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n o r w a y  – BERGEN 

So, farewell Edinburgh! We continued our trip to Aberdeen by train. Pouring rain greeted us when we got to Aberdeen, it had been raining so heavy that some of the areas got flood. We were lucky that our friend’s house, where we stayed just for a night, was out of it. Not much to do in the windy and very wet weather like that. After checked Union Square out and had coffee we went back to the house.

img_4299As early as 7am ( it was still so dark, and surprised! It snowed! ) we caught a taxi and headed to the airport for our flight to Bergen, Norway. It only took 1.5 hour flying then we landed safe and sound at Bergen airport. From the airport we caught a bus to Bergen city centre. Our host Kristian from AirBnB was very nice to pick us up at the station, even though he had to do double trip since all of us and luggage wouldn’t fit in his car 😀

Pardon my selfie! 🙂

We fell in love straight away with Bergen and our accommodation.  Bergen or Bryggen ( Norwegian for the Wharf) has since 1979 been on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites. The city itself was founded around 1070. Bergen is a lovely little city on the west coast of Norway.  Part of Bryggen were destroyed in a fire in 1955, but today Bryggen houses museums,shops, restaurants and pubs.  It was snowing when we were there, so the Boys were very excited! It was their first encountered to snow. Most of the time they were happily playing in the snow and I had a hard time to drag them back to our apartment. The temperature in Bergen while we were there was around -6. We only spent three days in Bergen, so mostly we did the sight-seeing around the city center and our neighborhood. We climbed Mount Floyen and the Funicular, where on the way back I got lost for almost an hour and half, just by myself and no connection whatsoever on my mobile!

Inside the cable train going up to Mt. Fløyen.


The boys are happy playing with pieces of ice that they carry around every where!

View from the top of Mt. Fløyen

At first, I was ok and felt confident enough to find my way back to the city. Then after one hour and the day started to get dark, even though it was just 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I was still somewhere up the hill and there was no sign of either my husband and kids or the city, then I started to sweat! Thanks God, Norwegian can speak very good English and friendly too. After asked here an d there and another hour to walk finally I got to the city centre and saw my hubby and kids, phewwww! Lesson to learn, that I need to be patient to wait for hubby and kids checking out every single things up in the mountain and not being a smarty pants 😀😀

Here are few pics I took while I was lost!     

The next day was wet and very very cold, and of course my darling husband chose to do the Fjord tour, so off we boarded our boat! 


My view from inside the boat 

We did Fjord Cruise to Mostraumen, which we experienced the fjords, mountains and waterfalls. This trip took us to the innermost part of Osterfjord and right into the narrow Mostraumen sound with its strong current. Our boat was just able to pass through the sound, which was an experience in itself. At one stage we even had to cruise through the icy water, I could hear the cracking sound, somehow made me a bit nervous! After three hours we were back to the land safe and sound😉 Going through layers of icy water.

img_5477  View from our Fjord tour boat
Mountain goats visited our boat! 🙂


It was time to visit the Fisketorget aka Fish Market! I love to look at all those fresh seafood, from oyster, lobster, salmon, prawn, everything! But this place is a tourist trap, as it is way too expensive. Though the paella was very good and pleasant scenery outside the window. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures, I was starving!
The next day we spent our time around Bergen city centre. Being Sunday, everything is closed, only 7 eleven and Narvesen are open. Plus few cafes/restaurants.  So, I only could peep through the window of those big SALG sign everywhere! Much to my hubby’s excitement!

We had a great time in Bergen. It is really a pretty little city. Til later, Bergen!

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20 responses to “n o r w a y  – BERGEN ”

  1. Oh Norway! Merinding liat pemandangannya. Pengen kesini ☺️


    1. Pemandangannya cantik deh Ji, ayo ke Norway! 😀


  2. Woooww…. kereen banget pemandangannya….


    1. Indeed, it’s amazing 👌🏻


      1. It’s soooo amazing… 🙂


  3. Bergen is beautiful. I always visited it in the summer tho


    1. Yeah I think it’s even prettier in the summer ya Va? Have you been to Mt. Ulriken (is that right?) it was closed when we were there, they said it’s worth a visit too.


      1. Ulriken is where u took the Fløibanen up


  4. Oh wow….the views are surely breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing mbak Ria! It’s so cute that your twins carry around the ice piece. What a fun family trip!!


    1. My pleasure! Yup they love carrying ice pieces😜😜

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Bagus banget ya view nya…


    1. Iya Man, so pretty👌🏻


  6. Love Bergen it so pretty! Norwegian Fjords in the winter must be interesting I think I went in July. We didn’t go up the Ulriken but we went up Fløm and saw the Brensdal glacier.


    1. I bet in the summer Bergen is even prettier! But yeah we actually were looking forward for winter adventure/experience, especially my boys😜


  7. keren mbak, di eropa, saya paling suka sama alamnya skandinavia (scotland belum soalnya)
    kemarin liburan musim panas sudah ke sini…


    1. Scotland is always wet Den, cakep sik pemandangannya, when it’s not wet and grey which is perhaps only 3 months in a year!😛🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wah, ternyata untung-untungan dapetin view cakepnya berarti ya mbak…


  8. I just came back from Bergen, and it was so pretty I loved it! It was much quieter while I was there, though I think because everything was closed? I’ll definitely be going back because I didn’t get the chance to do the fjord cruise which I really want to do!


    1. We love Bergen too!! If you get another chance to visit Bergen you must do the fjord cruise it’s really cool!👌🏻
      Thanks for stopping by here😘

      Liked by 1 person

  9. […] until I got lost for almost three hours in Bergen, and that was not so fun! Read the story here if you’re interested […]


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