[ travel ] escape to the country

our home sweet home at the farm

Last week we made a quick dash to Victoria, to visit my husband’s home town and to attend an 80th birthday party!

We flew to Melbourne on Friday evening by Tiger Airlines, and landed safe and smooth at Tullamarine around 11.00pm.  After collecting our bags, we made our way to the Holiday Inn.  Since the hotel is in the airport area we just needed to walk about 10 minutes from our terminal to the hotel.  I’m pretty sure we looked like bogans, dragging our bags on the street with two kids in tow in the middle of the night 🙂

When we checked in at the hotel, we were told that they were doing some works at their kitchen so there will be no room service for that night.  Whaaaat…..with three hours time differences between Western Australia and Eastern States, my kids were hungry by that time, especially since we told them not to order junk food on the plane because we were going to order some food once we got to the hotel.  The Holiday Inn staff was very apologetic for this matter and in the end, they actually made us sandwiches, fruit salad, and carrot cake for dessert. We couldn’t complain much, I guess.  Thanks Holiday Inn, at least my boys went to sleep with full tummy that night!

The next day we collected our rental car and continued to drive to Edenhope.  Edenhope is a very small country town about 4 hours drive from Melbourne.  My husband was born and grew up there.  Once we got there, we went straight to  the yabbying location where all the other relatives were trying to catch yabbies.  If you have never heard about yabbies before here it is: yabby or yabbie is a name given in Australia to fresh water crayfish/shrimp.  They are found in dams, ponds, lakes and rivers in the Eastern states.  They are very yummy I tell ya! I don’t like catching it but I love eating it!

yabbying at the farm
checking out if there’s yabbies…
the boys and the poor yabbies…

We ended the 80th birthday party around 11.30pm at night and went back to our farm-stay.  The next day the agenda were more yabby-ing and shooting.  Yes, only on the farm you can learn to shoot.  My kids have never been exposed to shooting guns before.  I know some parents are very against guns and I do understand and respect their point of view.  All we did was just for fun basically.  We lined the clays up on the dam bank and everybody gave it a go.  And I just realized that I am a very terrible terrible shooter! Maybe its good to learn safety and respect for firearms.

Here are some pictures if you are interested.  I must say life in the country is pretty laid-back, peaceful and raw.  To my surprise I actually do not mind, maybe because we were just there for holiday? 🙂

cute alpacas
the hunters return…
christmas comes early in edenhope 🙂
me,learning to bang bang..
boys will be boys….
see ya later Pickette

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19 responses to “[ travel ] escape to the country”

  1. Sounds like so much fun! Never heard of them yabbing before. I love crawfish. Oh btw I am curious with the blurry person on the photos lol


    1. The blurry person is my brother in law, he told me he didn’t want his face on any social media so I gotta blur him 🙂 Yabbing is pretty popular here in Australia, especially in the farm in Eastern state, Yen.


  2. mba, bogan tuh apa sih sebenernya?


    1. Good question Ndine…:) Bogan itu Australian slang for “kampungan” gitu lah….or norak, or working class background dengan mentality yang kampungan or norak 🙂 Pernah nonton serial Shameless ga di tv? It’s UK’s series diputer juga disini…nah kalo mau liat bogan nonton Shameless dweh 🙂


      1. Ooh shameless kalau di UK itu dijuluki Chavs. 🙂


        1. Mmmm…maksud aku Shameless itu judul series tv-nya. Kelakuan orang2 di Shameless itu ya bogan2 gitu Ndine…norak but proud kalo disini ada tv seriesnya Kath and Kim nah itu juga tipe bogan tapi lucu 🙂


          1. Iya aku tau seriesnya, kalau modelnya kayak begitu di Inggris dijulukinya Chavs. Chavs=bogan. Iya aku nonton tuh Kath & Kim pernah tayang juga disini.

            Liked by 1 person

    2. Kalo di Amerika sama dengan red neck hihihi #maafnyamber


      1. Iya Yen, bogan itu slang yang dipake untuk Aus & NZ, tapi red neck juga dipake disini juga 🙂


      2. Hahha iya kali ya? Red neck sama chavs tuh kan rada derogatory..?


        1. Iyah apalagi di Southern State. Baru denger kalo istilah chavs ini. Makasih ya infonya 🙂


  3. Interesting story about Australia’s countryside. How hot is it there now? How do you prepare Yabbie?


    1. So far summer here in WA just around 26-30C, only last Friday the temp went up to 39C! But then now is around 28C which is just nice.

      Yabbie kalo by Aussie sih di boiling aza terus kalo uda mateng dimakan gitu aza dipakein vinegar dan garam dikit, atau dimakan dengan roti jadi yabbie sandwich gitu. Kalo gue, tetep dengan sambel cocol ABC 🙂


  4. waah untung banget ya dibuatin sandwich dan carrot cake. kenyang bangett pasti ya Mba hehehe.
    aku baca caption foto Mba ria “bang bang” jadi keinget lagu Jessie J and ariana G hihihih. seruu yaa jalan2 mudiknya 🙂


  5. Iya Nis, itu juga setelah kita complain. Masa iya sih Holiday Inn ga ada room service gimana dweh :p

    Sama, aku juga kemarin sembari belajar shooting ingetnya lagu si Jessie J dan Ariana itu, Nis! 🙂


  6. Aq kayak lagi liat foto2 di Nat Geo Adventure nii… seru dan asik yaa bisa liburan back to nature gini mbak..


  7. Ma kasi Shin, iya pemandangannya bagus dan itu foto ga aku apa2in lagi karna computer lagi lemot plus males juga sih 🙂


  8. Ah, suka bgt foto2nya 😍😍😍 Alpacasnya itu di farm atau liar? Lucu yaaa…
    Bet the boys really enjoyed that holiday; yabbying, learning how to shoot with real guns and early xmas pressies! 👏😄👍


  9. Ma kasi Vem 🙂 Alpacas yang ini sama statusnya seperti domba2 itu, belong to my husband jadi mereka ga liar sih. Gue ga ngerti juga apa tiap hari dikasi makan or mereka cari makan sendiri disekitar farm. Pokoknya mereka part of the farm lah Vem….hehehee….


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