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5 things i ❤️

It’s June already! Time flies so fast when you are busy and having fun!  Long time ago I started this ” 5 things I ❤️ ” and as typical me, I forgot about it. So, I promise myself (and my readers) that I will try to post ” 5 things I ❤️” once every month, regularly. Fingers cross!

Now, here are my favourite five things that I love at the moment;

  1. NUXE Baume Levres Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm 15g

As winter is here already, the weather sometimes feels a bit dry and it affects the condition of my lips. I use this product every day and I like that it’s not super glossy ( I’m not a fans of shiny lips ) and it’s very moist. It helps nourish, repair, and protect my lips. Since I only need to apply very little so it will last longer too. It’s paraben free aa well. Kids and men can use it too.

  1.  Benefit Roller Lash

My absolute number one favorite mascara! My eye lashes are thin and not long and I have tried many many mascara but this one is the only one that works on me. I love the curve comb wand as it gets every single lash root to end. It lengthens and gives volume as well.  Another thing, if you are in tight budget, I also recommend the Maybelline Lash Sensational. This mascara also works wonderful on me. They are my two faves.

3.  Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Serum

My hair lately have been very dry and frizzy, and I have tried so many hair products to no success.  This serum is not sticky at all like any other serum. It makes my dry hair smooth, shine, silky, and frizz free. It’s 100% pure argan oil and super concentrated so you do not need to apply lot.  Just rub a drop or two of argan oil between your palms and smooth it through dry hair, concentrating on ends.  It has jojoba oil, avocado oil and vit E. I really love this serum because I almost to the point to chop my hair very very short! Thanks to this serum, it helps the dry condition of my hair. I even bought two bottles at once for stock up!

  1.  Stilla Eyeshadow Pallet in Soul

I love love this eye pallet.   It’s my staple for every day eye make up and also for night time.  The colours pallet are perfect, mostly natural colours but you can mix them up for night time use. It blends easily, pigmented, and you can play around with the colors to suit your mood or situation, and it comes in a pretty salmon pink case with a mirror.  It’s also pretty compact so it’s good to bring for travelling. Very recommended!

  1.  Balenciaga Perfume

In winter, I prefer perfume that is not too light like in summer but also not so heavy and too sweet.  This Balenciaga Paris is kind of floral fragrance created with a dose of the traditional nuance. It has the mix of wood, cedar, patchouli and violet. It gives floral essences that’s not so sweet and powdery, which I like. I’m not a big fan of sweet smell perfume.

Until next post!😘



13 responses to “5 things i ❤️”

  1. NisadanChicco Avatar

    Penasaran ama nuxe lipbalm mba soale di rekomen ama alodita juga. Jossie maran argan oil aku masih pake yg buat muka tapi walau dah jarang pake juga si sekarang. kan mba ria yg reccomend hihihihi. Makin mau brojolan dah makin malas dandan n urusan skincare deh nih aku 😅😅


    1. Cobain deh Nis, aku si suka bener2 ok buat bibir yg sangat kering pecah2 gitu. Dan se-botol itu lama abisnya krn dikit aza uda ok. Bisa buat anak2 juga. Ahh tapi Nisa tetep kinclong aza thu meski ga dandan…glowiiiing👌🏻👌🏻


  2. Dari dulu tertarik dengan Jossie Maran secara rambutku payah tp di Jerman nggak ada yg jual merek itu 😞


    1. Sama Beth, rambut aku juga OMG kering dan rontok! Coba beli online aza deh.


  3. Eyeshadow pallet nya, mauuu. Hehe. Warna2nya aku banget. Hihi


    1. Warnanya neutral ya Frany tapi bisa buat smokey eyes juga👌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Stilla aku juga pake mba dan luv banget :3 di sapu dikit udah gonjreng di mata trus Benefit juga aku demen banget sama produk buat mata nya. Aku belom pernah pake sih Mascaranya, baru eyeliner. Mau coba deh 😬😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iya kan Manda, aku juga cinta banget sama Stilla eye pallet ini, traveling pun sku cuma bawa itu aza. Cobain deh mascara si Benefit tapi yg roller lash ya, soslnya aku coba yg Benefit tp bukan yg roller lash ga ngaruh thu!


      1. Iya udah cukup banget ya mba bawa si Stilla. Malah sempet aku rebutan sama mama hahahah :p
        Wihh iya abis yang lama abis mau ah 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Dari daftarmu ini, aku naksir yg nomer 1 Ria. Bibirku ini dari dulu tipe yg gampang banget kering sampai pecah berdarah. Pakai madu, merek lokal Belanda, body shop, sampai merek2 yg aku lupa dibeliin ipar ga mempan semua. Masih aja kering dan pecah. Coba aku cek, kali aja ada yg jualan online. Thanks ya rekomendasinya Ria.


    1. Cobain si Nuxe ini Den, bibir anak aku soalnya kalo lagi winter juga suka gitu kering pecah2 dan kadang sampe berdarah, sejak aku pakein si Nuxe ini uda sangat membaik, ga berdarah lagi. Coba beli online di Sephore juga ada koq Den. xx


  6. Duh eye shadow palletnya cakep banget mbak 😭


    1. Iya cakep Ge, packaging-nya juga cantik, pink salmon gitu warnanya dan kacanya mayan gede di dalemnya 🙂


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