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3 countries in 3 weeks

4 if you count Scotland as a country …..


When I suggested to go to UK for our end of year holidays, my hubby thought I was insane.  He told me that it would be very cold, grey and miserable weather.  But he liked my crazy idea, and he even added Norway to our list, which was not in my plan before.

Taking a pic of their mama

My reason was it was a good time, our boys are big enough to travel long-haul and most important thing that they would remember the experiences and memories.  And I would love them to see where they were born and we used to live.  The timing was right, they just finished primary school and before the hustle and bustle of middle school, plus it was kind of rewarding present for graduated with good report from primary school.

So, yes we embarked on our long haul flight all the way from Down Under to the United Kingdom.  We were lucky enough that the flight was not full at all so each of us got our own three seats by ourselves, how spoil were we!

On the train from Burntisland to Edinburgh

The boys being eleven years old were pretty good traveler.  Particularly one of them is very good with direction and reading the map, unlike his mother! 🙂 But it doesn’t mean we didn’t have problems at all.  Oh no….still couple dramas and tears and a bit of tantrums happened for those three weeks a bit more.  I am not gonna elaborate the trouble and drama here, it was just typical pre-teens behavior. From not sharing stuff, just wanted to bury their head on their gadget instead of looking out the window, fighting over the bunk-beds, fighting over the camera, arguing over silly stuff, oh…you named it!  But after all, they were very good and never complained about how far we got to walk while dragging our luggage all over the place.  I’m no perfect parent, so even though my kids read books during our travel but they also brought their Ipad.  I think a bit of balance is not that bad, right??!

Traveling style

For those three weeks, we used airplanes, buses, underground metros, trains, and our feet for transportation.  As far as I remembered only once of twice we took a taxi.  Don’t ask me how many times we got lost, but I supposed that’s the fun of traveling until I got lost for almost three hours in Bergen, and that was not so fun! Read the story here if you’re interested :p

Waiting for a train to Oslo
Dragging bags to our apartment

As for the accommodation, again we were pretty lucky.  When we were in UK and Scotland we stayed at our friends’ house. One friend in Newark even let us had the  house for ourselves while she migrated to her-parents-in-law. She’s a good friend of mine originally from Prague and moved to UK, we knew each other when I was still childless, and now she has two beautiful and cute kids of her own. Cherish our friendship!

In Bergen, Oslo, and Paris we rented an apartment type of accommodation through AirBnB. It was our first time using AirBnB and we were very happy with all the apartments we chose. Most of them have 2 bedrooms with kitchen and washing machine. So, we can make our breakfast every morning, packed our lunch, cooked our dinner, and washed our smelly clothes 🙂  You might think we were stingy, but three weeks traveling in three different countries, we needed to spend our money wisely. Especially in Norway when everything was so dear! I so recommended the AirBnB, especially if you have little kids.  Our apartment in Bergen was so IKEA looks like and every thing is from IKEA from the bed sheets to the cutleries 🙂 While in Oslo, the apartment was a bit modern style but very spacious, and in Paris was so with a cute balcony which I think it would be very handy in the summer!


What is your traveling style? When you go to a new place, do you like to go exploring by your own itinerary or you prefer to go with the big group tour company, so you don’t need to think where to go, and not need to worry about getting lost? While I believe we all love the luxury stuff if we can afford it, do you spend your money on posh stylish accommodation or you rather spend it for sight-seeing things, for example; going to the ballet opera or watch the show at the West End theater in London, or going on fjord boat trip? Do you always shop when you go overseas, (and by shopping here I mean not the souvenirs things) ? Do you always eat out when you traveling? Share with me if you don’t mind, please!

we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us


16 responses to “3 countries in 3 weeks”

  1. Aku lebih suka akhir tahun kalo jalan-jalan, khususnya ke Eropa. Festive banget menyambut natal dan suka ada pasar malam yang jual makanan2 lucu. Tapi kadang pas hari natalnya suka tutup semua, jadi kadang susah nyari makan. Kecuali ke restoran Cina ya.


  2. Sukaaa sama ceritanya Ria. Seolah2 ikut berpetualang juga lewat 3 negara 😍 sejak pindah Belanda, kalau jalan2 agak jauh suka cari AirB&B. Suami sebenarnya ga suka, dia lebih suka dihotel, tapi aku bilang petualangannya beda. Apalagi kalau dapat AirB&B ditengah2 alam gitu, duhh tak hingga rasanya. Suami tipe pejalan yang rapi dan aman, sementara aku sukanya belangsakan kesana sini sampai masuk2 gang haha. Makanya kadang2 kami misah jalan sendiri2 karena selera beda. Kesamaan kami, suka berpetualang di alam.


    1. Aku juga fans sama apartment type akomodasi gini sejak punya anak, Den. Buat aku lebih praktis. Apalagisekarang the boys uda makin besar, kalo hotel kan harus pesen 2 kamar ya , ga bisa sekamar ber-4 semua. Kebalikkannya sama suami aku, dia tipe yg suka blangsakan sampe ke gang2 kecil gitu, jadi yah sama lah kayak aku.


  3. I love exploring places mbaaakk so get lost for some moments would be quite exciting tho (asal ga 3jam jg kali ya xixixi) and as for the accommodation, as long as it cheap and clean that’s okay lah, I’m more to go out rather than staying in the hotel. Imma such a museum-junkie 😉


    1. Iya Ge, buat aku akomodasi yg penting bersih ga perlu mewah tapi comfortable deh. Ah, kamu suka museum ya? Aku juga tapi ga sampe junkie heheheee…


  4. ceritanya seru mbak, walaupun diselingi dgn bbrp drama, kebersamaan dgn keluarga pasti berasa banget tuh 🙂


  5. anak kembar berantem juga ya.. kirain bakal akur.. hehehe


    1. Aahh mo kembar or ga, tetep lah Man ada berantemnya, argument, etc. Tapi ntar tiba2 uda main bareng lagi, gitu dey 😀


  6. What a memorable trip! 🙂

    Aku dari kecil waktu diajak jalan2 sama keluarga selalu modelnya ngirit Ri, hahaha.. Ayahku nabung keras2 buat beli tiket pesawat tapi disananya kita maksimalin liat pemandangan dan objek wisata, less on hotels/meals dan jaman dulu blm ada macam airbnb kan… Sekarang sejak traveling sendiri aku kebawa kayak gitu deh gaya travel nya 😀 istilahnya sampai destinasinya aja dulu, survive disana nya gampang hahahaha


    1. Sama donk Ta, aku juga dari dulu waktu traveling sm keluarga model ngirit yg penting melihat ‘dunia’. Sekarang ktemu suami yg juga modelnya ngirit hahaaa…. 😜😜

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow senangnya…😃 Meski musim dingin tetep seru ya.. Apartemennya cantik-cantik..


    1. Iya Em, kita emang sengaja pengen experienced white holidays 🙂 Apartmentnya cakep dan comfortable too.


  8. NisadanChicco Avatar

    Owalaah the boys pake singut2an juga toh mba hehehe. Seru yaa bisa jalan2 3 negara gitu … Biar kata lagi musim dingin namanya holiday ya pasti seruu yaa 🙂


    1. Pake banget Nis, kadang yang satu ga trouble eh yang satu yang problem, yah gitu lah!


  9. ke Newcastle mba kalo ke UK hehe ntar ketemuan sm aku :p


    1. Yang lamaan disana ya studynya yaa biar kalo aku ksana lagi bisa berjumpa kita😀😀😀


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