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motherhood : two weeks break


Hello Monday!  I am actually quite happy to welcome you today.  You know why, because it’s Monday and I got to sleep in and I don’t have to make lunch boxes! Yes, it’s school holiday yaay! 🙂

The boys have lots of homework and novel to read from school during this school holiday.  I don’t know how to persuade them to do all of those before the Easter celebration begins and we are going to Bremer Bay for couple days.  These two days were filled with sleep over and birthday parties, what a busy little men aren’t they!20140414-001822.jpg

School holidays sometimes equal money spending, example; to see the movie, will cost three of us approximately 50 buck, for the tickets, popcorn and drinks.  There are lots of children activities and shows too during this school breaks, which not all of them are free.

To save money a bit I normally do these tricks:

  • I will take the Boys to go to see a movie on Tuesdays as it’s Cheap Tuesday, children and adults are half price.  I will bring my popcorn and pack some fruit juice from home and not buy them from the cinema.  This way we will save $$.
  • Instead of spending the whole time being couch potato watching telly or playing on Ipod I will take them to park or beach, invite some of their friends as well, pack some food from home and we’ll have a nice picnic together.  Fresh air, big space to run wild, happy kids happy mums!
  • Baking.  My boys and I like to bake together.  We will make yummy cookies, they help me measuring, whisking, stirring, and also cleaning up.  As a reward they can have as many cookies as they like…well, sort of :p
  • Projects.  Make them do something, in my case they have to wash and clean my car in and out. In the end I will have a nice shiny clean car and they get $$ to add to their piggy bank.  Win win situation.  Another project is to make Easter Egg Balloon. Try to keep the project simple and you don’t have to help them much.  Well, it’s school holiday you want to relax too, don’t you? 🙂
  • Instead of driving to the city center, we will take train.  This way we will save couple dollar in  parking (parking in the city is outrageously expensive) and my boys like the train ride and I am not stressed about parking.
  • Take turn in play dates and sleep overs, so your house is not always messy and you still have quiet time!

Well, those are few ideas on surviving school holidays.  Most of all enjoy your time with your children for they are precious.  Spend as much time as you can with them, not long they will be growing up and want to do their own thing without you.  So cherish them.

Here are a few pictures taken during the past week.

20140413-135826.jpgsomebody is a bit jealous…

20140413-135914.jpgTwin#1 and Florence the chook 🙂

20140413-135927.jpgOkay, finally somebody get his “cuddle” too :p


Happy holiday and happy Easter everyone. Hope Easter bunny will leave you lots of Easter eggs! 🙂






5 responses to “motherhood : two weeks break”

  1. Ughhhh sirikkk mau dong libur


    1. Ehh kamu blom tidur ya? Yaa lumayan Non, ga perlu bangun subuh dan langsung huru hara selama 2 minggu ini 🙂


      1. Lg ngeringin rambut, males ngeblow bsk pagi hihi


        1. Sempat2nya ngeringin rambut sembari blog-walking 🙂


          1. Haha multitasking neng


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