the quay & the fringe

So finally yesterday we had a free time in the afternoon and went to check out Elizabeth Quay. Apparently this place and the Fringe World is at the moment the most happening ones in Perth! 😀

Perth is my city and I love it 🙂 image

Though we live in Perth, we rarely went to the city part. Sometimes it’s hard to find time after all those sport activities during the day, by afternoon either we are too lazy to go out again or we are busy with house chores and homework stuff.

img_6357 image
img_6358 image

  Elizabeth Quay is located on north shore of Perth Water and centred on the landmark Swan Bells. It is named in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s free to the public, featuring the stunning inlet connected by 1.5km of board walks and promenades, children playground, kiosk, food trucks and beautiful views back to the city. People can get together and  have a picnic or just enjoy the view. Yesterday was pretty much chalk a block with people. I suppose it’s week-end and the weather was lovely. At 8pm there’s laser show, though the show is nothing compared to the one in Hongkong! image
ohdearria image
ohdearria image

Second most talked about is the Fringe World. Fringe World is an annual multi-arts festival featuring artists and acts from international. There are circus, cabaret, music, comedy, dance, visual art,   theater and film. Basically Fringe World is celebrating the summer vibes.  After the summer holidays have ended, Fringe World keeps the summer going in Perth for 31 days of entertainment. Today is the last day of Fringe World.

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Stairs to The Shambles. Photo by Mel Jasa
Photo by
ohdearria image

 Well, we had a beautiful evening. Kids enjoyed their swing ride and we had dinner at the very nice Vietnamese restaurant called Roll’d. If you happen to be in Perth, try this cosy Vietnamese gourmet restaurant.  Everything is yum and the price is reasonable. The owner is my friend, but I don’t get any special treatment and this is not a sponsor post😜



12 responses to “the quay & the fringe”

  1. Perth bagus juga ya. Terakhir kesana pas SMP taun 90an. Pasti dah berubah banyak sejak dulu ya.


    1. Perth uda ramean dari tahun 90an Clara, uda pake macet juga, meski tetap ga se-metropolitan Sydney or Melbourne😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh keren bgt ini..mauk ah kesini nanti..


    1. Uda aku masukin di list di email ya Vari 🙂


  3. Warna langit dan lightingnya kece bingits mbak….


    1. Iya sorenya lagi cantik kmarin Shin.


  4. Bagus banget mbaaa aku paling suka foto no.5 !!! Jadi pengen main2 ke perth 😃


    1. Ayooo dwooonk kesinih darjeliiing😘😘


  5. quay nya cakep!! 😀


    1. Cakep ya Man, bikinnya mayan lama itu. Tadinya river semua😄


  6. cantik banget mbak… ngiler lihatnya…
    oh ya mbak, boleh tanya pake lensa apa mbak? ketajamannya mantap banget


    1. Ma kasi Denina 🙂

      Itu lensanya pake…..Iphone aza koq…hehee…:) Semua foto2 itu cuma diambil dengan Iphone, aku males dan lupa juga bawa2 kamera kemarin itu 🙂


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