. 😀


  6. Bravo mama!! Busy busy but always have time (even a bit) to pamper yourself. I learn a lot from your stories Ri 🙂

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    1. Thanks darling, kalo hidup ga ada ART dan assisten2 lainnya seperti di Indonesia, yah emang uda harus pinter2 me-manage waktu Ta, kalau ga ntar ga bisa exist di dunia sosial media dwonk hahahaaaa….*kidding* 🙂 🙂


  7. Salut dengan Mbak Ria, pokoknya Super Mom banget deh! *sodorin dua jempol* 😉

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    1. Adhyaaa ma kasi darling!! Aku ga merasa super mom sik tapi lebih karena emang uda harus gitu dan emang rutinitasnya kurang lebih hampir tiap hari ya kyk gitu. Looking forward to a long school hols!

      Hows the pregnancy, kapan due date? Semoga kamu dan baby sehat2 selalu ya😘


      1. kalo baca ceritanya itu sudah tergolong super mom untuk saya, ya bagun pagi, ya nyiapin sarapan, ya anterin anak-anak sekolah, les ini itu belum lagi masak buat makan siang/malam, wow warbiyasaa, harus jadi panutan banget nih buat saya!
        kehamilan lancar mbak, due date nya tgl 4 november, ni lagi nunggu aja siapa tau dah mules duluan, thank you for asking mbak Ria dan terima kasih juga atas doanya 😉

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  8. Selamat Ria untuk the boy yang terima penghargaan. You must be a very proud Mama!. Ini the boy yang aku ngefans itu kah? *huahaha keinget puisinya. Kalo aku lagi sebaliknya, lagi santai banget hidupku dan aku menikmatinya. Ada masa2nya memang ya santai dan sibuk.

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    1. Ma kasi Den, hahaaa inget aza Deny sama Nathan. Iya, dia yg nulis puisi yg kamu suka itu😘😘😍😍

      Iya nih Den, hopefully next week ga se-hectic minggu ini. Pengen juga leyeh2 santai👌🏻😘


  9. I always love reading your “this mama’s life” … congrats for ur handsome boy!!!

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    1. Heeeyyy Jo! Kemana aza darling uda lama ga baca cerita2mu Jo… Ma kasih tante Jooo….xx Iya uda lama ga update ‘this mama’s life’ Jo….:)


      1. Ini udah update2 lagiba ri…kemaren2 ga mood ngeblog


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