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motherhood : back to school

pic is from Pinterest
pic is from Pinterest

Today, after 6 weeks holidays, my children finally go back to school….yaay! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly, I cherish every moment and time I can spend with them, and I’m aware that they are growing up fast and before I know they will not be wanting to spend time with their mummy and daddy anymore… And when that time happens I will probably be sobbing and crying!

But, as a mother and a human-being, I like to enjoy a little freedom without my children tagging along or nagging. I like a bit of free time being me, without the mummy name’s tag. I probably still talking about my children, see that’s the sign that I’m still a mother no matter what! 🙂 So yeah, this week in our household every thing back to routine again. Wake up, have my coffee, wake them up, make their lunch-box, breakfast, get dressed, double-check backpack, drop them off to school, then….a little ‘me’ time before school pick up again.  The ‘me’ time here is also including some house errands, groceries, cleaning, pay bills, walking the dog, going to gym, not merely doing nothing and sipping coffee though 🙂 The difference is I can do all those things in peace and quiet and quick!  Then after 3pm I am back being a mum’s taxi here and there again, while juggling between cooking dinner, and homework. Then repeat the next day.

My children are so not looking forward to go back to school, hahaha…! Mostly because they don’t like their year 6 teacher…:) But, they are keen to see their friends again. They are in grade six this year, the last year in Primary school. So I predict this year the boys and I are going to be double if not triple busy with their school activities and preparation for graduation etc. It’s going to be an exciting year but also kind of sad. Sad, merely for me perhaps….because soon they are going to be in middle school, they  will be a teenager. Oh….how time flies, I want them to be still like they are now…. quite independent but still wanting cuddles and kisses, still have that innocence and cute face, still my babies.

What about you? If you have kids, are your children happy to be back to school again after such a long holidays? Do you feel happy too that they are going back to school so you can have your alone time? Please do say yes, so I am not the only one being a selfish mummy here! 🙂

Welcome back to school children! I hope your first day is awesome, can’t wait to see you again this afternoon 🙂 🙂

backtoschoolpic from : pinterest


15 responses to “motherhood : back to school”

  1. berarti the boys enjoyed the holiday summer too much ya Mba ;p
    kelas playgroup Bazyl juga udah mulai nih tapi baru lusa aku masukin. kembali rempong2 lagi deh kita di pagi hari ;p


    1. Too many days playing and playing Nis😀 yes, mulailah kita pagi2 chaos yaa… Moga Bazyl happy2 aza back to playgroup ya Nis😘


  2. Berarti kamu mulai nganterin anak2 sekolah lagi ya Ria hehehe. Tapi liat liburan kemaren yang kepantai2 itu sukses bikin pengen


    1. Iya Non, balik lagi jadi mum’s taxi iniih….kadang suka kangen deh pengen punya driver 😀


  3. Welcome Back to the routine. So are your boys born in 2004? Do they not take the school bus to school?
    Well, on this side of the world we are in the middle of winter, we are having our winter SNOW storm since yesterday afternoon. And guess what, the schools are closed today, so it is a “play in the snow day” for my children but snow shoveling time for the parents. I will post some picture later.
    Yes it is nice to have some ME time once in a while but it is very hard for me to find one:) As a working mother, I can’t get the guilty feeling out of me yet:)


    1. Yes they are Gaareal, is it the same year as your twin too?
      There is no school bus plus from our home to school it’s only about 5 minutes drive😀 They can bike too, but am still bit worried cos there’s one big busy road that they have to cross. When my hubby is off work they will bike together.

      I understand how you feel about ‘me’ time. I used to feel the same way too when I worked.

      Well, well…here we are having heavy rain, damaging wind, and thunderstorm two days in the row now! While in north part of WA there’s bad bushfire! Crazy huh? My dog is scared so he’s been sleeping with us in our bedroom right under our bed…spoilt dog!


      1. Ria, baru mo bilang itu gambarnya bagus banget, wish I could be the woman in the picture 🙂
        My twins are 2005 babies.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wish I could too, Gaareal!😀😀


  4. Mbakkk Ri, itu foto paling atas udah paling kamuhh banget deh hahaha


    1. Hahaha emang iyaaa Feb, makanya aku taro as a feature 😛😛


  5. Slmt beraktifitas kembaliiii 😊 dasar emak2 ya, anak2 sklh pengennya jln2 brg2, giliran kelamaan dirumah pengen buru2 sklh, hahahaha. Gw bgt itu sih! Udh gt makin lama gak sklh, berantemnya jg makin sering, kepala gw juga makin pening 😜
    Enjoy your free time, Ria…whilst it lasts! Lol, x


    1. Nah itu dia Vem…6 weeks, 24/7. Whoaaa kalo lagi berantem serasa pengen gw adopsi-in aza dweeeh😛😜


      1. Eh, si kembar suka berantem jg? 😱 hahaha, dulu nyokap gw suka blg, ‘Nanti dimasukin k perut lg nih kl gak bisa diomongin’ 😂😂😂


        1. Suka lah Vem, apalagi yg satu tipebya suka nge-bully kakaknya. Sementara si kakak rada2 cengeng whoaaa kalo uda gitu pengen gue adopsi in aza dweh. Kl masukin perut lagi ga mau ah, soalnya berat bo…😉


          1. Wkwkwkwk, iya jg ya dimasukin perut berat, tdr gak nyaman pulak 😄 oh, yg adik yg ngebully? Kk-nya berasa jd kk sih, jd rela2 aja, hahhaa. Jacq jg gitu tuh. Nasib jd kk kali ya, hihihi


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