[ travel ] a little piece of singapore


Over the school holidays that just passed, the Boys and I went for a little holiday, a little escape to the hot,  sunny and  sticky Singapore from the wet and cold Perth.  As usual, being a cheap-skate,  I booked myself and the kids on a mid-night flight out to Singapore by a budget airline.  Thanks God the flight was on time and though I couldn’t sleep through out the 5.5 hours flying due to a bad turbulence, we arrived safe and sound  at Changi Airport at 5.35 early in the morning.

And then the drama was  to unfold.  First, I couldn’t get any cash out from all the ATM at Changi, which was very weird.  I had never had a problem like this before.  After a few emergency calls to hubby home in bed,  I managed to get money out from the credit card account, phew at least we could go and buy a coffee now!  The boys and I had to wait another 3 hours or so at Changi for my mother’s flight to arrive at around 9am.  Oh yessss…..it’s a pain and I swear I’m never ever gonna allow this arrangement again.  I felt very sorry and guilty to my children.  We could not check-in at the hotel yet, as the check-in time was 2pm in the afternoon!  By the time my mother’s flight arrived and she emerged from the immigration, it was very close to 10am.  My aunty who lives in Singapore for more than twenty years now, came and picked us up from the airport.  We retreated to my aunty’s place, to have shower, eat, and a bit rest.

20140730-212247-76967171.jpgOn the 4th floor of The V Hotel Lavender

My mother stayed with my aunty  while the Boys and I are checked in at V Hotel Lavender.  The hotel was ok.  The lobby was always very crowded with people milling around.  Underneath the hotel is the Lavender MRT station.  It’s very handy to go around every where by MRT in Singers.  There are lots of little café and restaurants around the hotel too, there’s Kopi Tiam restaurant that opens 24/7 and they have nasi padang as well! We booked triple bed type of room, which  consists of one double bed and one single bed.  The room itself is very small, but it has every thing you need.  Bathroom though small, is clean and functional.  The swimming pool is in 4th floor and open til 7pm every day.

Our itinerary while in Singapore was full and pretty much just around the Sentosa Island and Singapore city.  I booked the Universal Studio and Night Safari tour through the hotel.  It was said if you booked through a hotel you can avoid the long queuing…..which was not true!  We still had to queue for every single ride at the Universal Studio, which can take from 35 to 80 minutes, just for one ride!  Ridiculous!   If you don’t want to queue apparently you can buy the VIP Pass for ..I don’t know how much….I couldn’t be bothered anymore. I had spent quite lots $$$ and didn’t want to pay more for a special VIP pass.  I don’t know what was going on in Singapore at that time but every where was massive queuing for every thing.  Even to go to the toilet was a big queue!

I have been to Singapore before, mainly just for transit.  The last time I actually went to Singapore (not only inside  Changi Airport) was perhaps ten years ago.  So, I was a bit overwhelmed by the Singapore today.  I find it’s more busy than ever and more people and every single eatery place is packed with people too.  And the heat….oh my God, I’m ashamed to say that I’m not used to the heat anymore.  I don’t wanna sound snobbish, I mean I was born and I grew up in Indonesia for heaven sake… so I should be accustomed to the heat.  But man, the boys and I just melted!

Despite the heat we had a wonderful time in Singapore.  I am glad that the Boys can spend some time with their Oma as well. Last time my mother saw the Boys was about six months ago, it wasn’t that long I suppose.

Here are some pictures from our short trip, hope you enjoy it.

20140730-212247-76967988.jpgDinning out near the water at Clarke Quay

20140730-212248-76968814.jpgGarden by the Bay




20140730-212250-76970544.jpgOma and her little bodyguards 🙂


The biggest aquarium at SEA Aquarium, Sentosa Island

20140730-212254-76974335.jpgPretty colorful fish


20140730-212249-76969628.jpgTo Sentosa Island by the cable car

20140730-212255-76975101.jpgIt was a very hot day at Sentosa!

IMG_7409Nice dip, so refreshing!

20140730-212300-76980358.jpgA day around the city



Til later, Singapore!




17 responses to “[ travel ] a little piece of singapore”

  1. Asiknya…. 🙂 Singapore emang menyenangkan…

    Rame karena liburan sekolah kan… Pasti banyak yg lg liburan ke singapore. 🙂


    1. Iya kali ya Man, tapi sekolah di Sing sih pada ga libur thu.


  2. Ngga snob kok Ria kepanasan. Gw juga gitu dan pingin cepet balik Belanda 🙂 Lucu dan bagus fotonya si kembar sama oma & si kembar sama mama.

    Btw, udah tahu kah sebabnya ngga bisa ambil uang di ATM? Tahun lalu gw 3 hari ngga bisa ambil uang di ATM di Indonesia, pas gw keblok ternyata.

    You did have a great time in Singapore with the boys & your mother 🙂


    1. Ma kasi Lo…😘 Ga tau thu, uda di cek sama hubby, ga knapa2 card gue. Pihak bank di Aussie juga bingung, koq ga bisa ambil cash. Terakhir liburan international masih bisa thu ambil cash out. It’s still a mystery 😊


  3. Mungkin blm di unblock di luar aussie mbak atm card nya, di belgia gt sih kl mau traveling keluar EU harus report dulu…but anyway glad u had a great time!


    1. Apa gitu ya Feb? Tapi terakhir liburan international no problem thu. Gue juga bingung 😳


  4. NisadanChicco Avatar

    wow seru sekali mba ria and the boys serta oma jalan2 ke sing. antrian panjang karena bertepatan dengan liburan kali mba. foto2nya bagus2 semua. terutama yang di aquarium itu aku serasa lagi liat langsung ikan2nya hihihih


    1. Iya Nis, itu aquariumnya serasa aku juga pengen nyemplung ke dalemnya hehehe….


  5. Riaaaa…..panas ya disana heeheh tapi seru ya bisa liburan lagi *aku ini sebenarnya sirik ama orang liburan kayaknya hahaha*


    1. Panas Non, meleleh gue dweh! Yowes, yiux liburan kesini aza, kan ga terlalu jauh thu dari Medan? 😀


      1. gak jauh sih, pengen banget nih aku cussss kesana Ria 🙂 tapi masalahnya udah ngantorrrrrr huhahahah eh tiketnya juga masih mahal nih skr karena libur


        1. Long week end aza Non kesini, brangkat Jumat pulang Senin…or Selasa hehehe mayan kan😀


          1. jumat kan ngantor, senin ama selasa juga neng 🙂
            pegawai baruuu nih, belon ada cuti hauha


  6. Mba Riaaaa….asik bangeat liburannya meskipun ada drama ga bisa ambil cash segala ya.. btw.fotonya bagus2, suka liat foto the boys sama omanya dan mba ria (yasalam bodynye tetep kece)
    and my fav pic itu one of the boys yang lagi duduk santai selonjoran di dalam circle (apa deh namanya)…..cool banget gayanya……kirain mampir ke Jakarta 🙂


  7. Ma kasih Jo…:) Indeed it was a good holiday, meskipun balik hols semua pada sakit, sampe sekarang…masih on the mend…
    Next time kalo ke Jakarta kita ketemuan yaa…. xx


  8. Tadinya waktu kita ke S’pore mau ke Univ S juga cuman denger2 dari temen dan saudara, gga terlalu bagus dan antrinya panjang dan lama, Yah amplop udah deh ngapain pula kita di US ada Univ Studio, mending waktunya dipakai untuk hal2 lain di S’pore. Ngiri deh ke S’pore hy 5 jam-an. Kita neh jauh bangetttttt


    1. Iya Sylvia, USS biasa aza, cenderung ga byk ride-nya juga. Plus ya itu antrinya pake lama deeh! Iya kalo dari US ya jauh ya kl ke Sing, palingan buat transit aza.


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