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e d i n b u r g h

This is my fourth time visiting Edinburgh. Although last time I was in Edinburgh was about ten years ago. Still the city doesn’t change much. Still gloomy, windy, and mysterious. Edinburgh is in ‘my city to live’ list, I know it’s probably not everyone’s cup a tea but I like the city!  It’s the city that you can have a coffee in the exact shop where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter!  🙂  Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, has a medieval old town, castles, and amazing historical attraction to explore.  So, how do I not fall in love with Edinburgh ? :p

The weather was  pretty miserable when we were there, it was very windy, drizzle the whole day, grey, and cold!  From Burntisland where we were staying with a friend, we took a 15 minute train to Edinburgh Weaverly. Since it was past noon, we decided to have a light meal first. Besides, it’s  raining too so it’s just nice to pop in at the warm and cosy café and order a hot chocolate and cappuccino. There are plenty of cute little cafes/restaurants/pubs along the Royal Mile and Princess Street. Also in the little alleys! Don’t be afraid to enter an alley, because in there you will find unique and pretty little restaurants and coffee shops.

Here are some places that I think it’s worth to visit in Edinburgh (randomly), if you’ve been there too you are more than welcome to add more!

I apologize if the pictures are so dark and grey. Edinburgh was in pouring rain and very gloomy when we visited.

1. Palace of Holyrood House.

It’s the Queen official residence when she’s in Scotland. It locates at the end of Royal Mile. Open every day except on 25 March and Christmas & Boxing day.  When we got there it was almost 3pm and it started to get dark as you can see in the picture.

  1.  Edinburgh Castle.

IMG_0277img_5253This castle is quite big, so spare an hour or two to explore. Edinburgh castle is home to Scotland’s crown jewels and The Stone of Destiny, traditionally used in the coronation of Scottish rulers.  The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo also an annual global performance that attracts audiences from all over the place in the world.  It show-casing the talents of musicians and performers from every corner of the globe.  If I am not wrong it usually happens in August.

  1.  Camera Obscura.

The boys and I love this place. It’s cool with lots of tricks and illusions.  Go to the roof top for a bit of guided tour, where you can see Edinburgh from a top.  Just pray that the sky isn’t grey and dark! 🙂

  1.  Royal Mile.

Have a nice stroll along the Royal Mile. There are cafes and souvenir shops, and don’t forget to check all the alleys with steep stairs.

 5.  Princess Street.

If you like to shop or just want to check in some of Edinburgh’s retails, Princess St is the place. It’s also very close to Edinburgh Weaverly train station.


6.  Arthur’s Seat

You can experience a proper hill walk in the heart of Edinburgh city. And enjoy the fabulous view from the all direction. 

  1.  St. Giles Cathedral.

It also known as High Kirk of Edinburgh, the place of worship of church of Scotland. The church has been one of Edinburgh’s religious focal point for approximately 900 years.


8.  Last but not least, while you are in Scotland you must try one of Scotland’s most famous dessert, Deep Fried Mars Bars.  It is Mars bar deeps in thick batter and fry it for a minute then fry it again for another minute in the pan.  It’s warm, very sweet, gooey chocolateness, and not so healthy treat! 🙂 🙂 I bet you will enjoy this guilty pleasure, just make sure after eating that you gotta run up and down the hill to get rid the calorie and sugar out of your system 🙂

friedbars(picture is from Googles)

To end the day, we had dinner at Saigon Saigon, a Chinese restaurant not that far away from the train station before we caught our train back to Burntisland.

We enjoyed Edinburgh even though the weather was not that friendly!

img_5257So long, Scotland!


Next -> Norway. Stay tune!😀


28 responses to “e d i n b u r g h”

  1. cakep ya… wet and cold malah bikin suasananya jadi gimanaaa gitu 😀


    1. Bikin suasananya aga2 spooky Man kalo uda menjelang gelap hahahaaa


  2. We ❤ Edinburgh too!! Such a nice place to visit. Hope to get back someday soon ☺


    1. Yeah I love Edinburgh it’s kinda cozy city👌🏻


  3. Kotanya cakeppp habis mba.. Terkesan antik dan classy..


    1. Iya kotanya tua dan ga terlalu busy like London, Wien.


  4. Cantik banget Edinburghnya mbak Ria ❤ ❤


    1. Iya pretty little city, sayang weathernya ga cantik hari itu Ira.


  5. Wah, langsung aku simpen ini Ria, sejak lama pengen ke Edinburgh. Menunggu cerita Norway, sudah lama juga pengen kesini (pengen mulu haha)


    1. You must go there Den, kl bisa pas August biar bisa sekalian nonton si Military Tattoo. Norway will be soon, Den😜


  6. Kotanya bagus bgt ya Ri


    1. Kotanya kecil tapi antiq dan cantiq Non.


  7. That deep fried Mars bars looks sinful! Gotta try that when I am in Scotland.


    1. You should Ai, way too sweet for me but once in the blue moon it’s ok!😜

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I love Edinburgh… . lots of cosy little places to eat too!! I go there quite often I’m going there again in Feb.


    1. Yes I love even to just look at those cosy and cute cafes! Lucky you Andine, except for the weather I would love to go back there again!😀

      Liked by 1 person

  9. kebayang deh kalau tinggal disana mesti koleksi rain coat dan rain boots :d


    1. He eehh Feb, mati gaya dey 😜😜 Happy new year darling, uda lama ga sapa2an di dunia blogging nih😘


  10. keren banget mbak, ngiler pengen ke sana, ngiler juga pengen cobain Deep Fried Mars Bars nya…


    1. Ma kasih Den, one day kalo ke Scotland harus dey nyobain si Mars Bar yaaa👌🏻😜


      1. Semoga kesampean mbak 🙂


  11. I’ve never been a fan of Mars Bars, but I might give this deep fried Mars Bars a try! Looks so.. greasy :p Bartosz would deff love it!
    Tapi memang sayang ya winter tahun ini hujan dan berangin terus. Waktu aku kunjungi Copenhagen ada salju, jadi keliatannya lebih bagus (dan dingin! D:)


    1. Aku juga ga fans sm si Mars Bars, Steph, too sweet for my liking, that’s why we only bought one bar to share between 4 of us!😜

      Yup di England dan Scotland were very wet wet and rain most of the time, but in Norway we got to play with snow, finally!⛄️⛄️


  12. aku juga suka edinburgh mbak, tapi karena alesan yang cetek, dulu mantan gebetan kerja disitu hehehehe
    saliim.. permisi lewat 🙂


    1. Ahahaaaa alasan yang sangat manusiawi deh 😜😜👌🏻👌🏻


  13. […] to London, I picked her up in the rain; I also saw another fellow blogger Ria’s update on Edinburgh, which starts with the horrible weather; they did come in winter, so these weather is […]


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