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what’s on perth: perth royal show

The IGA Perth Royal Show is on again.  Though today is the last day of the show.  It is Perth’s biggest community event that is held every year  (normally during the spring school holidays, either the last week of September or the first week of October) and the event usually runs for two weeks.  Except for this year, it runs only for a week, I don’t know why.  The Perth Royal Show has been held for over 100 years, so I was told, and organized by the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia.

The show offers lots of attractions and entertainment for family from arts and exhibitions, farm animals, poultry, dogs competition, camel rides, fun rides (and scary ones too!) and many more.  The kids love this event.  Every year my boys always want to go to Perth Royal Show, I thought by now they will be sick of it, boy I am wrong! They love the rides and of course the show bag!  What’s show bag? It is a themed bag of commercial merchandise, it contains toys, chocolate and sweet, comic books, stationary, etc.  The bag is made from plastic and printed with graphic promoting the manufacturer.  Kids love this!  For me it’s rubbish, I normally chuck all the lollies in the bin a day or two after the show.  For sure they can’t eat all those sweets, I will end up with two kids high on sugar and being very hyper, I don’t think I need that! 🙂

The show is not that cheap either.  For every ride or game you will spend average $5 – $10.  The show bags are variety from $5 – $28, depends on what’s in the bag. I have an agreement with the boys which I’ll give them each $50 to spend either on rides or show bags.  When their $50 runs out, we go home 🙂  It works pretty good so far, thus, teach them how to do a budget…tee-hee! Some of the attractions are also free, such as animal display, wood chopping, agricultural show, etc.

Today we arrived at the show around 10.30nish in the morning and stayed there until about 4 in the afternoon….what a day! Here are a few photos from the royal show….








Have a good week-end everyone, still another week of school holiday here…yaay!


17 responses to “what’s on perth: perth royal show”

  1. Sama kayak state Fair kalo disini. 🙂 anak anak emang seneng lah beli barang barang yg gak berguna. Seneng pas dapet nya tp besoknya paling juga udh lupa. Hahahaa


    1. Iya ya Man, anak2 seneng banget sih sama toys2 ga berguna gitu, menurut gue😀


  2. Eh sama, hari ini gw jg baru k fair. Bedanya gw dadakan, kebetulan ngelewat trus ngeliat, hihihi. Tp gak sebesar Perth Royal Show yg tahunan gt sih, yg penting anak2 udh ngerasa ngelakuin sesuatu, hehehe.
    Looks like the boys had loads of fun! *_*


    1. Yg dadakan itu sometimes is more fun, Vem😀 oh yeah they had loads of rubbish as well Vem ! 😉😀😛


  3. What a smart mom…langsung dijatah ya mbaaaa…..dan emang lmyan mahal ya per ridenya….
    Anyway happy holidays boys…you look so happy with the summer.


    1. Blom summer Jo, madih spring disini. Kebetulan kemarin udaranya bagus, matahari murah senyum, ga sepertinharinini, hujan dan angin kenceng! Iya, tiap tahun sepertinya harga per ride-nya makin naik aza thu…


  4. Looks fun, Ria.. You and the boys look very happy too. Good to know you guys enjoyed it😃


    1. Thanks Em, the weather was also nice, sunny and warm unlike today cold and rain!


  5. What an event. Beautiful pics Ria and good on you to throw the lollies away 🙂


    1. Thanks Lo😘 I wish the show bags contains more stationary or comic books or drawing stuff rather than lollies!


  6. Wow what a complete package, udara hangat dan keriaan, pasti seneng bgt tuh 2 bocah :))


    1. Yeah gitulah Feb kalo school hols😀


  7. Waaaah seru yaa, aku kangen main yg adrenalin rush gitu. Tapi sekarang masih punya nyali nggak yaa, uda luntur bersamaan sama umur kayaknya hahahaha….


    1. Gue juga ga berani si naik yg adrenain rush, Shin😀😜


  8. Woow looks really fun!! And thats great idea to throw aways those candies before the boys get more active 😃😅


    1. High on sugar Nis…😉😀


  9. […] show, love the rides and of course the show-bags.  Almost every year we went to this show.  Read here if you’re interested in last year story 🙂 for me it’s the same old stuff though! This […]


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