who let the mums out

Hello Monday!

Today I have day off work and I suppose to do house cleaning and running errands here and there.  But I hurt my back yesterday (from cooking up the storm, tried to lift something bit heavy from the oven in a wrong position) so today I end up with stiff back and a bit sore.  While I’m putting ice on my back and trying to get comfort I remember that I haven’t blogged about my recent short trip to Bali.  Before it gets too long and  I lose my mojo to write about it, better do it now when I have the house peace and quiet, all by myself!

Last week, my friends and I were embarked on our first girls trip together, or should I say first mums trip because most of us are mothers anyway 🙂  My other friend was turning 40 last month, and she decided to celebrate it with the trip to Bali with her dearest and nearest.  With a little bit negotiation with our beloved husbands, on Thursday sunny morning four of us flew out to Bali together.  We were so excited as this was our first ever trip together.  The flight was smooth we all arrived safe and sound and a bit giddy like a little girl!

IMG_0808early morning flight means no make up, just a bright color lips! 🙂

We booked two double rooms at Horison Hotel Seminyak.  The hotel is pretty good, small but friendly and within walking distance to the shops and restaurants and the beach just behind it.  We got picked up from the airport to the hotel and vice versa.  I should say the service is good.


So what did we do while we were there? Well, first of course eating! Upon our arrival, straight away we went to have bakso Tenda Biru at Double Six beach.  This bakso seller only open from 2 in the afternoon until about 5 or 6 o’clock in the evening, and it’s always busy.  It was my first time and personally I think the taste is just so so, nothing special about it, except that we ate in the soaring 36C near the beach and drank teh botol 🙂 After that, we went for a massage at nearby place.  It was cheap, it was only Rp.80.000 for 2 hours!  Then we had a dip at the hotel pool and of course took some silly pictures before heading to Motel Mexicola for dinner.  After we stuffed our faced with some yummy nachos, tacos, mojitos, and margaritas, we hit the Seminyak town, hopped in from one shop to another and ended the night at Char Char grill for some drinks and nibbles.  Yeah, completely forget the diet! 🙂

Processed with MoldivFriday morning we had lazy breakfast time at the hotel and for lunch we had pecel Ibu Tinuk at somewhere, sorry I forgot the address.  Oh my God, I could just eat the pecel again and again, I love it, one of my fave dish.  After our tummy was full, we had appointment for manicure and pedicure, and foot massage.  We spent about 2 hours in that Think Pink place before we headed to Djimbaran for….eating again!!  Oh, not to mention a quick stop at Bebek Tepi Sawah for some drinks and snapped a pic or two! Djimbaran is always nice, I love this place.  We had very nice evening, caught up with some friends who now lives in Bali, and the food was delicious.  We closed our Friday night danced away at La Favaela, this place is so cool, and the music is great too.  We went back to our hotel at 2 in the morning….sober enough though.

IMG_0924pretty entrance at La Favaela

We woke up a bit late on Saturday, but no hang over, did you believe me? :p Did a bit retail therapy around Beach Walk and Discovery mall before we all got pampered again for our Saturday dinner out.  It was my dear friend 40th dinner party at Ultimo an Italian restaurant.  The ambiance is nice but food is average, if you ask me.  Because that night was a Halloween night so every place in Seminyak  was full in Halloween theme.  Few scary faces were walking around the street 🙂 After a few drinks and a bit of dancing at the La Favaela again we decided to go back to the hotel.  Cinderella needs her sleeping beauty 🙂

Processed with Moldiv

We spent our Sunday in Ubud.  Had drinks at Tegal Alang, the rice field is so pretty and lush.  Then lunch at Dirty Duck and before we headed back to Seminyak, we must visit the Ubud market for just a sight-seeing….I lied! 🙂 Since this was our last night in Bali, so we decided to have the last pampering session…oh hell yeah we got lotsa pampering time!  We all had massage and body scrub at Reborn.  At least I feel re-born again after that 🙂 🙂 

Monday is our free day, so everyone can do whatever they would like to do.  But ended up we all agreed to spend some time to cool down at Potato Head! Much that I swear I will never go back to this place, here I was again.  We spent most of our afternoon there before went back to the hotel, checked out, and headed to the airport. 

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love

I must say that our trip was a successful one, despite a bit of hiccup in the beginning but it was sorted out.  I think the key to a successful girls trip is that every thing must be clear from the beginning of the trip.  From booking a hotel and air fares to the sleeping arrangement, and once you agreed you gotta stick to it. I’ve been to the girls trip before way when I was still single. So of course there are some differences between now and then.   Also it depends on who is your travel companion.  I think it is important that we choose people with more less same vision and attitude, to avoid any personality clash. Because, really, you don’t wanna ruin your friendship after the trip, do you? Tolerance, patience, and consideration are the most important things. Girls trip is not like you go on holidays with your partner/husband/lover where you can hole up in the expensive suit day and night, and dine in at the posh place with chandelier and expensive wine, where your partner can wait for you forever and ever.  ( Perhaps you can do it with your girlfriends, as long as you’re rich enough or willing to spend )

Girls trip for me is for having fun and great adventures and create sweet memories together.  It’s just nice once in a while to get away from the mundane routine life as a mummy and wife.  Then at the the end of the day, I feel re-charged and fresher and ready to be back being a doted mum and bossy wife again 🙂

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures and have a great Monday you all!



15 responses to “who let the mums out”

  1. Where's Perri? Avatar
    Where’s Perri?

    You ladies are full of life!


    1. Thank you for dropping by! Yeaah once in a blue moon girls trip…we had lotsa fun and giggles 😀😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wah asiknya girls trip ya… Very relaxing ya…


    1. Iya mayan Man buat relaxing, once in a while bole dey😜


  3. Semoga cepat membaik ya Ria punggungnya.
    Baca postingan ini rasanya kenyang. Soalnya ceritanya full makanan hahaha. Seneng ya kalo jalan2 dengan teman2 yang sejiwa. Jadi ga gontok2an. Nah katanya salah satu cara ampuh tau kepribadian asli seseorang itu ketika travelling bareng. Keluar deh itu semua sifat aslinya.
    Ceritanya seru banget Ria😍😍


    1. Ma kasi Den, pagi ini uda lumayan eh tadi pas lagi nyetir drop the boys ke sekolah keceklik lagi hadeeuuhhhh😥

      Iya emang acaranya makaaaaan terus! Aku sampe ga berasa laper loh. Kl ga makan ya pampering our soul and body🤗 very different kalo aku pergi dengan the boys, Den! Betul, meski cuma 4 hari bisa kliatan deh itu karakter masing2 orang…😉


  4. Speedy recovery punggungmu mba 🙂


  5. It’s a very nice article! I would love to go there sometime!


    1. You must go to Bali sometime! You’ll like it👌🏻

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Sounds like a wonderful trip!! Great companions are important 🙂
    Btw I like nasi pecel too.


    1. Yes indeed Sastri, great companion is very important!👌🏻 Toss for nasi pecel!


  7. Very nice trip indeed, you are lucky to live not too far from Bali. I haven’t been there for like…forever 🙂 But will make it the next time I go back to Indonesia:)


    1. Yeah Bali is just like our own backyard….lol!


  8. […] the moment.  This was our second mums trip, the first one was last year when we went to Bali, read here if you want to know.  The formation was slightly a bit different from last year.  There were six […]


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