[ road-trip ] on the road again – donnelly river


So, I packed my little family together with lotsa food and hit the road over the Easter holidays.  We headed south, about 4 hours drive from Perth and camped at the bush with no shower and only drop toilet (no flush) for five awesome days!  All I could hear were birds singing from the depth of the forest and the sound of the sea in the background.  Tranquil.  Serenity. Calm.  And I didn’t miss the lack of technology at all!

IMG_9578morning scene in our camp

In the morning we would make pancake or bacon and egg on toast for breakfast, then packed up our lunch before cruising along the river to the open sea.  We would swim (though the water was a bit nippy), fishing, eating lunch, kids playing beach cricket and climbing the sand dunes, walking along the beach, and then before the sun set we would retire back to our home sweet home in the bush.  We cooked dinner, washed dishes, boiled a kettle and made tea, sat around the open fire with our teas and bickies, kids toasted their marshmallows in the fire, we told stories or played silly games.  It was time to connect with people, with each other.  Then we would lie in our tents reading book until we fell asleep.

IMG_9546cruising along the river


On Easter Sunday we decided to have lunch at the Jarrah Jack’s Brewery in Pemberton, about half an hour drive from where we camp.  I truly recommended this place.  The view from where we were seating is just so panoramic.  The service is excellent, the waitress are friendly, and the best thing is they have buffet menu for kids, isn’t it wonderful?! Because honestly, kids being kids, they are more into play then sitting and eat big lunch.  What they offer is pretty good I reckoned.  Kids can choose from chicken nugget, sausage rolls, chips, jelly, chocolate mouse, and variation of fresh veggies and fruits.  Excellent!

IMG_9588Jarrah Jack’s Brewery



So we had a wonderful time spending with our friends and the back of Australian bush.


Here are some pictures and video for you to enjoy.  Hope your Easter was equally peaceful, sorry it took me some time to post this! 🙂


IMG_9559holiday house along the Donnelly River

IMG_9568the Donnelly River which flows into the Southern Ocean




IMG_9574The ocean and the river just separated by the sand bar

IMG_9597The Bicentennial Tree is 65 metres above the ground, and yup that’s one of my monkey climbed up to the top end!





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17 responses to “[ road-trip ] on the road again – donnelly river”

  1. Duhh mba itu foto yang ocean and the rivernya kerennn banget si. Bisa putihhhh banget gituuu😻😻😻


    1. Iya Nis, sand barnya itu putih banget plus air lautnya juga jetbih sekali. Mungkin krn ga byk orang yg mancing dan berenang disitu kali ya.


  2. Yaahhh videonya gak bisa kebuka mbaaa.


    1. Uda di click di Watch on You Tube Nya ga Nis? Coba deh, aku juga gitu. Entah kenapa ini si You Tube hrs di click 2x… Let me know ya.


  3. Ria, kalian seru banget ya sering2 bikin kegiatan outdoor gitu. Asikkk ngeliatnya


    1. Gitzu lah Non, kalo kawin sama manusia hutan dan punya anak turunan wild dan monkey lol!😃😃 Btw videonya bisa kebuka ga Non dari sana?


      1. Ibunya pun ketularan ya mainnya kehutan hehe. Bisa koq kebuka videonya Ria


  4. selalu merasa seru kalo ngeliat orang pergi camping. tapi kalo disuruh pergi camping sih gua gak mau. hahaha. kurang adventurer ya 😛


    1. Hahahaa, tau ga si Man sebelum kawin gue ini very city person high heels and everything girly dweh! Tapi setelah kawin dan terutama after kids gue lama2 jadi enjoy juga camping! You should try, yang easy aza dulu seperti di caravan park gitu, your kids will like it😀


  5. Love it Ria! You bonded with nature, unplugged from all the gadgets. And those trees are very tall! Sampe keatas ngga manjatnya?


    1. Thank you Lo, sometimes I think I need to unplugged myself from all those gadgets and it feels good!
      Yup, my three monkeys including the oldest one climbed up til the top….scaaary to watch them!!


  6. Pantainya bagus banget mbaa.. huaaaaa..
    btw, campingnya bener2 di tenda gitu yaa.. kalau disini orang camping biasanya pakai camping car gitu deh.. trus tetep ada yang bawa TV 42 inch.. huahahaha


    1. Iya Be pantainya padirnya thu putih banget dan airnya bening tapi dinginnya kayak air es!

      Disini ada juga Be yg camping dengan caravan car gitu, ada tv ada kamar mandi kecilnya juga, tapi suami aku ini maunya yg hard-core dunk didikung pula oleh the Boys!😁 Jadi camping kita kali ini bener2 di national park yg cuma ada drop toilet dan no shower. So kl mandi either pas lagi ke beach atau di little creek gitu seperti di video😅


  7. Cita-cita aku banget nih, aja anak camping. Cuma di Indonesia mesti cari tempat yg oke. Suka banget sama semua foto-fotonya, nyenengin.


    1. Ma kadih Frany, iya dimIndonesia juga pasti banyak tempat2 yg cakep2 ya.


  8. […] together with our closed friend. Last year we went camping at Donnely river, you can read the story here, and two years ago we went camping in Bremer Bay.  This year we thought we would not do the […]


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