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are you a bad mom?

if you are, continue reading please..😜


Couple weeks ago I went to see Bad Moms the movie with a bunch of my bad moms girlfriends. 

The movie is really really funny according to my sense of humour. Yeah it has a lot of swearing words, that’s why it’s called bad moms😜 and it’s not appropriate for children. So whatever the reasons please don’t take your young children to see this movie ok!

The movie is about Amy played by Mila Kurnis ( I always like her!) who is a mother of two kids aged 12 and 9. Being a mother as well as working as a sales rep for a coffee company, she often has to juggle between school drop off, meeting with clients, kids’ sport activities, parents meetings,  cooking or preparing dinner for the family (sound very familiar, right?) , and not to mentioned being judged by other mothers who think they are perfect and better in every way.

Amy tries to accommodate all her children needs, from making them breakfast, pack them a healthy lunch box to even make their school projects and homeworks, goes to all their school activities and is active in her school’s  PTA run by domeneering Gwenfolyn (Christina Applegate).  Because she’s trying hard to be a good mother….for her children and the society.

Until one day she gets fed up, she’s overworked, overstressed with all her efforts trying to be a good mum that actually creates chaos to her own life. So, she decided to join forces with two others stressed out mothers to get away from a mundane life and conventional responsibilities .  She turns into  a ‘don’t care mother’ , who goes out to party with her friends til late at night, has a flirt with a handsome widower, say no to her boss, makes her children do their own breakfast and homeworks, and against all odds trying to be elected to become the new PTA leader!

Okay, I’m not going to spoil you about the whole story because it will ruin your curiosity to see this movie if you haven’t.

In overall some of the plots of this movie are really reflecting to my life as a mother (except the husband’s part!)  It’s like watching my daily life as a mother being filmed😜🙈 Yes I do pack my kids a healthy homemade lunch box and when they don’t eat it and prefers junk food I feel like a failure.    Yes I do sometimes arrive late to school or training due to the morning chaos in my household. And yes I do need to loosen up a bit and let the kids fending for themselves.

As a mother we often try to do every thing for our kids, our family.  We forget to take care of ourselves, we over-worked and stressed out. We need to remind ourselves that except being a mother we are also a human being who often make mistakes. And it is okay! We allow to make mistake because there is no right or wrong in parenting. Every kid is different what works for him may not work for her.

And for us mothers, sometimes we need to chill a bit, it would do us and the entire family good, me think!😜

So, if you haven’t watched this movie and you’re a mother you ought yourself a night out with your fellow motherfriends to see this hilarious comedy…off you go!

*PTA: Parent Teacher Association

18 responses to “are you a bad mom?”

  1. Ikut kabur dong mbaaaa hahahahhaa…


    1. Kabur ke mana Din😜😜


  2. ternyata the boys juga suka gak ngabisin bekal sekolahnya ya mba…samaan kaya Bazyl deh ih…suka sebel n kesel dah capek2 buatin gak dimakan. gondok sendiri yang ada ;p


    1. Betullll Niiis, yg ada jadi bete sendiri kan ya. Exactly the same feeling Nis, hi 5 deh!! Toss to the motherhood!


  3. Aiiihhh.., tau gak.., belakangan ini Bear makin ogah-ogahan makan sarapan “sehat” yg aku bikin.. Dia maunya apa coba..?!? Vegemite on toast yg lagi aku makan..😁 Dan dia beneran doyan, soalnya minta lagi minta lagi😱 Sarapannya dia sendiri ditepis pake tangan sehingga berhamburan ke mana-mana😁


    1. He’s a true Aussie Em!👌🏻😜 eh tapi toast and Vegemite not too bad brekkie tho aplg kl rotinya wholemeal or multigrain. My boys juga dulu gitu sekitar 5 bulanan suka ngemutin vegemite toast👌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Iya bapaknya mah girang banget anaknya doyan Vegemite.. Lulus jadi Aussie boy katanya😄 Tapi kalo sarapan buatanku ditolak gara-gara Vegemite sih gak terlalu sakit hati lah😝 Dan ya tuh sekarang udah lebih sering ngemut roti+Vegemite itu..


  4. Dari kapan liat trailernya pingin nonton film ini. Kayaknya lucu banget nih


    1. Luuucuuu Gy, nonton deeeh!👌🏻👌🏻😛😛


  5. Banget Non, typical emak2 ribet kyknsku deh😝😝🙈


  6. Aah aku mah bad mom dari kapan tauk deeh. Nggak pernah nyiapin sarapan buat anak, nggak pernah masak puun. Terlalu dimanja sama “can do all and perrfectionist” babysittter. Kecuali utk urusan menyusui, Hehehehe…


  7. You’re not a bad mom Shin, you’re just lucky to have extra hands/helpers…I need one here😜


  8. Jadi penasaran sama filmnya Mbak TFS 🙂


    1. Sama2😘 Di Indonesia diputar ga ya di cinema?


  9. I’ve seen that movie and loved it. so so funny :)) x


    1. Yeah, I can relate to it 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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