what’s on perth : lo quay cafe

If you live in South of the River of Perth, here is another place to hang out with your loved ones or friends.

Located along the Canning river, Lo Quay’s café offer variety of food and open for breakfast and lunch. Mind you, after 3pm you only can order drinks and cakes not hot food. My fave food, their Thai Beef Salad and scones are so tasty. I always order their watermelon and mint juice, and milkshakes for my children.

Because it is very close to the school, this café always busy with mums and little kids after school drop off and in the afternoon as well. The playground is perfect for toddlers and bigger kids. The river often gets busy with people kayaking or just walking along. You also can have your own picnic or birthday party. There’s BBQ provided as well as public toilet 🙂



My boys and I use to bike from our house follow the river and stop for coffee or cold drink on the week-end.  Or occasionally when they don’t have anything after school, we will drop by for scones and milkshakes 🙂

Happy Friday and enjoy your week-end everyone!

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8 responses to “what’s on perth : lo quay cafe”

  1. bagus ya tempatnya, lokasinya yang dekat dengan sungai jadi kelebihan tersendri. playground-nya juga gede anak2 jadi betah deh berlama-lama disana.
    Happy week-end juga mbak Ria 🙂


    1. Iya Adhya dari rumah bisa sepedaan juga 😀 Have a good week end to you too 😘


  2. Aiiihhh..bagusnya..😃 Dekat sungainya itu loh, point plus👍🏼 Happy weekend too, Ria..😃


    1. Yup, kadang kita kayaking juga di river nya Em.
      Have a relax week end Em, and take care.

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  3. Swastika Nohara Avatar
    Swastika Nohara

    That’s a very beautiful tree on the first photo 🙂


    1. It’s kind of gum tree I think if I’m not wrong, Tika 😀


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